My Garry's Mod Gallery

Posted on 28th May 2009 at 13:49 by Joe Martin with 10 comments

Joe Martin
I've not really got much to say this week as, between Bionic Commando and Order of War this has been a pretty boring week for me, truth be told. I've spent most of my time playing through Clive Barker's Undying again and realising it wasn't as good as I remembered and playing Garry's Mod 10.

Garry's Mod 10, or GMod, for those not in the know began life as a small mod for Half-Life 2 that allowed you to fiddle about with the game physics. Over time it evolved and grew, with new tools getting added in along the way until it ended up as it is now - a commercial product that's the video game equivalent of a Lego set.

Garry's Mod 10 is, to me, the ultimate sandbox game. You can do anything. You can create anything. You can manipulate ragdolls however you want - which isn't always a good thing. You can weld items together, add rockets, wheels, ropes, pulleys and balloons. You can literally make anything from sculptures to rocket-powered mecha robots.

My Garry's Mod Gallery My Garry's Mod Gallery
My Garry's Mod Gallery
My Garry's Mod Gallery My Garry's Mod Gallery My Garry's Mod Gallery
My Garry's Mod Gallery My Garry's Mod Gallery
My Garry's Mod Gallery
My Garry's Mod Gallery My Garry's Mod Gallery My Garry's Mod Gallery
My Garry's Mod Gallery My Garry's Mod Gallery
My Garry's Mod Gallery
My Garry's Mod Gallery My Garry's Mod Gallery
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Then, as if that weren't enough, you can create your own models to import into the game and your own gamemodes and rule systems using the LUA language. There's tonnes of add-ons out there for it which let you do everything from role-play as shopkeepers to simulate desert island scenarios.

For me, the main draw of Garry's Mod has always been the posing and, even before it was a commercial product I was active on the official forums creating simple comics and screenshots from within the game.

My posing isn't all that great admittedly, but I enjoy fooling around with the game and putting small little situations together. Unlike most of the bit-tech crew I'm not a great photographer, so this is the closest I can get. Lacking anything else to talk about, I thought I'd share some of my weekend creations with you all and, if you're into Garry's Mod yourself then I'd love to share models and poses with you in the forums.


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harveypooka 28th May 2009, 13:44 Quote
The last Zoey shot is pretty damned cool.

I like the idea that she's shooting zombies with one gun to her head, just in case...
CardJoe 28th May 2009, 13:47 Quote
That's actually just a crappy camera angle :(

It's supposed to be the recoil knocking her gun back, but by the time I realised I'd already overwritten my save :(
Hugo 28th May 2009, 19:37 Quote
Your accident created a better image than intended then :D

Gotta agree, GMod was one of my favourite mods back in the day's when it was pretty much just spawn any NPC you like and shoot manhacks at them.
salesman 28th May 2009, 23:56 Quote
"Bear chef is out of booze" LOL love it.
Elton 29th May 2009, 00:56 Quote
I chuckled when I saw the heavy with the duck.
Spaceraver 29th May 2009, 22:21 Quote
Love the Piglet one Joe.
Really wish I had the machine to run Left 4 Dead.
tranc3 30th May 2009, 04:07 Quote
who doesn't love gmod... i know how I'm spending my night..
perplekks45 1st June 2009, 13:09 Quote
Silent Hill? Looking good. ;)
Deathrow 14th April 2011, 18:54 Quote
What character is it in the first picture, and from what game? I can place the rest of them but not that one.

GMod is great, I've not played it in ages though. Might have to fire up Steam in a bit.
Nexxo 14th April 2011, 18:59 Quote
Aw... piglet looks so cute!
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