What Makes You Quit A Multiplayer Game?

Posted on 6th Oct 2009 at 14:24 by Joe Martin with 51 comments

Joe Martin
Those of you who listened to last week’s Gaming Podcast will know that, between the filthy jokes and my off-mike laughing fit, we talked about our lunchtime gaming habits – specifically COD4. We play every lunch time and occasionally after work too, with ‘we’ being most bit-tech, ComputerShopper and Micromart staff.

In the wake of our most recent after-work game an interesting dilemma presented itself though and we schedule our next big match for November 10th. The day that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 goes on sale. Thus is was asked; do we carry on playing COD4 for the time being, or do we switch over to the sequel?

Strangely enough, only two people said that they wanted to switch to the new game. Many reasons were given – shortage of funds, can’t be bothered to install, PCs that won’t run it, etc. My own reason however was simply that I wasn’t ready to leave COD4 just yet and don’t feel I’ve got everything I can out of it.

What Makes You Quit A Multiplayer Game? *What Makes You Quit A Multiplayer Game?
I prefer the rocket launcher, personally

You see, nearly everyone who plays in our lunchtime matches has unlocked every weapon and perk and mastered every level. They’ve been playing the game since release and they all take their profiles home and play with them there too, racking up more kills. I don’t do that – I played the game for a bit after my review, then I left it alone for ages. I’ve only returned to it in the past few months and still haven’t progressed far enough to unlock the P90, even.

That’s just me though and, judging from the tactical discussions and rages that go on, I’m one of only a handful of players in our group that actually play COD4 just for the fun of it. I like the RPG side of things and unlocking the next weapons, but I’m not actually bothered about winning or losing or completing challenges. Instead, I just enjoy playing multiplayer in the best possible setting – a LAN. You can tell I don’t take it all that seriously by the fact that my favoured weapon is the rocket launcher, with which I’ve scored some fantastic kills.

What Makes You Quit A Multiplayer Game? *What Makes You Quit A Multiplayer Game?
Jedi Knight multiplayer lightsaber battles are still amazing

I’m not saying my way of playing is better obviously – not considering how much enjoyment Harry (who did vote for the switch) gets out of the game and establishing tactics and rivalries (though Harry could get enjoyment from anything, I think). It’s just my attitude to the game and why I’m not ready to leave it yet. I’m still having fun.

It gets me wondering though – why do people leave multiplayer games, considering there isn’t really a proper ending? I’m not a big multiplayer usually, so this is a tad new to me, but what makes someone finally want to throw in their Level 50 Rogue in WoW or makes them move from Left 4 Dead to Left 4 Dead 2. I know people who never move on from some games and who still play Jedi Knight or Outlaws religiously, so what sets them apart from the ones who do move on?

Let me know your thoughts and reasonings in the comments below.


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Akkatha 6th October 2009, 14:33 Quote
I left WoW because of the massive change in gameplay that it's gone through in the last year or so. I suppose that makes it a personal choice because lots of people still play religiously, but I felt the game had changed so much it wasnt what I enjoyed anymore.

That being said, the reason I stayed for so long in the first place was community and online friends. I suspect this is the case for a lot of multiplayers out there. No point shifting over to a new game if all the people you enjoy playing with are sticking around on another one!
Krikkit 6th October 2009, 14:34 Quote
The main reason I leave is because I get bored. Once you're pretty good with every weapon, master of a couple, played every map so you can prefire every hiding point without thinking, I've had enough.
Jamie 6th October 2009, 14:42 Quote
I stopped playing WoW because it stopped being fun. What I really enjoyed in that game was exploring new places and working through quests with friends. End game instance runs became a grind for items rather than for fun so I quit.
nukeman8 6th October 2009, 14:51 Quote
2 MMO's i loved but wont ever go back to for roughly the same reason
Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies.
In both games they have changed drastically from when they were launched, not just the content wise but actual gameplay wise.

In general the "dumbing" down is what puts me off most MMO's in the long run. They start off a challenge and require teamwork and some thought to be good at, then the whining masses come in and everything gets ten times easier so old man joe can do it by himself.

Currently playing eve online and hoping to hell they dont go the same way as everyone else
cjoyce1980 6th October 2009, 14:52 Quote
with me it's in stages.... play the single player game, then check out the multiplayer for a bit and its on to the next one.

halo 3 multiplayer is the only one i really good back to now and again, main because there match making system is damn good and even if i having picked it up in 3 months, i can jump right in and after about 5 games it feels like i never left :)
CardJoe 6th October 2009, 14:54 Quote
Originally Posted by nukeman8
so old man joe can do it

nukeman8 6th October 2009, 15:01 Quote
lol sorry not a reference to you just a saying that probably only i use:D
UncertainGod 6th October 2009, 15:01 Quote
I have the attention span of an ADD suffering tick on coke, I'd say more but I'm bored now.
Horizon 6th October 2009, 15:01 Quote
idiots, nothing will send me packing faster than a hoarde of idiots, and just boredom the main reasons i'll shelve a game. Mindless repetitive tasks can only keep me entertain for so long.
-VK- 6th October 2009, 15:02 Quote
I stopped playing WoW because I didn't get enjoyment from it anymore. I've since started playing Red Alert 3 and I'm really enjoying it.
Jaffo 6th October 2009, 15:15 Quote
For the games I've played a lot online (Action Quake 2, Medal of Honour, Operation Flashpoint) it's been the case that the friends and communities I enjoyed playing the game with dwindled away to play other games, forcing me to try something else.
Shadowed_fury 6th October 2009, 15:15 Quote
No P90 yet? Keep playing, that gun makes you smile. Silenced one even more so.
badders 6th October 2009, 15:34 Quote
I haven't stopped playing any game I've got.
I return to them every once in a while when I have a spare couple of hours (which isn't that often, admittedly) and play whichever one I fancy.

If anything, Life stops me playing :'(
Krikkit 6th October 2009, 15:35 Quote
Originally Posted by Shadowed_fury
No P90 yet? Keep playing, that gun makes you smile. Silenced one even more so.

Too much a spray+pray cannon tbh... Ruins hardcore mode half the time... :(
Shadowed_fury 6th October 2009, 15:43 Quote
I use it when I wanna play as a ghost (no radar etc) :)
el_diablo_72 6th October 2009, 15:44 Quote
To be honest, in most multiplayer RPG's I get sick of there being no content for people who cannot be bothered to form a group or a raid and wait for everyone to get together.

That and a 12 year old kid yelling into his microphone that there is a damn bee in his room!
GFC 6th October 2009, 15:45 Quote
Usually It's because of my "I find next game that I'll play for months and suddenly stop one day because there's a NEW game that I like" syndrome.
Really. I played almost all MP games for months and then suddenly stop just because I start to like this new awesome game.
bpdlr 6th October 2009, 15:48 Quote
Most people leave MMOs because they reach the cap level and find there's little or no end-game content. This is why I'm excited about Aion, because it's been going for a year or more in China and Korea already, and has an established end-game.

But the people you play with also make a big difference. If half your guild leaves, the game can die for you even if there's still more to do in the game.
Deadwolf 6th October 2009, 15:56 Quote
I leave due to time constraints... i do what i can in the time i have, but some of the levels up, extra weapons, or medals awards take so much time to get there really is no point.
Other games require you to be team player for some rewards, and i dont' have time to meet people and ask for help. I am there to play the game becuase i like the game play and not to be a social bee.
Computer or Peer player, your all going to get a head shot which is the fun part of the game, not being buddy buddy with Sally or Sid...^cRoSsFir3 6th October 2009, 16:07 Quote
I left Counter-Strike and BF2 for 2 reasons.

The first reason was one by one the people i played online with for years started to not turn up for matches and lost interest in the clan and gaming in general. The second reason was the increase in people using hacks and dodgy settings.

I've pre-ordered operation flashpoint 2 to see if i can get back into some team based action. I'm hoping a few of the guys i do sim racing with over at gamers-crib will join me :)
Tris 6th October 2009, 16:19 Quote
In the past, the only reason to leave a game i enjoyed was the community. I played UT99 religiously for years, and only eventually moved on (to UT2004) when the community started dying off.
Same thing happened when I stopped playing that and moved on to WoW, which is the game that broke the trend. I eventually left that due to boredom and the ridiculous amount of free time it drained.
thehippoz 6th October 2009, 16:26 Quote
been trolling around on the gw2 forums, pretty excited about this- old clanmate of mine is a big wow player- think he said it best.. they need to make a mmo that's not as grindy as lineage but not as quick to the end like wow and you end up standing around

I like this video interview with the content designer.. he's got those mmo eyes rofl


what makes you quit.. if you start off liking a game- especially a mmo, nerfs making the game easier is a big problem.. saddle poppers always get their way in numbers and have ruined some pretty great open pk mmo games

that's the problem going forward.. games will get so easy, who will care anymore but the masses of cookie monsters

you used to be able to really set yourself apart from that pack of mustard faces.. I don't mind grind really in mmo's, see it like a challenge to find ways/areas to level up in the most efficient amount of time- most of the time that's not easy and the squeelers who live by the wiki of course call you a liar- but it's much more satisfying knowing you are one of the only people who can do it

without that ability to set yourself apart.. even in fps games- the difference between a good player and a elite player should be so far apart it makes the good player look like he's sitting on a saddle that's sitting on a tony hawk skateboard.. halo comes to mind as a pure saddle popping fps- and practically all mmo's out today have been degraded.. can't speak for aion haven't tried it yet and it's getting good feedback :(
sear 6th October 2009, 17:04 Quote
For me it's pretty much boredom. I'm not a multiplayer gamer to begin with. I played World at War's multiplayer for 80 hours, and Modern Warfare's for 40 hours, according to Xfire, but I got Modern Warfare after World at War, so you could reverse those numbers if I'd got Call of Duty 4 first. That's my record, though - I've sunk far more time lately into Fallout 3, Oblivion, The Witcher, Mass Effect, etc. I don't think I like the competitive element as much as I do a strong story and an interesting world to explore, plus meaningful decisions to make, either in terms of gameplay and character development or plot. There's a place in my life for twitch gaming, and I have fun with those types, but it's not what really keeps me going.
Centy-face 6th October 2009, 17:28 Quote
I personally leave games when other come out but still play some right through to the sequel. Call of Duty is the latter I will be buying MW2 and switching then as I am level55 have been since 3 months after buying and have played it to death. Others such as left 4 Dead I just fell out of love with gradually and am not even remotely excited at the sequel.
cheeriokilla 6th October 2009, 18:22 Quote
I've loved how the Battlefield Sandbox has evolved, and am waiting for BF:BC2 to arrive and see what destruction brings to the table (don't play console games so BF:BC doesnt count)... What makes ME move on from multiplayer games is other multiplayer games. You get bored of the same maps and tactics so you just move on.
Nexxo 6th October 2009, 18:24 Quote
Lack of time. EVE is a real temporal black hole. I just have too much Real Life to get on with to spend time playing MMORPG's.
Star*Dagger 6th October 2009, 18:35 Quote
@thehippoz, play EVE online, come back in 5 years, then we will discuss what hardcore truly means.

@Thread main topic
Ahem, let me start by saying what attracts me in the first place. Hardcore, complex dynamics that afford the players the ability to compete in a manner that can be said to have counterparts in RL due to the "game's" demand for one to use RL tactics or develop tactics that would be real if the fictional universe existed (EVE, Jedi Knight, Starfleet Command series).
In addition I find the need to have a way to compete, usually a league or ladder (in a normal non subscription game). In MMOs there are two ways this is achieved levels (which i find artificial) or conquered territory, as in the case of the Emperor of all MMOs, EVE Online.
I left the Starfleet Command games when they no longer had viable leagues (where I was always in the top 5). The mass exodus from SWG is well documented, because the devs did not respect the desires of the player base. If a game is nerfed or modified beyond all recognition that would also cause me to leave (there needs to be a recognition that balancing and patching should not be a cause for you to whine and leave, adapt or die!)
I consider myself to be a very hardcore gamer, if you have perused my comments in the hardware section I have no problem spending thousands of euros per year to have the best equipment.
But dear Reader, elite equipment does not make a great warrior (though sub-par equipment will preclude you from attaining the rarefied heights).
It is the killing, competitive, willing to train hours a day HEART that makes the Elite PC Gamer, so in conclusion when a game does not reward, or even better, engender these values I will take my Romulan excellence elsewhere...

Yours in Laughing Murder Plasma,
Star*Dagger 6th October 2009, 18:40 Quote
Originally Posted by Nexxo
Lack of time. EVE is a real temporal black hole. I just have too much Real Life to get on with to spend time playing MMORPG's.

An increasingly common statement overheard in EVE.

"There is no RL, just extended AFK"


"You need to get your priorities straight young man, Gaming first then other silly things like RL!"

Yours in Humorous but True Plasma,
gavomatic57 6th October 2009, 18:53 Quote
I quit playing World of Warcraft because I got bored of killing sheep and making leather, or fishing. There didn't seem to be much else I could do.

As for Battlefield 2 and others like it, I tend to leave them alone now because I don't have the committment or the ping to keep up with the 12-year olds who do nothing else.
tk421 6th October 2009, 18:57 Quote

the only 2 games i really played online were tribes & tribes 2 ... there were a couple of reasons that i quit playing ...

round bout the same time i finished school, and had to start working full time again, most of the regulars on the 2 servers i frequented started playing BF more than tribes. and then T:V came out, and utterly ruint the franchise.

while the T2 servers were still there, patching stopped. and people stopped playing. even when they made Tribes & T2 free, there still were no players, and the popular servers disappeared one by one.

to this day, i still haven't found a game that pulls me in the way T2 did. i was already playing 20-30 hours of tribes a week ... it just got stupid when T2 came out. every moment i wasn't working that my GF wasn't in town, i was playing T2.

now that i think about it - T2 was the only game i ever went out to buy the week it came out.
hugo60 6th October 2009, 19:02 Quote
For me it has to be having no1 to play with. I can play an average game all day with clan mates and really enjoy it, then be playing a great game but get bored really quickly.
Nexxo 6th October 2009, 19:10 Quote
Originally Posted by Star*Dagger
An increasingly common statement overheard in EVE.

"There is no RL, just extended AFK"


"You need to get your priorities straight young man, Gaming first then other silly things like RL!"

Yours in Humorous but True Plasma,

All I can say is: EVE should have existed when I was all of 14 and playing ELITE... :(
Ficky Pucker 6th October 2009, 21:17 Quote
well the only games i played are Counter Strike & COD4MW, i stopped playing CS bcos i lost the address to my fave server followed by departure of my gpu to silicone heaven ,

the latter is crap(imo) where most people just "pray & spray", poor rankings(i like the points system in CS rather than a levels in MW, omigod he has lvl32 !!!1).

i forgot to add another reason , i have no RL friends who game online(or at all).
1ad7 6th October 2009, 21:59 Quote
I feel the same as most above, I leave games because my community decided to leave or disappears. However games like ARMA I doubt I will ever stop playing altogether any type of sim always has expansion and you can always make it more interesting for your self.
salesman 7th October 2009, 01:59 Quote
You get bored playing a FPS like cod4 over and over unless you got like 4 or 5 or guys you constantly roll with, because of content. I left SWG because it became a completely different game as everyone else did. I left FFIX because it was so meticulous, I mean you could not lvl in that game solo.

Although, I haven't played cod4 in a while, I would pick it up again because it is still an enjoyable game. I played cod 4 on the 360 because all my RL friends play it on the 360 which requires the gold membership and I don't feel like paying the money for anymore, otherwise i might have never stopped playing.

Maybe if I didn't have to pay to keep playing a game (like SWG, FFIX, WoW, COD4 for the 360 anyways,) I would still be playing a lot of games I stopped playing.

You know it takes a lot for a person's patience to keep playing some games, but it takes a whole new level of patience to keep playing a game and to be paying money for it.
logan'srun 7th October 2009, 09:44 Quote
hmm - I can say exactly what makes me quit playing a game - RL!!!!

I have a wife+2kids (under 3 yrs old)+mortgage and demanding job that limits the amount of free time that I actually have. I very happy that my employer doesn't restrict my net access and I'm able to keep up with tech stuff here at BT.

Other than that I would only mirror several of the comments already made - most games are just better with friends and when they stop hanging out in vent than it's no fun pubbing. Plus 'all the kids get younger, while I stay the same age' makes it hard to get excited about pwning 13 yr olds in CSS.

My biggest gripe would be with time commitments and how hard it is to find a decent game in L4D. I mean seriously, when was the last time you made it to the final with 3 of you friends in VS? I try and get in every other day with my m8's in vent and it takes us 1,5hrs to find a game that make sit pass the 3rd map because of all the raging that is so commonplace.
Valve still steers the FAIL BOAT on the lack of proper match system in VS.
I'd rather spend time playing single player games then where I have more control of my time.
Bauul 7th October 2009, 10:03 Quote
I think a lot of it is down to the community. A game is always fun if you do it with enthusiastic mates, no matter how old. If I could round up my brothers for another game of Jedi Knight, I'd do it in a second.

Personally, I rarely get to play games with people I know: I barely know any PC gamers, and I often keep funny gaming hours (10-10.30 in the evening, some evenings, and Saturday morning). So for me, it's always with randoms, and that means the game has to stay fun even if you aren't enoying it with anyone but yourself. It's essentially a single player game, and like all single player games, it can become samey, so you need new content to keep you interested.
minimad127 7th October 2009, 11:09 Quote
i am very much the same as above, RL commitments are the main reason i have quit a lot of multiplayers (having a baby really puts demands on your time) i still play a lot of L4D mainly because i can pick it up have a quick 20 mins with randoms when i get some time and then put it down.

i also have problems with my times online finding my friends as most of the time i only get later in the evening or friday night / saturday morning for any full on sessions
tad2008 7th October 2009, 20:44 Quote
Eve Online - I had some teething troubles with this one at the initial launch but kept going back to it as loved the game, in the end, it proved to much of a time sink, gave new players too much of a leg up compared to older long time players and never gave any real guidance for new additions to the game and ended up with too many inconsistencies within the game to allow for griefers.

BF2 / America's Army - Used to play these two an awful lot but had to split my time with other online games and something had to give, after not playing for sometime it become increasingly difficult to compete with the higher ranks and more experienced players.

Guildwars - I still go back to this one and haven't truly given it up but having achieved a lot in the game I am left with near constant grinding to achieve anything more, which is a shame as I love the game and even got to know some of the people outside of the game, so only pop on now for the odd hour or so.
pbryanw 8th October 2009, 02:55 Quote
It's the grind that does for me in the end. At the beginning I don't mind, because I'm learning about the game mechanics and exploring the game-world. But after a while it all becomes too much of a slog for little-to-no, or the same, reward.

For this reason I've never got beyond level 40 in WoW. I've also just started playing Eve and just started to get bored with that too, as I reach personal goals like owning a Battlecruiser and being able to do L3 missions.
Shadowed_fury 8th October 2009, 05:38 Quote
Originally Posted by Bauul
I think a lot of it is down to the community. A game is always fun if you do it with enthusiastic mates, no matter how old. If I could round up my brothers for another game of Jedi Knight, I'd do it in a second.

Personally, I rarely get to play games with people I know: I barely know any PC gamers, and I often keep funny gaming hours (10-10.30 in the evening, some evenings, and Saturday morning). So for me, it's always with randoms, and that means the game has to stay fun even if you aren't enoying it with anyone but yourself. It's essentially a single player game, and like all single player games, it can become samey, so you need new content to keep you interested.

See for me, total opposite :D
Constantly playing something lately :)
[PUNK] crompers 8th October 2009, 11:51 Quote
personally i find if the game is good, the longer i play the more i get into it. tbh i cant see myself every tiring of TF2. just too many classes and game types, it produces endless variants. with my 'clan' i end up playing badwater over and over again, because if you have good organised players on each side it just never gets old.

"get a sentry on that roof before they get up there! ah too late - spy camping up there already. ok next time we need to be first up!"
ambrose 14th October 2009, 06:16 Quote
i have played cod4 multi for 336hours and 49 minuets so far..... with 43238 kills. and i will probably leave it for good on november 10 :D depends alot on the servers though. i still havent patched cos all the good servers aren't patched.
chumbucket843 16th October 2009, 21:58 Quote
^^ haha i have a month on my xbox.100k kills

i eventually quit MP in some games because it ends up being the same thing over and over. thats especially true with cod4.
boiled_elephant 16th October 2009, 22:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Jamie
I stopped playing WoW because it stopped being fun. What I really enjoyed in that game was exploring new places and working through quests with friends. End game instance runs became a grind for items rather than for fun so I quit.

Hear hear. My friend just quit WoW for similar reasons, and I suspect once I get to raiding Trial of the Crusader (which looks rather boring) I'll quit too.
Solidus 16th October 2009, 22:23 Quote
The question you ask Joe isnt going to have the one universal answer your looking for - its many different reasons and circumstances.

I can only offer my experience;

1) Time.
Time is a major factor for lots of people, they get into a game only to find their unable to play as much as they like and its like a relationship - over time there is distance created and you forget the things that drew you to it. Sometimes when you come back you find your not as good as you were or the things you liked before dont have the same appeal.

Money. Some games like WOW require monthly subscriptions or more money being invested into it for whatever reason (add-on packs, extra maps etc etc) and people get tired of shelling out money simply for something they dont really want when they are content with what they are doing there and then which inturn suffers at times as other players they gained the most enjoyment with actually decide to get these added extras....which brings me to my next point:

3) People;
The people you play with make a big difference, playing WOW is no fun on your own or many online games for that matter. I play Gears 2 on my own allot but I dont ever feel like im truely enjoying it as much as I use to. The people I use to play with have moved onto other things and it makes me feel like im left behind or clinging onto something when others have moved on. Also its not as enjoyable for some on their own

Boredom sets in for everyone at some point - You find your playing a game and you dont know why anymore because you know everything there is to know about it, you have played it through many times and it just doesnt offer the same "wow" factor or "fun" factor anymore.

5) Frustration;
Sometimes people like a game but wont stand the certain elements of the game - intentional or not. I can bring my example of Gears of War 2 into this; Its a great game when its working the way it should but thats a rare thing. The game lags, is inconsistant and I find a shot to the head is hit or miss on whether it will kill someone or not. Such things have caused me frustration and made me drop the pad or quit games simply because I am not willing to stand for that. Everything you can do is right yet the game itself is broken leading to frustration and no chance in hell.
Others may experience this in other ways, COD4's last stand perk I believe or that martydom one where they drop the grenade on death - that really pisses people off and sometimes a game has an element of that which is a huge downer for some people and cause them to quit.

As you say sequels may come out which draw the users away onto a fresh challenge and another arena to test their skills in or another chance to excel at another game. It may have the necessary tweaks or changes players wanted and they may feel it is a better game due to this, enough for the switch.

7) Other games;
Other games may come out that simply draw the players attention away and they may become engrossed with them instead and opt to go devote their attention there. I thought command and conquer was great until warcraft 3 came out and then I dropped CnC like a bomb and went with Warcraft 3 as it was a better RTS. Better franchises draw players away.

Life may do this and its probably a big reason. Studies, relationships, social life outside of their bedroom etc. Lots of things can. I know for me since im buying a house, moving positions at my job and having to learn new things, travel by pedal bike allot more this is all having affect on me meaning I have less time as other areas of life keep me more busy and are more important.

The question you ask is like asking how long is a piece of string as theres lots of different individual answers for every person.

hows that?
Elton 17th October 2009, 00:03 Quote
People: Half the reason I don't play many games at all is because I have to talk to people. It's a necessity for me.

That said, I am still addicted to COD4, if only because of Airstrike Rape.
Dragunover 18th October 2009, 23:45 Quote
BF2 : Project Reality. Updates often enough, team play... just don't come on if you aren't prepared to spend the time to train (we're talking atleast a good day of learning the "ropes") and cooperate with your squad.
wuyanxu 18th October 2009, 23:56 Quote
main reason i quit was because of those gamers that make exploit of FPS switching mechanic. eg. Crysis switches between speed mode and armour mode so frequent, im 100% sure he's using some sort of keyboard macro. Counter-Strike switches between knife and gun for faster run.

gaming is supposed to be a few people playing together for fun, those people clearly see it differently.

and lack of friends to play with me. what's the difference in playing along in a game (be it FPS/RTS, don't play other games online) when the opponent is computer or human? for me, the main difference is the ability to be able to talk to them after a game, over the internet you sure can't do it.

i still play LAN coop games such as L4D or CoDWaW Zombie mode, and CnC3 or Sins of Solar Empire. that's it, rarely game online due to it becomes repetitive and boring when everyone are using exploits.
Elton 19th October 2009, 03:27 Quote
LAN>Online honestly.

Just playing with friends on a good RTS or an FPS and being able to chat and just enjoy the time is a great experience.
Adder 22nd October 2009, 08:27 Quote
I've quit MMOs for various reasons. Some were RL issues like the ex wanted me to spend more time with her and less on the PC (UO), or a general lack of funds which meant giving up the internet connection and hence the games (DAoC). Some MMOs I've quit due to clans/guilds breaking up &/or longtime online friends leaving the game (EQ). On at least one ocassion, I quit because the game became more like work than an enjoyable game (founder and leader of a large guild with very little help from officers (EQ2). The last game that I quit (although I do keep the sub active because I expect to return with the new expansion, at least for a while) was due to a dumbing-down of the game and the total disregard by the devs for the major fluff elements which I consider to be quite important for immersion in a game, AND my kinship (again founder and leader) split in a rather ugly manner which alienated me from many good friends (LOTRO).

I'm currently playing EVE, which isn't really an MMO type that I would normally try, but my brother talked me into giving it a go and I'm glad he did. EVE appears to be on the right track to keep me interested for a LONG time - Dominion, Incarna, Dust 514 (with housing!), New Eden... Here's hoping.
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