Most Broken Game: The First Hour

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Phil Hartup
Survival in open world adventure games like Boiling Point can be a tricky and even somewhat distasteful business. I remember being put off by having to acquire my first suit of basic armour off a still-warm corpse in Oblivion, for example. Some might argue that walking a mile in another man’s shoes is a way to empathy and understanding, but I’d wager they didn’t envisage killing the owner of said shoes and stealing all his belongings as a prefix to that meaningful walk.

In Boiling Point you don’t need to steal clothes, but you still end up doing your fair share of scavenging. New players start facing the world of Realia with just a basic pistol and a knife – and to give you an idea of how useless those weapons are I’ll explain that your pistol only carries five bullets. It may look like an awesomely powerful Desert Eagle, but you’ll find you need to reload at least once even if you’re shooting at an unarmed Old Granny.

Getting started, the first thing to do is decide whether to pursue the main plot or get tooled up in order to handle the world and the critters therein. Personally, I’ve always liked to give the plot a sniff, just to see what’s what, and sure enough just meandering to the first waypoint and chatting with the angry editor of the local newspaper yielded me a free car straightaway. People are nice like that in Realia. Still, the easiest way to accumulate weaponry in Boiling Point, short of buying them, is still the same as it is in most RPGs– i.e. looting. So, like some kind of Second Amendment Ray Mears, I set out into the jungle looking for guns, ammunition and other useful objects.

Most Broken Game: The First Hour Most Broken Game: The First Hour of Boiling Point
Hello and welcome to Realia! Would you like a car? Have mine!

Sure enough, my crappy little car didn’t have to get far into the jungle before I happened upon a battle between government forces and local hoodlums. Gun battles in Boiling Point are sadly not the most exciting things in the world, nor do they really create the kind of fear that they ought to, particularly if you’re not the one getting shot at. So, I wandered over to the shootout and set about searching the dead bodies right in the middle of the crossfire. It was the only way to keep things interesting.

It’s worth mentioning though that Boiling Point does have measures in place to screw you over for your evil, looting ways. That assault rifle wielding NPC might be able to blaze away like a lunatic for as long as it takes before somebody puts a bullet through his dome, but the second he’s down and you get to search him it turns out that he was only carrying about a dozen rounds. Oh, and his rifle is mysteriously about to fall apart too. It’s as if everybody you loot, had they not died at the instant they did, would have run out of ammo or been decapitated by their own exploding rifle within seconds.

Despite these problems it didn’t take long to amass a small arsenal of basic weapons, as well as vodka, doughnuts and meds. Just the sort of gear you’d expect to find a soldier carrying into battle, basically.

Things got really interesting though when a jaguar appeared and began to close in on my location, apparently offended by desecration of the dead. With all the other soldiers around I thought I’d be OK, but sadly this was not to be. Both the army soldiers and the local mobsters refused to acknowledge the beast's existence, even as it started to pick them off one by one. I decided the only thing to do in this situation was protect the incompetent louts, lest the beast eat them all then come after me.

Most Broken Game: The First Hour Most Broken Game: The First Hour of Boiling Point
Random acts of jungle violence

Unfortunately the cone of fire on my semi-broken M16 wasn’t up to much and while my first burst killed the jaguar easily, it also winged the soldier it was chewing on. I hoped he’d be happy I saved him from the jungle cat, but the stray shot actually shifted my relationship with his faction to the extent that pretty much every sentient being in the jungle now wanted to kill me. They had a pretty good go at it too.

The damage system in Boiling Point is somewhat akin to Fallout 3 in that it is location-based and affects both your skills and abilities. Get shot in the arm and you’ll be worse with guns, get shot in the leg and you’ll be unable to run as fast. Legging it through the jungle, I somehow managed to discover the effect of being shot in every body part at once while somehow also managing to not die. I’d have been proud of that if I wasn’t preoccupied with getting back to the car at the pace of a drunk snail on a running machine.

It soon became obvious that healing would be required, if only to restore use to my legs such that I could step on the accelerator. Where to turn though? Rummaging through my inventory I tried painkillers and local herbs, but what turned out to be most effective was the doughnuts. In a moment of gaming surrealism on a par with regaining full health by digging a whole roast turkey out of a bin in Streets of Rage 2, I found that a fistful of doughnuts cures not only hunger, but multiple gunshot wounds and broken bones. Before turning my computer off for the night I wrote a bizarre note to myself in the style of a crazed investor.

Sell Guns. Buy Doughtnuts.

Boiling Point: Road to Hell was a FPS/RPG released in 2005 which is remembered here for both its ambition and the bugginess of the original release.


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alpaca 6th September 2010, 09:33 Quote
most of the rpg's i've played have this kind of falling-apart-when-they-die-weapons. imagine they would have not: you would be carrying hundreds of weapons and armors in no time. and the ammo? well, i remember giving my rocket launcher to a marine in HALO when i was out of rockets. and he ALWAYS has some more (but doesn't want to share, apparently)
_Metal_Guitar_ 6th September 2010, 09:35 Quote
It's a shame because, from what I remember of it, the scope of the game was enormous. It was completely broken though, even after the patches.
Nexxo 6th September 2010, 09:44 Quote
“Sell Guns. Buy Doughtnuts.”

That should be a life philosophy.
[USRF]Obiwan 6th September 2010, 10:51 Quote
FTL Dungeon Master IMHO It was/is the best RPG ever made.

You can take a look at this classic and play it if someone wants to
Cogwulf 6th September 2010, 10:58 Quote
If you just changed a few words, like 'jaguar' to 'giant scorpion' and 'doughnuts' to 'radioactive cockroach meat', it would be a review of fallout 3.
Xir 6th September 2010, 11:34 Quote
Originally Posted by Cogwulf
If you just changed a few words, like 'jaguar' to 'giant scorpion' and 'doughnuts' to 'radioactive cockroach meat', it would be a review of fallout 3.

At least you could repair the guns in Fallout though ;-)
yakyb 6th September 2010, 11:53 Quote
i actually got pretty far ( ithink ) into the game and perservered as much as i could with the bugs

i just wish it had worked

(on a side note there is a sequel i think coming out soon)
yakyb 6th September 2010, 12:13 Quote
Looks like it was cancelled after a small release

Zinfandel 6th September 2010, 12:52 Quote
Airport 2 was the most bugged game I have EVER played.
eddtox 6th September 2010, 15:22 Quote
For me UFO: Aftershock really stands out in memory as a buggy game
el_diablo_72 6th September 2010, 15:46 Quote
For the older people - Elite 2.

Reloaded every 3-4 minutes due to crashed (great game though).

How about Vampire the Masquerade - Great now but when it was released it sucked!.

Finally - absolutely any game on Vista! I cannot believe you cannot play Halo 2 on Windows 7 - Microsoft cannot get it to work!
thehippoz 6th September 2010, 16:25 Quote
sounds like a lot of ideas thrown together from one of the devs kids
Looks like it was cancelled after a small release

never even heard of that game.. it looks like far cry, and with a name like white gold I kind of want to check it out lol
flibblesan 6th September 2010, 19:19 Quote
Big Rigs is the most bugged game ever.
Wicked_Sludge 6th September 2010, 19:34 Quote
Originally Posted by el_diablo_72
How about Vampire the Masquerade - Great now but when it was released it sucked!.

bloodlines, yes. masquerade was good though. i still break it out from time to time :D
Cthippo 7th September 2010, 04:41 Quote
STALKER initial release was right up there to. I wonder what they tested it on, if at all?
yakyb 7th September 2010, 09:11 Quote
Originally Posted by thehippoz
sounds like a lot of ideas thrown together from one of the devs kids
Looks like it was cancelled after a small release

never even heard of that game.. it looks like far cry, and with a name like white gold I kind of want to check it out lol

i think its more of a Boiling point / just cause mix with a bit of far cry thrown in for good measure

io was really looking forward to it

i think its availible from many free online retailers although i dont know whether it would be worth trying or not
MiNiMaL_FuSS 8th September 2010, 07:53 Quote
I loved boiling point - only game I never completed, because when it crashed it did the whole hog, BSOD & corrupt save games. Never the less I must have started the game 30+ times.
HyBry 8th September 2010, 14:02 Quote
I loved the game and even managed to finish it as well.
But applying the patches was a pain. I ended up getting all the russian patches as well as they went up to a slightly higher number and it was playable.

White Gold was released in Russian AFAIK, and they were in process of translating it but never got to finišhing it. I was really looking forward to the game.
Sloth 8th September 2010, 22:57 Quote
Buggy games? How about Worms: Reloaded?

Incredibly disappointed by it. It's still Worms and still fun, but really Team 17? It's basically Armaggedon minus the homing pidgeon plus a copious amount of bugs. The multiplayer setup menu is proof of that. Player's names and pictures often get swapped leading to horrible confusion, mouse based camera controls are buggy beyond all reason, and various items completely break sometimes (I'm looking at you land mine which I dropped from a ninja rope and saw go flying straight to the left until you stuck on a wall).
Wicked_Sludge 9th September 2010, 03:37 Quote
how about Black and White? lionhead nailed most of the major bugs in the first patch, but it was still pretty bad trying to feed your worshippers insatiable appetite at the temple....then getting the the final world and having your pet shrink into oblivion :(
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