AMD 890FX overclocking and memory performance

Posted on 27th Apr 2010 at 12:26 by Richard Swinburne with 3 comments

Today sees the launch of a new six-core consumer CPU from AMD, the Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition, and new high-end motherboard chipset, the 890FX.

As you'd expect from a big launch, there's been a lot of jostling for position behind the scenes, especially here in Taipei, Taiwan. As it's a high-end launch, the various motherboard and memory companies involved have been checking out how the new chip and chipset fare with overclocking, and I dropped by G.Skill's offices a couple of weeks ago to get their impressions of AMD's new kit.

At the time, I filed a story about G.Skill's latest 2,500MHz DDR3 but I also had the chance to see the Asus M4A89GTO Pro (890FX/SB850) running four sticks of DDR3 at 1,800MHz, with timings of 6-8-6-24-40-2T.

The overclocked test system used the latest Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition C3, however we also saw it achieve similar memory speeds using a Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition too. The higher frequency is easier to hit with the latest C3 stepping CPUs thanks to AMD’s refinement of its CPU-NB link, but if you have a “good” C2 it can hits these speeds too.

G.Skill were keen to point out that the CAS 6 isn't achievable with every 890FX board at launch, although when as I visited a couple of weeks before the launch, the company's reps told me the FAE teams at each motherboard company still had time to tweak and tune their BIOSes.

4GB memory kits will be available soon and should have either Perfect Storm or Trident heatsinks attached, but the company is as yet undecided about upcoming ranges. As for buying an Asus M4A89GTO Pro - well, when AMD launches its 890FX soon, then you can get one! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

AMD 890FX overclocking and memory performance
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AMD 890FX overclocking and memory performance
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AMD 890FX overclocking and memory performance
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memeroot 28th April 2010, 08:29 Quote
Originally Posted by
And what does this mean for real world performance
Farfalho 28th April 2010, 14:03 Quote
I was expecting a more in-depth article exposing the pro's and con's of the 890FX chipset and some results.
Cyberpower-UK 28th April 2010, 16:10 Quote
Still not on a par with Intel P55 for memory speeds.

C4E will do 1800MHz with 8 GB of Dominator @ 7-7-7 also 1500MHz 4x4GB GSkill Ripjaws.

Testing with M4A89GTD now.
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