Should I get a PSP Go?

Posted on 6th Jan 2010 at 13:21 by Mark Mackay with 36 comments

Mark Mackay
I've owned many a portable gaming console over the years. In fact my first ever console was a Nintendo Gameboy. Now that I think that about it, I wonder if it's that strong feeling of nostalgia that imbues me with the unshakable desire to run out to the nearest Game store and buy whatever portable console is the flavour of the month. The problem is that they invariably sit in the corner of my room and tease me for being silly enough for spending a three-figure sum of money on something I'll never use.

Should I get a PSP Go?

The short answer then should be, of course - No!. No I shouldn't go out and buy a Sony PSP Go which I'll never use once the novelty value has worn off. I owned the original Sony PSP and a Nintendo DS Lite and ended up selling both of them because they never got used.

One thing that's got me seriously considering it though is that I can play my favourite game of all time, Final Fantasy VII, on the little machine. This is almost reason enough to take the plunge and it doesnt surprise me to learn that it's one of the top-selling titles for the PSP Go

Should I get a PSP Go?

However, I decided that the tech-savvy bit-tech community might be able to help out. I wondered if some of you might have some experience with them that could help me make the right choice. I thought it might also be interesting to see if anyone else suffered from this affliction of wanting to buy a portable console and then never using it?


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PureSilver 6th January 2010, 13:32 Quote
Originally Posted by Cutter McJ1b
I thought it might also be interesting to see if anyone else suffered from this affliction of wanting to buy a portable console and then never using it?

Yeah, I sold my GBA - I bought it full of ideas about wasted time on buses I could play it, and in fact used it about twice. Kept the PSP, though - it does more than play games. God the Go's ugly, though - what's wrong with a normal PSP?
harveypooka 6th January 2010, 13:34 Quote
They cost a fortune!
sear 6th January 2010, 13:34 Quote
Don't buy the PSP Go. If you must get a PSP, get the regular PSP-3000. There is no reason to get the PSP Go whatsoever - it has a smaller screen, it has a less comfortable design, and no disc drive means any games that you previously had are totally useless. On top of that, the base cost is more expensive, and the regular PSP can do all the same PSN stuff the PSP Go can, including downloading retail games. You also have to buy totally new peripherals for it, since Sony decided to make sure nothing old would be compatible with it (apparently a way of consoling retailers, who didn't want to stock the device due to all the games being digital).
CardJoe 6th January 2010, 13:45 Quote
proxess 6th January 2010, 13:54 Quote
dolphin-promotions 6th January 2010, 14:03 Quote
Bought a DS Lite for myself when they first came out. Played it for about 5 hours. It has kept my girlfriend entertained ever since, so i can't complain really.
Omnituens 6th January 2010, 14:04 Quote
No. Just get FFVII on a normal PSP. It's not PSPGo exclusive, it can be downloaded and played fine on the PSP 1000/2000/3000 models. And they are cheaper, and more comfortable to use (for me at least).
Spiny 6th January 2010, 14:13 Quote
Aracos 6th January 2010, 14:16 Quote
Everyone says no, you know the answer is no, but I have a feeling you'll get one anyway? Is this more like one of those convince me not to get one posts that's hidden as a "should I get one?".
Skiddywinks 6th January 2010, 14:27 Quote
No. There are plenty of other ways of playing FF7 anyway, and at the end of the day, if you really want a portable, a PSP3000 is a much better way to go about it. For the love of God, do not support the PSP Go!
Jamie 6th January 2010, 14:33 Quote
flibblesan 6th January 2010, 14:33 Quote
Sifter3000 6th January 2010, 15:18 Quote

I mean no.
andrew8200m 6th January 2010, 15:39 Quote
No. Hunt for the original PSP and if possible the japanese version. The original is better mate and more robust. The japanese version of th original also has a much better screen ;)

eek 6th January 2010, 15:52 Quote

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Narishma 6th January 2010, 15:55 Quote
As others have said, get the normal PSP-3000 instead. It does everything the PSP Go does and more and cheaper.
nukeman8 6th January 2010, 16:48 Quote
just to be different, buy a PS1 with the screen attachment and a battery pack for it.
Anything's better than the psp go :P
SteveU 6th January 2010, 17:25 Quote
Just save you money and imagine playing FF7 in your head.

Remember the golden rule about playing older games, they rarely live up to the memory of playing them the first time round!
wuyanxu 6th January 2010, 18:19 Quote

how about iPhone 3GS: one device to replace them all. jailbreak it and put PSX on there for your favourite games.
sandys 6th January 2010, 19:27 Quote
It has been on offer a few times for £150 at that price I'd say yes, if you need the portability that is, it is nice and small and you can carry a lot of games on its 16Gb flash without having to faff about with those slow bulky UMDs, the screen is good, it doesn't handly as bad as you'd think it might though a normal PSP is better IMO.

It doesn't do a bad job of being a music player either, big downside is buying stuff off of PSN, it can be pricey, discounted PSN cards help as does the ability to game share but you'd need to own/know someone with another PSP to take advantage of that.

I recently started playing a lot of PSP because of the new releases and remote play PS3/TV but I can't lie had a PSP for a couple of years and it sat doing nothing next to my DS until the past few months.

Gaming on emulators on iPhone is not idel, you can't beat hard buttons for gaming.
Gunsmith 6th January 2010, 19:30 Quote
I play streets of rage 2 and ff7 on my JP psp1000

I need nothing else.
alpaca 6th January 2010, 19:36 Quote
pjmuli 6th January 2010, 19:44 Quote
I would ask , if anyone has suggested that you do not buy a pspgo, do you currently own one? It is really, really easy to form an opinion without having owned the device.

I own one, and I own a psp-1000. Let me break it down for you:

(1) The PSP Go is a fantastic machine...never has in-depth gaming been so accessible and portable. It is as light or lighter than most cell phones and you lose nothing in terms of the gameplaying experience.

(2) The screen on the PSP go is very impressive.

(3) 16 gbs is a nice amount of space...most games are under 1gb.

(4) As the playstation store grows, the psp go will become a more diverse machine.

(5) Buying off the PSN does not allow you to purchase games for cheap. In fact, they are often overpriced.

(6) The games are really not different between the two psp systems.

Having said all of that...I look at it this way:

The PSP go is really a good gadget. You can do a lot with it....particularly if you have a ps3. It's form factor is sleek and it is the first handheld that really brings in-depth gaming into a shirt pocket.

However, you can save money by purchasing a psp3000, buying a 16gb memory stick duo pro, and still have the umd drive.

For most users, I would suggest doing the psp3000 route. However, if you have means...the pspgo is a better system.
Gunsmith 6th January 2010, 19:47 Quote
Originally Posted by pjmuli

function over form, which is why many of us prefer the original.
capnPedro 6th January 2010, 19:54 Quote
Originally Posted by pjmuli

Obvious Sony astoturfing is obvious.
do_it_anyway 6th January 2010, 20:07 Quote
Of course the standard PSP can play FFVII, and I am enjoying it at the moment. Get a second hand one of those and don't buy into sony's stupid new POS
CardJoe 6th January 2010, 21:54 Quote
Originally Posted by pjmuli

Lighter than a cell phone? The most indepth portable gaming experience possible? 16GB of space a good amount when you can by your own figures only fit a maximum of 16 games on a stick? And you have to buy the proprietary memory at extra expense from Sony for an inordinate cost? Counting on content which doesn't exist yet?


Mark; stick with what you've got. You've often spoken to me about how little you used your PSP before and you have an iPhone that can be jailbroken to run a PS emulator (which isn't ideal, but is free). Moreover, the killer app that you're looking for is one which is decades old and that you've played before - so why would you spend £200+ to play it again, when most of the really good PSP Store games already exist or have equivalents on platforms that you already own?

Instead, I propose that you satisfy your FF craving in a different way, save the money, and buy me a drink as way of a thank you. Instead of playing Final Fantasy 7, try the following fan-made game on PC for free. It is (and I speak as someone who invested dozens of hours into it) at least as good as any other FF game, with an equally epic plot, diverse characters and an almost identical control and combat system. I present, Final Fantasy: Endless Nova...


Trust me, it's an awesome game. Alternatively, play Chrono Trigger. A change is as good as a revisit and nobody ever learnt anything new from playing the same games over and over.*

*Unless they're playing Deus Ex, Monkey Island or Baldur's Gate II.
Cutter McJ1b 7th January 2010, 10:47 Quote
Joe - the lengths you'll go to in order to blag a free drink. I'll be sure to check out FFEN even if it does look like it should run on a NES emulator.

Reinstalling Deus Ex for nostalgia kicks is pretty tempting too tbh....

Thanks for the replies all, I think I'll be putting the PSP Go idea to the sideline.....for now.......
alpaca 7th January 2010, 13:21 Quote
wanting to try out ths FFEN, but there is something RTPe.exe missing. when i google it i only find fishy sites... what is it; in fact? any recommendations?
CardJoe 7th January 2010, 13:26 Quote
Originally Posted by alpaca
wanting to try out ths FFEN, but there is something RTPe.exe missing. when i google it i only find fishy sites... what is it; in fact? any recommendations?

I've heard of that error before. Try re-downloading and installing.
Hardware150 7th January 2010, 14:43 Quote
got the same error and redownloading didn't seem to help
CardJoe 7th January 2010, 15:07 Quote
Help on that topic is here:

Basically, that's a runtime file for the RPG Maker game engine that it runs on.
Hardware150 7th January 2010, 17:15 Quote
thanks a lot joe, got it working now, just started playing fallout 2 as well, oh what to do ;__;
Stewb 7th January 2010, 19:21 Quote

@Pjmuli, lol, the PSP-3000 does all of that, but is:

Cheaper, more comfortable, less fugly and most importantly has UMD reader (so you are not tied to stupidly overpriced download only, with no chance of getting second hand cheaply).

Put it this way.... Would you ever buy a 360 game from Games on Demand?

If you are sane the answer is no. So don't get the PSP Go either.

If you are mental and have more money that sense, then yes, get the Go.
FatmanSoldier 12th January 2010, 14:44 Quote
No mate get your self a secondhand psp then wait for them to tweak it a little.

I reckon that by the end of this year that the psp go and sony ericson will be making a phone out of it.

If it ay broke why fix it.
dark_avenger 12th January 2010, 22:23 Quote
get a PSP-1000 and throw some custom firmware on there.
Then you can run emulators, community games as well as PSP games.
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