Free Games I Like: Gravity Bone

Posted on 18th Nov 2009 at 10:43 by Joe Martin with 3 comments

Joe Martin
Gravity Bone is by Brendon Chung, an indie developer I’ve long been a fan of and who has made some of my favourite indie games ever. Gravity Bone is his most recent and complete game, as well as the most stylised and striking.

Like most of Chung’s games, Gravity Bone exists without any exposition or context. It just is and everything in it relies on inference, with explicit instructions being very rare and a streamlined level design ethic ensuring the common sense is all you need to play the game. Every game also contains a wicked sense of wit that makes them worth playing even if you hate everything else.

Gravity Bone is about a hitman or a spy, who goes around doing spy-type stuff. There’s but two missions in the game, which takes about ten minutes to finish. The first is a straightforward introduction with no real challenges. The second is where all the gameplay is, but I won’t spoil why.

Free Games I Like: Gravity Bone
Gravity Bone!

Being utterly without context or explanation, it’s possible that you might feel short-changed by the indifferent way that Chung opens and closes the game – which is something common to nearly all his games. If that’s the case then I’d argue you’ve missed the point though, as Gravity Bone is really quite brilliant. It’s arises out of nowhere and returns there soon enough, but in the middle you get quickly caught up in a sense of mystery and gentle bemusement.

Free Games I Like: Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone is something I very much advise you to take a look at. It’s free to download and is built on the Quake 2 engine, so should run on pretty much any PC. If you liked it then I’d also suggest taking a look at Brendon’s other games.

My other favourite games of Brendon’s, which I may write about at a later date, are Grotto King – an FPS explicitly designed for people who have never played an FPS game and Barista 2, an unfinished project. You can get all of his games for free from his site.


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zimbloggy 18th November 2009, 21:38 Quote
Gravity Bone was awesome. Grotto King was not great though. I am trying Barista 4, but may try Barista 2 as well.
CardJoe 19th November 2009, 08:13 Quote
Originally Posted by zimbloggy
Gravity Bone was awesome. Grotto King was not great though. I am trying Barista 4, but may try Barista 2 as well.

Barista 4 is a bit...incomplete. Ye olde Half-Life 1 mods are good though - some really interesting stuff done with GoldSRC there.
Matticus 30th November 2009, 02:34 Quote
Hey Joe, I downloaded this after I read it. But only just tried to play it today, seems the KMQuake2 engine does not like windows 7 one bit, always crashes to grey screen and says KMQuake2 has stopped working etc.

Compatibility mode + admin do not work. Any ideas?
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