AX:GS - The Final Reckoning

Posted on 21st Jan 2010 at 11:10 by Alex Watson with 22 comments

Alex Watson
So here we are, at long, long last - delayed by timezones, product launches, snow, and even Christmas (who could have forseen that, coming, as it did, out of the blue on the 25th of December?), this is the end of the Asus Xtreme Global Summit (AX: GS) competition.

Well, not quite the end - because one bit-tech reader will be heading to Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, to meet up with various members of the Asus R&D team, including motherboard designers, BIOS gurus and product managers. In addition, the winner will also bag themselves an Asus Sabertooth 55i motherboard. One runner up will also win one of these very sexy boards.

Over the last few months, the lucky readers who won the chance to attend the AX: GS event last summer in London have been blogging about the day and their hardware prizes. We've been scrutinising the blogs, posting highlights here on the bit-tech blog, and we've now picked an overall winner.

Drum roll - or mouse click, whichever you prefer - if you please!

The overall winner is Andrew Moore, aka andrew8200m!

Congratulations to Andrew! It was tough to choose a winner, but we were impressed with Andrew's blogs throughout the competition - they placed top in two out of the four weeks of blogging, but every single one of his posts was packed with detail and a sense of enthusiasm for new technology - as well as plenty of welcome humour.

Andrew was also vocal on the AX: GS forums on the site, and enthusiastic on the day - we can't wait to hear his reports back from the trip to Asus HQ in Taiwan. Andrew, we'll be in touch - in the meantime, you might want to read up on what Taiwan is like.

The runner up is Frederick Wightman, aka Skiddywinks - congratulations! We loved his photos (particularly of Harry) and the strong ideas and predictions he presented.

It's always hard to pick one or two winners, and we'd like to say that throughout the project, we've been really impressed by the blogs, and the energy and commitment of the bloggers. AX: GS has been a new experience for both Asus and us here at bit-tech, and while there have been a few bumps along the way, overall it's been a really enjoyable process - and a valuable one, too, both for us and Asus. Getting you, the readers better connected with the people who design and make PC technology beneficial and interesting for everyone involved.

As a way of saying thanks, everyone who blogged - and who's not scooped one of the main prizes - will be receiving an Asus Xonar sound card.

Stay tuned to hear from Andrew about his trip to the mystical homeland of the motherboard...


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Omnituens 21st January 2010, 11:21 Quote
Congrats andrew, you deserve it!
yakyb 21st January 2010, 11:30 Quote
yeah was the right decision well done and enjoy the trip
andrew8200m 21st January 2010, 11:30 Quote

I feel sick!

That is the most awesome news anyone could wish to hope for! Congratulations to skiddywinks too for runner up as if Im being honest I thought he may have bagged it!

Well done to everyone else too!!

Id now like to thank bit-tech, custompc and ASUS for this absolutely awesome prize so THANK YOU!!!

brb folk, need a bit of air, not feeling to brilliant today and this has almost pushed me to the pan :D

flibblesan 21st January 2010, 11:31 Quote
I'm not skiddlywinks lol. Shame really. My heart skipped a beat when I read my name.
M7ck 21st January 2010, 11:35 Quote
Well done Andrew, a deserving winner.
bodkin 21st January 2010, 11:35 Quote
Well done everyone!
Sifter3000 21st January 2010, 11:39 Quote
Originally Posted by flibblesan
I'm not skiddlywinks lol. Shame really. My heart skipped a beat when I read my name.

Oops, sorry!
Omnituens 21st January 2010, 11:56 Quote
I'd like to know the BT favourite ones from each member of staff, or like an Oscar:

Most Wordy goes to....:


quick question - which version of the Xonar is it? theres a few different version iirc. some as big as a HOUSE!
M7ck 21st January 2010, 12:26 Quote
Originally Posted by Sifter3000
Oops, sorry!

Shame on you guys :(
Jack_Pepsi 21st January 2010, 12:42 Quote
Well done Andrew you bugger! I'm extremely happy for you and I'm glad we met in person, I can't help but wish you all the best and it's been a freaking pleasure reading your blogs and seeing your 'drawings' on here and over on at the Novatech forums. It's a shame you never made it to that pint after the event. Not worry, maybe there'll be another time for that.

Very well done to flibblesan - I'm trying to put faces to names, if anyone is able to edit the names in on the group picture that'd be awesome & really appreciated.

I'm gutted I didn't have the time to enter in, definitely would have given Andy a run for his money *cough, cough*. It's been an experience and one I'll constantly tell people about whenever I get the chance!


Well done again Andy!
bradders2125 21st January 2010, 12:52 Quote
Congrats Andy.

Seems kind of strange now, knowing the whole thing is over. With the exception of hearing about the Taiwan trip. Make sure you have plenty of memory and battery time for your camera, if your allowed to use it of course.

flibblesan 21st January 2010, 14:09 Quote
Lol I didn't win. Just andy and skiddlywinks.
Skiddywinks 21st January 2010, 14:29 Quote
Gutted, but not undeserved if I'm being totally honest. Still, I win a Sabertooth? I can live with that!

I have to say, it has been great fun the whole time. From the moment I stepped in to the hotel 'til now, all of the blogging and work everyone has done has been great. I had a lot of fun going over all the blogs, some very good reads in there.

You have GOT to do a full report on Taipei!
andrew8200m 21st January 2010, 14:31 Quote
Ill do as much blogging as my little fingers will allow! That means (provided I can get on the net somewhere) I shall be uploading pics the minute I get there!

Jack_Pepsi 21st January 2010, 14:32 Quote
Originally Posted by flibblesan
Lol I didn't win. Just andy and skiddlywinks.


flibblesan 21st January 2010, 14:47 Quote
Now that I'm home (I hate mobile browsing) I just wanna give my congratulations to andrew and skiddywinks. Andrew was a well deserved winner with fantastic blog posts. Skiddywinks was very close behind with some equally fantastic blog posts, but unfortunately there could only be one winner. At least you both get some amazing motherboards as prizes. Of course if any of you two find yourselves with an unneeded P55 board and want to swap for a Xonar, you're more than welcome! Lol!

On a serious note, many thanks to Bit-tech, Custom PC, Asus UK and Asus Taiwan. All of you together have managed to produce one of the best competitions ever and I'm extremely honoured to have been a part of this. From the event in London to the blog postings and forum discussions, it has been an amazing experience. It's a shame it's now all over with.

Once again, congratulations Andy and Skiddywinks. Andy, you should brush up on your Mandarin :)
flibblesan 21st January 2010, 15:03 Quote
Originally Posted by Jack_Pepsi

Very well done to flibblesan - I'm trying to put faces to names, if anyone is able to edit the names in on the group picture that'd be awesome & really appreciated.

I've linked the pic to the forum thread at

If people can say who they are and location "eg. flibblesan, bottom row, second from left" then once we got everybody we can get them tagged.
g3n3tiX 21st January 2010, 15:21 Quote
Congrats, I'm quite happy to get a Xonar, and blogging has been a fun time.
Thank you Asus, BT, CPC, Dennis for this very very very nice event.
The small hiccups (technical and weather-related mostly) were minuscule compared to the great time we spent (and the prizes :p)
Jack_Pepsi 21st January 2010, 16:07 Quote
Originally Posted by flibblesan
I've linked the pic to the forum thread at

If people can say who they are and location "eg. flibblesan, bottom row, second from left" then once we got everybody we can get them tagged.

Excellent! I'm the nerd in the "Will fix computer for brains!" t-shirt in the bottom left.

Rocket_Knight64 21st January 2010, 17:24 Quote
Well done guys!

Again, thanks to all involved in this. Trifling bumps asside this has been fantastic and I'm looking forward to the next! :D

Anyone know what the Xonar's are? A PCI-E version would make my next build a little easier. (STX, STX, STX) /crosses fingers
wuyanxu 21st January 2010, 20:20 Quote
contragz andrew! always knew you were the one from reading your first blog post.
capnPedro 21st January 2010, 23:32 Quote
Well done!

(Glad to see things finally getting wrapped up, too!)
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