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Posted on 29th Oct 2009 at 17:13 by Alex Watson with 7 comments

Alex Watson
Probably the laziest way to start any article is to take a pertinent word and tell readers how many times it shows up in Google.

'Did you know that death by jam is a real danger? Well it is! There are over 44 million pages on Google talking about it!'

We get it. There's a lot of stuff on the internet. But what's good? What's worth reading? How can you avoid being killed by jam?

Well, now we can answer the first two questions with our brand new 'What we're reading' section.

We've had a 'Web Links' section on the bit-tech front page for a while, surfacing articles from a selection of our favourite websites. However, Web Links was entirely automated, so we had no direct control over the content there.

What we're reading

With What We're Reading, we're using some cool technology from a US start-up called Publish 2, which enables everyone on the bit-tech and Custom PC editorial team to save interesting links, with notes, and easily display them on the site.

The links are in the same place as 'Web Links' - at the bottom of the front page, so you'll need to scroll down to find them - and they'll be refreshed throughout the day. You can easily see which site the story links to, which of us saved the link, and there's a short note explaining what's good about it.

This new feature will enable us to share interesting, up-to-the-minute stories with you guys, and provide you with something to read while we're writing the next day's content. I'd like to thank Jamie, bit-tech's star coder, for getting it up and running, and Ryan and Scott at Publish 2 for their help.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Cupboard 30th October 2009, 14:41 Quote
This sounds like a bit like a way of seeing Stumbleupon data for the bit-tech staff. Cool :)
pbryanw 30th October 2009, 17:33 Quote
I like it too. Very nice and an improvement over the old system. I wonder who will post the most stories?
CardJoe 30th October 2009, 17:38 Quote
Originally Posted by pbryanw
I like it too. Very nice and an improvement over the old system. I wonder who will post the most stories?


Or Alex.
g3n3tiX 31st October 2009, 11:19 Quote
This still doesn't tell me how to survive a Jam attack.

More seriously, It's a good feature, but for example I had seen lots of the posted articles already, sadly.
I'll keep on checking it though !
Cupboard 31st October 2009, 14:41 Quote
It appears that the staff don't read over the weekend :)
Sifter3000 2nd November 2009, 11:47 Quote
Originally Posted by Cupboard
It appears that the staff don't read over the weekend :)

We read books and newspapers at the weekend :)
Cupboard 2nd November 2009, 18:54 Quote
Good times :)
I know you don't update the site at the weekends (which I think is good) but I was wondering if the reading bit counted :D
I have nearly half the responses on this :eek:
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