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Posted on 4th Jan 2010 at 11:48 by Alex Watson with 5 comments

Alex Watson
You might remember we posted before Christmas about a job vacancy on PC Pro - which, incidentally, is open until the 8th of January, so you've still got time to apply - but today's post is about another job opening at Dennis.

This time it's bit-tech's business orientated sibling, IT PRO, that's on the look out for a staff writer.

Here's what they have to say about the role:

"IT PRO, the business technology website writing for IT professionals, CIOs and IT and business decision makers, is looking for a full time writer to come and work with us in the office (initially on a freelance basis) and contribute to the daily news quota as well as attending events and helping review products/write features and produce other content as and when needed. There will also be the opportunity to get involved with audio and video content too. The role is offered on a full time, freelance office-based basis initially."

There's more detail on IT PRO itself; the closing date is January 8th - sorry for the late notice!


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CardJoe 5th January 2010, 17:12 Quote
Again, I'd like to warn any applicants that they would be sat very close to the dangerously handsome bit-tech team. True, you'd be more or less opposite Harry, so the handsomeness wouldn't be such a danger, but it's better to be forewarned!
kenco_uk 5th January 2010, 17:15 Quote
Handsomeness wouldn't bother me. It'd be the constant gibbering and strange elephant noises that'd give me nightmares.
Sifter3000 5th January 2010, 17:45 Quote
Originally Posted by kenco_uk
Handsomeness wouldn't bother me. It'd be the constant gibbering and strange elephant noises that'd give me nightmares.

Yeah, but that's tech journalism for you :p
Flibblebot 5th January 2010, 17:56 Quote
I'd be tempted, but it'd be a helluva commute for me - one end of the M4 to the other every day :(
That, and sitting opposite Harry's weird grinning face would just too off-putting
andrew8200m 5th January 2010, 17:59 Quote
It wold be well worth the application but I have not heard from any job applications really since november and I throw out 50 a week at times. I guess im not liked :(

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