Free Games I Like: Chase Goose

Posted on 19th Jul 2010 at 10:07 by Joe Martin with 36 comments

Joe Martin
I rather liked the little blog competition we had recently, so I thought we’d have another one. This time though, I wanted something really difficult to vex you all with – not just the ‘see who can get the lowest stat’ like we did last time. No, I wanted something difficult.

But even I think Chase Goose might be a bit extreme. It isn’t so much a game as it is a tool for murdering your keyboard. If you’re any good at it then it’ll leave your brain looking like leftover Chow Mein and your fingers like crumpled slivers of wet soap. Or maybe that’s just me, as I’m admittedly a bit crap at it.

Anyway, the point of the game is that you have to run as far as possible, which is done at first by hammering the Left and Right arrow keys as fast as you can. The quicker you press them, the quicker you go. To jump you have to press the other randomly selected buttons when you are told to, hopefully landing on the next platform and avoiding an anti-climactic tumble to your doom.

There’s no timer governing any of this, so you can slow down a bit if you want – but it’s hard to regain lost momentum and you’re constantly followed by what I think is a caricature of a gorillas face. If that catches you then it’s game over.

So, here’s the challenge. I’ve got a copy of Dirt 2 to give away. I’ll give it to whoever can run the furthest distance in a game of Chase Goose and prove it with a screenshot posted in the comments thread below. The competition is open internationally and, in the event of a draw, I expect contenders to settle the matter by buying me as many doughnuts as they can.

This competition is now closed
(You can still play the game, obviously, there's just no prize)


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Cptn-Inafinus 19th July 2010, 10:46 Quote
AUGH. You are cruel!

That's a first off lazy attempt. No doubt to be beaten VERY shortly.
Bad_cancer 19th July 2010, 11:02 Quote
Darn it....Hand failing....urg.

I think this is due mostly to this crappy lappy I'm using right now.
Might try later on a better keyboard.
StoneyMahoney 19th July 2010, 11:58 Quote

That's right, you saw what you saw.

EDIT: God, I think I broke the competition :'(
CardJoe 19th July 2010, 12:32 Quote
Originally Posted by StoneyMahoney

That's right, you saw what you saw.

Somehow, I think that is faked. Video or not counted.
StoneyMahoney 19th July 2010, 12:41 Quote
er, ok, I'll see what I can do about that. I do have the score still on my screen with the game running, would a video of me starting a new game from that screen recorded on my cameraphone be sufficient? I am a pianist by the way ;)
CardJoe 19th July 2010, 12:49 Quote
Hmm. I'll allow it for now, I guess. I might have to bring out a second prize though, as I'm not sure anyone else will get close...
StoneyMahoney 19th July 2010, 13:44 Quote

EDIT: I'm working on a better video than this so you can actually see I'm physically playing it, but people keep phoning me.
brave758 19th July 2010, 13:47 Quote
Hahaha that game is a killer
Threefiguremini 19th July 2010, 13:53 Quote
Originally Posted by StoneyMahoney

That's right, you saw what you saw.

EDIT: God, I think I broke the competition :'(

Zomg my best was something like 600m then my arm fell off
Sifter3000 19th July 2010, 14:58 Quote
Originally Posted by StoneyMahoney

EDIT: I'm working on a better video than this so you can actually see I'm physically playing it, but people keep phoning me.

CardJoe 19th July 2010, 15:07 Quote
Assuming nobody can get close to that score, I may bring out a second prize for those of us who are more human and less GAME-PLAYING MACHINE!
KayDat 19th July 2010, 15:15 Quote
The gorilla is an upside down photo of someone's beard-y jaw...presumably the creator's.

Edit: Damn it, yes I forgot what e was. I was mashing 1, 2 and 3, but fell to my doom anyway =[
StoneyMahoney 19th July 2010, 15:38 Quote
Keyboard view of me actually playing:

Read the description for more info
Tangster 19th July 2010, 16:12 Quote
Going to try again when my arm recovers.
Dudey109 19th July 2010, 17:12 Quote
Only managed to get 950m ish

Although my keyboard is quite loud and im getting odd looks :)
Xtrafresh 19th July 2010, 18:39 Quote
Joe, you unscrupulous, murderous son of a ...

I stopped when i FINALLY got the hang of it somewhat and it told me "start holdiong shift". By mere coincidence, this was the exact same time my wrist snapped off.
Nazgul 19th July 2010, 19:15 Quote
I guess I got tired after running the marathon. :D

Wouldn't be too interested in Dirt 2 as I've already completed it and someone who decided to play Chase Goose and enter themself deserves it more than someone I could just give it to.

But please do try to remember for your next competition that G15 and its kind have been available for many years. I'd like to use my hardware and not worry about being too unfair towards others. :p

And the game would've been a bit more interesting if there had been more different equations/questions. Right now there are about 12 if I remember correctly. And since the speed doesn't increase, it just gets very monotonous after the first 10km - if you've seen those, you've seen it all.
SlowMotionSuicide 19th July 2010, 19:46 Quote
God-awful game.

Can't stop.

I hate you.
Hideous 19th July 2010, 20:14 Quote
I made this game. Can I win a prize for that?
CardJoe 19th July 2010, 20:20 Quote
Originally Posted by Hideous
I made this game. Can I win a prize for that?

No, but if you're working on something new then we'd love to hear from you/convince you to contribute a developer blog, like Mode 7's.
Plugs 19th July 2010, 20:25 Quote
Now we know where to direct our hate mail!!!
If only my wrist wasnt to sore to type it out
Hideous 19th July 2010, 20:26 Quote
... I'm actually working on a sequel to this here game.

You guys will hate me even more.
StoneyMahoney 19th July 2010, 23:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Nazgul
I guess I got tired after running the marathon. :D

Oh, it's on now.
StoneyMahoney 19th July 2010, 23:54 Quote
Okay, confirmed now that if you hold Shift and Left Arrow on an Apple keyboard, letter I doesn't register. And it's getting on my nerves now xD
Xtrafresh 20th July 2010, 00:29 Quote
Originally Posted by Hideous
... I'm actually working on a sequel to this here game.

You guys will hate me even more.
I'll send you the medical bill.
Agent_M 20th July 2010, 12:24 Quote
I hate this game :( I cant seem to use my right hand on the arrow keys at all due to being left handed, but then if I'm using my left hand on the arrows and my right hand for key presses i cant hold shift at the same time. Curse you!
StoneyMahoney 20th July 2010, 13:45 Quote
Nazgul, did you use a keyboard macro? If you're going to cheat, at least be creative about it like this guy was, this is bit-tech after all -

Agent_M! Help is at hand! (boom-boom tish groan) While trying to find other keyboard conflicts that might mess up my game, I found a bit of a low-tech cheat myself inspired by my hair-band-around-the-top-fret Dragonforce intro practice cheat. I'm going to gamer hell for this, I just know it:

EDIT - On second thoughts, hidden behind a link to avoid spoilers
Nazgul 20th July 2010, 15:12 Quote
Yeah, I did use a keyboard macro (well two actually, made one for shift as well), but it's not like those were ruled illegal before. And like I said before, I didn't post the screenshot with the intention of winning Dirt 2, but rather with the intention of exposing a flaw.

Like I mentioned earlier, nothing changes after the first 10km so once you can reach that point it is impossible to prove that someone didn't get a better score than you while using only the most basic keyboard and his own two hands without sitting next to them or otherwise watching the attempt in real time. Actually, not much changes at all after the point you are needed to start holding shift, but it took about that long to see all the questions.

You don't have to time the jumping, just start mashing the correct button as soon as you locate it and you'll jump at the correct moment.
mi1ez 20th July 2010, 16:29 Quote
372m. Not playing again. Hmph!
StoneyMahoney 20th July 2010, 18:19 Quote
Hehe, on one shoulder the angel is telling me "cheating is bad! scold him!" and on the other shoulder is the devil saying "you can cheat better than him, get scripting!" ;)
liratheal 21st July 2010, 11:30 Quote

Joe, you git.
CardJoe 22nd July 2010, 11:57 Quote
This competition is now closed

I've disqualified Nazgul for cheating (hey, you admitted using Macros)
StoneyMahoney was the technical winner, posting videos of himself actually playing. However, he's negotiated a different prize based on the fact that he doesn't want DiRT 2.

So...the winner is KAYDAT!

Check your PM, KayDat. I've sent you the Steam Code for DiRT 2.
Nazgul 22nd July 2010, 13:55 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe

I've disqualified Nazgul for cheating (hey, you admitted using Macros)
StoneyMahoney was the technical winner, posting videos of himself actually playing.

I know that I might make too long posts, but please do try to read the entire post, not just the first sentence.

Basically, for you cheating equals using the software side of the keyboard? While using the mechanically better suited hardware for button smashing compared to average keyboard is just fine? (StoneyMahoneys apple keyboard).

And for the third time - I didn't do it for Dirt 2 and at the point I had already decided on entering I didn't even consider that alternative prizes might be an option. But to say that I cheated when I simply used the features of my keyboard while not breaking any rules stated in either the original post or in the posts up to my own first is a bit insulting.

And it's not like you could've forgotten about the possibility of someone using G15. After all, you have used it yourself for some time and macros are one of its main features.

Don't take it the wrong way though - I've enjoyed reading bit-tech and your articles for over a year even though I haven't posted before. And I also like to see competitions that are open to the rest of the world, I simply don't like when the rules suddenly change (requiring StoneyMahoney to post a video was another rule change, he shouldn't have needed to post it).
Damouse 22nd July 2010, 20:00 Quote
Yes and no to Nazgul.

You have fiduciary obligations not to cheat, i think. Those obligations (as well as the definition of cheat) dont need to be outlined for the majority of people to feel that what you did was "unfair." In other words, just because there wasnt a full contract with explicit clauses binding you not to cheat doesnt mean that you did NOT cheat.

Also, i think your concepts of "rule changes" is a bit childish. I very honestly dont mean to troll, so dont take it like that, but if we were operating under some sort of official guidelines then you may have a point. The fact that this is a very private, very closed ordeal means that the rules are whatever Joe says they are, and thats it. You essentially tried to throw the book at him by saying that he acted in an unprofessional way, but this is as casual of a contest as can be on the internets.

For the record though, this is a bad thing to use as a contest since it is so easily cheatable.

My 2 cents : )
liratheal 22nd July 2010, 21:32 Quote
Circumvention of a difficulty mechanism?

Cheating. Regardless of the means used to do so.
mooseguy 25th September 2010, 15:40 Quote
Originally Posted by StoneyMahoney
I am a pianist by the way ;)

Hehe, just seen this, and I think being a pianist helps quite a lot: I am too, and am instantly better than my friends. Mwhaha.
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