Gigabyte reinvents the Batmobile

Posted on 7th Jul 2010 at 10:37 by James Gorbold with 19 comments

James Gorbold
Back when ATI launched the Radeon HD 5870, along with other journalists, we were immediately struck by the similarity of the new card's cooler to the classic 1960s Batmobile.

The other day, while doing some research on the price of graphics cards I was therefore quite amused to find that Gigabyte appears to have taken ATI's idea one step further and actually mounted a Batmobile on top of one of its cards.

Here's the original HD 5870:

Gigabyte reinvents the Batmobile *Gigabyte reinvents the Batmobile

And here's the Batmobile:

Gigabyte reinvents the Batmobile *Gigabyte reinvents the Batmobile

Now here's the Gigabyte - the card in question is the GV-R577UD-1GD, which means it's based on the Radeon HD 5770 GPU and has 1GB of on-board memory.

Gigabyte reinvents the Batmobile *Gigabyte reinvents the Batmobile

As you can see, this Gigabyte's heatsink is shaped even more like the Batmobile than the original HD 5870 cooler.

Aside from novelty USB keys, has anybody else spotted any other products recently that are clearly inspired by other real-life objects?


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rickysio 7th July 2010, 10:45 Quote
Invectus 7th July 2010, 11:16 Quote
designed hardware... where is the world going
Tangster 7th July 2010, 11:32 Quote
This is brilliant, I eagerly await the case mods to go with it.
Skippylee 7th July 2010, 11:43 Quote
oh dear
stonedsurd 7th July 2010, 12:41 Quote
Someone at Gigabyte obviously has a sense of humor :D
MrGumby 7th July 2010, 16:59 Quote
Now all we need is Del Boy's van heatsink.
Sifter3000 7th July 2010, 17:11 Quote
Don't forget Lian Li's PC 888, modelled after a hotel in Dubai.
tonschk 7th July 2010, 18:07 Quote
Originally Posted by rickysio

I Agree :D
somidiot 7th July 2010, 18:16 Quote
I'm kinda disappointed, I would think that they'd use the 5970 for the batmobile cooler :( Should put it on the fastest model since the batmobile should be awesome!
Ending Credits 7th July 2010, 18:22 Quote
There was a 8800GT with a Hentai* sticker on it posted in the Demots thread ages ago although I have a feeling it was shopped. I have however seen a few images of graphics cards with varios anime characters printed on the box/card around the place.

(*technically it was ecchi not hentai but more poeple are familiar with the term hentai so meh. Also, why do we dereference a pointer every time we make a footnote? :D)

EDIT: OK, so it wasn't the demots thread.
Krayzie_B.o.n.e. 7th July 2010, 19:32 Quote
I'm still waiting on my custom made Gucci HD 5870
Yemerich 7th July 2010, 20:20 Quote
"Holy ugly cards Batman!"
azrael- 7th July 2010, 21:09 Quote
ASUS actually beat them to it with its EAH4770 Formula.

Facepalm time back when I first saw it...
phlobot 8th July 2010, 01:12 Quote
Haha, Asus did this sort of thing long ago .

and what about the Inwin F430 Chassis?
Darkraven 8th July 2010, 03:00 Quote
Holy smokes Batman, the Joker has joined the Gigabyte Gang, what dastardly deed wll they do next ???
Yoy0YO 8th July 2010, 03:25 Quote
Most. Spectacular.
Meanmotion 8th July 2010, 08:44 Quote
Call me a curmudgeon if you will but I think Gigabyte has completely missed the point. I mean all credit to them for trying but the whole batmobile appeal of the 5000 series was the black AND red, not to mention it was just a design nod. This, however, looks preciesly like what it is, a cheap bit of plastic stuck on top of a graphics card. It doesn't have any design flair or serve any practical purpose - it doesn't even cover the whole card or duct air out the case.

If you're going to do this sort of thing then at least give it some thought, i.e.
dispie 9th July 2010, 11:43 Quote

and very sad

be a man and mod your own !!
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