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Posted on 26th Oct 2009 at 11:30 by Clive Webster with 53 comments

Clive Webster
A couple years ago, CustomPC made its own suite of benchmarks to test motherboards, PCs, laptops and so on. We wanted to create a set of tests which aped how people use their PCs and would show the benefits (or not) of faster hardware and overclocking in a way that was relevant to real-world use.

One of the most important elements, apart from the obvious stuff above, was that the benchmark suite must be distributable and completely self-contained. We've therefore used Open Source applications, all of which install into a standard folder (with no entries into the Registry, or links to any OS services or applications). This means that you can download the benchmarks, install them and run them without any outside influences from OS updates and so forth.

Because of this, you can download the Media Benchmarks, run them on your system and see how it compares to the kit we're reviewing. You can also see just what effects an upgrade or an overclock has on your system. That's kinda handy, no?

This blog post is more about having a useful way for you (and us) to find a download link for these benchmarks than for any actual discussion, but we hope you find the fact that you can run the same benchmarks that we use useful. Enjoy!


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gavomatic57 26th October 2009, 12:10 Quote
You got my hopes up there! I thought you'd managed to rustle up some new ones already!
Claave 26th October 2009, 13:23 Quote
we'd make more of an announcement if we had!
Bazz 26th October 2009, 13:29 Quote
Crashes during the gimp image benchmark on my system, oh well.
stoff3r 26th October 2009, 14:53 Quote
Will it work on windows 7 this time?
Psytek 26th October 2009, 15:01 Quote
ffjason 26th October 2009, 16:08 Quote
They bench on Windows 7 for the mag and on this site so i'd say yes it would work on Win7. Windows 7 doesn't break programs like Vista did. Though some do not work 99% of the time you're fine.
bagman 26th October 2009, 23:52 Quote
where is the leaderboard?
gavomatic57 27th October 2009, 12:28 Quote
I've already used them on W7 RC...same score as Vista...isn't that a surprise...
Claave 27th October 2009, 15:01 Quote
Originally Posted by bagman
where is the leaderboard?

The leaderboard was on the old custom pc site. Unfortunately it couldn't be ported easily, so creating a new one with the bit-tech backend is still on the to-do list.
stoff3r 27th October 2009, 21:34 Quote
Originally Posted by ffjason
They bench on Windows 7 for the mag and on this site so i'd say yes it would work on Win7. Windows 7 doesn't break programs like Vista did. Though some do not work 99% of the time you're fine.

Oh thats nice. I'm just saying because last time it didn't. Think it was the early beta ati driver or something.

Ah heres the error message i probably got last time: "ERROR: The display must be run in 32-Bit (True Colour) colour depth." And don't go all "hey I think you have to set your display to 32bit" on me, because it is :P
yavorzz 3rd November 2009, 21:35 Quote
Same error as stoff3r. And the 32-Bit is ON
groove 6th November 2009, 02:03 Quote
Ran perfectly.


Image Editing: 1032 points.
Video Encoding: 2164 points.
Multitasking testing: 1235 points.
Overall score: 1477 points.

Typical system config:
i7 920
GTX 275
P6T-D v2
DDR3-1600 3x2gb
Vertex 60gb

All power saving features enabled and default clocks.
steveo_mcg 7th November 2009, 09:20 Quote
Just incase any one is interested in the results of prewar machine

Image editing: 612 points.
Video encoding: 795 points.
Multitasking testing: 486 points.
Overall score: 631 points.

Athlon 64 x2 4600 stock (939)
In a A8N-SLI 2gb ddr running xp
monkeytennis 7th November 2009, 19:28 Quote
Image Editing: 1176
Video Encoding: 2138
multitasking testing: 1187
overall score: 1500 points.
gavomatic57 8th November 2009, 00:41 Quote
Image editing: 315 seconds with 15% average CPU usage.
Image editing: 1192 points.
Video encoding: 369 seconds with 39% average CPU usage.
Video encoding: 2224 points.
Multitasking testing: 165 seconds with 24% average CPU usage.
Multitasking testing: 1133 points.
Overall score: 1516 points.

Stock i7 920, 6gb RAM and a P6T, Vista x64
steveo_mcg 8th November 2009, 09:31 Quote
And now with stock athlon II 250 with 2gb ram in single chanel (boobed when i ordered)

Image editing: 810 points.
Video encoding: 1146 points.
Multitasking testing: 587 points.
Overall score: 848 points.
KayinBlack 13th November 2009, 14:37 Quote

Image editing: 1141 points.
Video encoding: 1543 points.
Multitasking testing: 1120 points.
Overall score: 1268 points.

Not too shabby for only three cores...
Initialised 7th December 2009, 14:47 Quote

Image editing: 1657 points.
Video encoding: 3649 points.
Multitasking testing: 1598 points.
Overall score: 2301 points.

Benchmarks finished.

Can't tell you what CPU I'm running yet ;-), 24GB RAM @ 1465MHz 9-9-9-24, win 7, 500GB Deskstar.
Saivert 8th December 2009, 11:45 Quote
how are the points calculated?
z3d 18th December 2009, 21:04 Quote
Results for Q8400 @ 3.47Ghz, Corsair XMS2 DDR2 1066 @ 1085 5-6-6-18, Abit IP35 Pro XE, 1Tb Spinpoint F1 & ATI 4870 1Gb running Retail Windows 7 Pro 64bit

Image editing: 1275 points.
Video encoding: 1928 points.
Multitasking testing: 845 points.
Overall score: 1350 points
JIMBOB93JONNY 22nd March 2010, 21:06 Quote

Image editing: 233 seconds with 15% average CPU usage.
Image editing: 1612 points.
Video encoding: 282 seconds with 38% average CPU usage.
Video encoding: 2907 points.
Multitasking testing: 121 seconds with 22% average CPU usage.
Multitasking testing: 1546 points.
Overall score: 2022 points.

i7 920 OC~3.8GHz (cooler master V10 cooler)
ASUS Rampage 2 ROG
XFX 5870 XXX 1GB
1TB Spinpoint F3
250GB WD
200GB Seagate
Win 7 64bit PRO
TobyG 25th March 2010, 10:24 Quote
Image editing: 252 seconds with 13% average CPU usage.
Image editing: 1488 points.
Video encoding: 337 seconds with 33% average CPU usage.
Video encoding: 2434 points.
Multitasking testing: 131 seconds with 23% average CPU usage.
Multitasking testing: 1422 points.
Overall score: 1781 points.
Benchmarked at 3.6GHz
edit to ADD rig config: seeing this weeks UD7 review
Gigabyte X58A UD3R
i7 920 + corsair H50 water cooler
3x2GB corsair 1600C8 >>only just makes spec. in my opinion :-(
Kingston V+ 64GB SSD
Samsung F1 Spinpoint 1TB
Win 7 x64 Enterprise
and off we go [[OC > 4.360 GHz]] with little extra voltage 1.32Volts CPU !! good grief
shorif2000 12th April 2010, 18:46 Quote

Image editing: 458 seconds with 26% average CPU usage.
Image editing: 819 points.
Video encoding: 585 seconds with 63% average CPU usage.
Video encoding: 1402 points.
Multitasking testing: 272 seconds with 44% average CPU usage.
Multitasking testing: 688 points.
Overall score: 970 points.

XPS 720
3GB DDR2 667MHZ [2X1GB, 2X500MB]
XP Pro SP3 32bit
bestseany 27th April 2010, 22:37 Quote

Image editing: 234 seconds with 31% average CPU usage.
Image editing: 1604 points.
Video encoding: 297 seconds with 68% average CPU usage.
Video encoding: 2758 points.
Multitasking testing: 125 seconds with 40% average CPU usage.
Multitasking testing: 1500 points.
Overall score: 1954 points.

i5 750 @ 4Ghz
Win7 64-bit
shorif2000 28th April 2010, 18:10 Quote

Image editing: 1186 points.
Video encoding: 1940 points.
Multitasking testing: 1051 points.
Overall score: 1392 points.

Dell Inspiron 580
AMD64, i5 750@2.67GHz,
Win 7 Pro 64bit
POMLORE 4th May 2010, 14:23 Quote
i7 930 @ 4.2 HT off, No turbo Boost Win 7 64-bit 6GB,Ram1600mhz Image editing: 1749 Video encoding: 3004 Multitasking: 1583 Overall Score: 2112
Graham_W 19th May 2010, 16:16 Quote

Image editing: 728 points.
Video encoding: 1667 points.
Multitasking testing: 950 points.
Overall score: 1115 points.

Dell T7400
Xeon 5472 (3GHz)
Win XP 64 bit

Are there any tests for hard disk performance ?
Graham_W 19th May 2010, 16:57 Quote
I notice that the results for multitask and video do not use anything like 100% of the CPU. For me multitask used 47%. How can this then test the system if it doesn't use all the CPU or stress the hard drive ?
shorif2000 23rd June 2010, 19:50 Quote

Image editing: 614 seconds with 59% average CPU usage.
Image editing: 610 points.
Video encoding: 1124 seconds with 84% average CPU usage.
Video encoding: 729 points.
Multitasking testing: 341 seconds with 71% average CPU usage.
Multitasking testing: 549 points.
Overall score: 629 points

Samsung R519
Celeron Dual Core T3100
win 7 32Bit - mplayer was green
jdeb 1st July 2010, 17:36 Quote
Lenovo S20 Workstation
Intel Xeon X5570 - 2.93 GHz - Gainestown
4GB DDR3 PC3-10700 - NVIDIA FX1800 - Vista 64

Image editing: 1378 points.
Video encoding: 2499 points.
Multitasking testing: 1268 points.
Overall score: 1715 points.
sonicgroove 21st March 2011, 20:58 Quote

Image editing: 1913 points.
Video encoding: 3329 points.
Multitasking testing: 1507 points.
Overall score: 2250 points.

i5 2500k@4.4Ghz stock cooling
asus p8p67
4gb muskin silverline
amd hd4770
win7 64
Gor1don 3rd April 2011, 10:07 Quote
Hi all I have been trying to look at the leader board but all I got was an error. I built this PC so I could do a little video editing so wanted the fastest I could afford.


Image editing: 175 seconds with 14% average CPU usage.
Image editing: 2145 points.
Video encoding: 198 seconds with 37% average CPU usage.
Video encoding: 4152 points.
Multitasking testing: 127 seconds with 17% average CPU usage.
Multitasking testing: 1467 points.
Overall score: 2588 points.

Looking at the other results posted it has done quite well but then it is an i7 2600k running at 4.9Ghz. Don't know why the Multitasking is a little lower though.
crosshair 19th May 2011, 21:19 Quote
Just completed a new build using i5 2500K in a P8P67 with 4GB of Vengance Memory and a Crucial SSD, but with an older GPU (HD4870X2).
Not overclocked yet as I want to compare both scores.


Image Editing: 1592
Video Encoding: 2920
Multitasking Testing: 1608
Overall Score: 2040

What score can I expect with an OC of 4.5Ghz using a Dark Rock Advanced?
crosshair 24th May 2011, 19:23 Quote
Hmm. Now that I've overclocked the CPU, just the Turbo Boost, here's the results:

Image Editing: 1405 Odd how that's lower!
Video Encoding: 3496
Multitasking Testing: 1708
Overall Score: 2203

Definately worth the overclock then...
TARIKK 24th May 2011, 19:34 Quote
I can't run it, it keeps telling me that it needs the 32bit color bla bla bla but my settings are already for 32bit true colour.
Os : Win7, 64 bit ???
KiiYzOo 19th June 2011, 21:36 Quote
i3 540 @ 3.9ghz & 4gb xms3 & gtx 460 768mb & MSi P55a-g55

Image editing: 1067 points.
Video encoding: 1975 points.
Multitasking testing: 982 points.
Overall score: 1341 points.
Angelous51 27th August 2011, 13:40 Quote
i7 2600k at 4.3GHZ
4GB kingston Hyper X 1600MHZ
Asus P8Z68-V
OCZ Vertex 3 60GB
MSI ati radeon 6950 OC Twin Frozr 3

Image editing: 1957 points.
Video encoding: 3698 points.
Multitasking testing: 1711 points.
Overall score: 2455 points.
ModSquid 8th September 2011, 14:50 Quote
Anyone ever get an answer to the GIMP batch error issue?

Have searched around but nobody seems to have identified what the cause/solution is.
gurpswoo1 24th September 2011, 14:31 Quote
Image editing: 1808 points.
Video encoding: 3215 points.
Multitasking testing: 1771 points.
Overall score: 2231 points.

CPU Core i7 2600k Stock
RAM 8GB 1600 mhz stock
OCZ Vertex 3 120gb
GPU ATI 6870 stock
2TB Green HDD
Windows 7 64bit Index 7.7
hennes 3rd November 2011, 20:03 Quote
Image editing: 1127 points.
Video encoding: 2163 points.
Multitasking testing: 1205 points.
Overall score: 1498 points.

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
CPU Core i7 920 @ 2.66Ghz (default speed)
Prolimatech Megahalems - with Nexus 120mm Real Silent Case Fan - 1000 RPM
RAM: OCZ3x133LV2G (OCZ Intel Extreme Edition DDR3 3x 2GB 1333Mhz)
OCZ3G1333ULV12GK (OCZ Gold DDR3 PC3-10666 Ultra Low Voltage Triple Channel)
running at 539Mhz 8-8-8-19 (533Mhz aka PC3-10666 with a rounding error?)
HDD: 3ware 9750-8i. PCI Express 2.0 x8, 512 MB buffer, 8 CH, SATA-600 / SAS 2.0
JBOD: Intel postvile G2 76GiB
RAID5: 4x Samsung HD103UJ (1TB, 7200RPM, SATA300 32MB)
GPU: Sapphire 5870
goldfish19 29th November 2011, 16:00 Quote
Asus z68v-lx
i5 2500k @ 4.3Ghz
4x2Gb corsair xms3 1600mhz ram
500Gb WD Sata3 7200rpm HDD
Sapphire 5830 Gpu @ 900mhz


Image editing: 1436 points.
Video encoding: 3375 points.
Multitasking testing: 1636 points.
Overall score: 2149 points.
shorif2000 26th July 2012, 17:56 Quote
Dell Precision T1600
Intel Xeon E31225@3.10GHz 4GB Ram
Win 7 sp1 32bit

Image editing: 263 seconds with 26% average CPU usage.
Image editing: 1428 points.
Video encoding: 321 seconds with 63% average CPU usage.
Video encoding: 2558 points.
Multitasking testing: 152 seconds with 41% average CPU usage.
Multitasking testing: 1230 points.
Overall score: 1739 points.
shorif2000 28th July 2012, 18:30 Quote
intel i5 3470 3.2GHz
gigabyte z77x-d3h
kingston ddr3 4gb hyper x blue 16000MHz
win7 64 bit
nvidia gtx 550Ti

Image editing: 226 seconds with 27% average CPU usage.
Image editing: 1661 points.
Video encoding: 288 seconds with 69% average CPU usage.
Video encoding: 2852 points.
Multitasking testing: 129 seconds with 59% average CPU usage.
Multitasking testing: 1444 points.
Overall score: 1986 points.
GravitySmacked 28th July 2012, 23:32 Quote

Image editing: 1964 points.
Video encoding: 3597 points.
Multitasking testing: 1722 points.
Overall score: 2428 points.

i5 3570k @ 4.4Ghz
Crucial M4 128GB
16GB Corsair 1600Mhz
Nvidia GTX 670
Win7 64-bit
grimerking 21st October 2012, 17:01 Quote

Image editing: 2116 points.
Video encoding: 3885 points.
Multitasking testing: 1885 points.
Overall score: 2629 points.

Gigabyte Z68AP-D3
Intel i5-3570K @ 4.6GHz
8GB Crucial DDR3 (2 x 4GB) @ 1800MHz
Thermaltake SP-530PCWEU PSU
Arctic Freezer i30
simmo0916 26th November 2012, 09:23 Quote
Image editing: 1475 points.
Video encoding: 2093 points.
Multitasking testing: 1518 points.
Overall score: 1695 points.

I feel cheated! Other i7's without an overclock are scoring much higher.

Asus P8P67 Pro
i7 2600K
8 GB HyperX Grey
GTX 580
Intel SSD
Win 7 64Bit
littlepuppi 27th November 2012, 10:20 Quote
Results: Spec in Sig

Image editing: 1782 points.
Video encoding: 3409 points.
Multitasking testing: 1589 points.
Overall score: 2260 points.
grimerking 17th December 2012, 14:33 Quote
Dell 1720 Laptop
T9300 @ 2.5GHz


Image editing: 902 points.
Video encoding: 984 points.
Multitasking testing: 697 points.
Overall score: 861 points.
thom804 14th April 2013, 16:29 Quote
Wow, my 2 year old pc is still keeping up.

Image Editing 1874
Video Encoding 3383
Multitasking 1653

Overall 2303

Spec in sig.
ModSquid 5th June 2013, 11:44 Quote
Gimp crash? Anyone?
russells 18th December 2013, 07:47 Quote
i5 4670k

Image editing: 2216 points.
Video encoding: 4284 points.
Multitasking testing: 1813 points.
Overall score: 2771 points.

Benchmarks finished. 5th May 2016, 13:57 Quote
I am glad to share my findings: you can find both the download link and the "32-Bit (True Colour) colour" fix here:
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