WIN: Asus Xtreme Global Summit Competition Week 3

Posted on 12th Aug 2009 at 13:23 by Alex Watson with 40 comments

Alex Watson
We’ve previewed one of Asus’ upcoming P55 boards, the P7P55 Deluxe, taking a look at its overall layout, heatsinks and ports. We recently had a chance to catch up with the Asus design team to talk about the board’s power management design.

The P7P55D features a new design – branded ‘hybrid phase’, which adds a ‘T.Probe’ chip to a 16-phase power design to provide increased reliability by actively managing the VRMs to keep temperatures under control.

First, if you don’t know what we mean by “phases”, here’s some quick background to how the basics of motherboard power design:

The CPU doesn’t always require the same amount of power, as it’s not always under the same load, so capacitors are used to store power so that it’s there when the CPU needs it. What you don’t want, however, is the CPU drawing too much power and that current suffering from a lot of voltage ripple and fluctuations, so motherboards use multi-phase power designs to minimise this risk and provide smooth power.

The problem is that multiple phases cost more and are complex to implement, and of course, as with any multi-part system, you need to manage it so that work is spread as evenly as possible over all the parts. This is where T.Probe should help.

WIN: Asus Xtreme Global Summit Competition Week 3
VRMs are placed close to the CPU socket, and careful attention needs to be paid to their thermals

Essentially, the new design introduces real-time temperature monitoring of every phase of the CPU power circuitry. T.Probe polls the phases every four seconds to get a temperature reading. If it detects one of the phases becoming much hotter than another, it can change how the phases are loaded. This will optimise temperatures (as the load is spread across all the phases), which, we're told, results in greater power efficiency and stability. T.Probe works in conjunction with the existing EPU chip - it's the EPU that actually implements the variable loading over the phases.

According to the Asus engineers, “bad power phase design often delivers inconsistent and unbalanced current, which potentially can damage the CPU. [Our design] delivers stable and balanced current output, and automatically regulates current and voltage to deliver maximum power efficiency under any loading.”

Of course, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and for that we’ll have to wait until P55 and accompanying Lynnfield CPUs to launch to see how well Asus’ new boards do.

WIN WIN WIN! We’ve got another five tickets to the Asus Xtreme Global Summit in London on the 28th of August, along, of course, with top hardware prizes to give away. This week's challenge involves coming up with a new name for a Republic of Gamers motherboard - we've seen the Maximus (1, 2 and 3), the Commando, the Crosshair, the Rampage... what should follow this illustrious line-up? Post you answers in the comments, and we’ll pick the five best!


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bodkin 12th August 2009, 13:28 Quote
Asus challenger (i.e. the tank). That would make a great name for a group of boards focused on breaking records
doggeh 12th August 2009, 13:53 Quote
I think Asus Avenger or Asus Endeavor have nice rings to them. Also suitable given the overclocking focus of the boards.
wuyanxu 12th August 2009, 13:59 Quote
Asus Prime (from Maximus Prime, Maximus is his name, Prime is the rank)
Asus Raptor (from F22 Raptor)
Asus Hornet (from F18)
Asus The Intersect (from NBC's Chuck. the intersect super computer)

Asus Harmony for P55 Hydra motherboard that "allows harmony between ATI and nVidia cards"

names should have a background, not just any random name.
deltaworld 12th August 2009, 15:01 Quote
Asus Elitist or Asus Elite (to go with the Replublic of Gamers)
Asus Revenger (similar name to Rampage)
Asus Sniper
malaroo978 12th August 2009, 15:23 Quote
Asus Hawk (Asus Hawx possibly)
Asus Commander
Asus Delta Elite
Asus Tesla
Or.... Asus Antartic Warrior! Because its so cool its freezing!
Rozzy 12th August 2009, 16:14 Quote
Asus Dominator
Asus Obliterator
or, Asus Complete (just something a little different :P)
(I'm only 16 but I thought I'd put my ideas down regardless :))
bradders2125 12th August 2009, 16:16 Quote
Asus Athena - Goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, handicrafts and reason. Kind of sums up some of the things it gets used for.
Asus Erabus - God of darkness and shadow.

Asus Epsilon - The fifth letter of the Greek alphabet, as I think this would be the fifth name used.
n1k_ 12th August 2009, 16:53 Quote
Seems like it should be named after some elite fighter/unit, say:

Asus Gladiator
Asus Inquisitor

Or maybe after a weapon?

Asus Saber
Asus Trident
yakyb 12th August 2009, 17:55 Quote
to be perfectly honest i hate all the version names i prefer intels style of


at least you know for sure what you are getting

on that note tho

how about the asus simba << the powerful version
or the pumba << the slightly bloated version
or the timone << the quirky overclocker
Omnituens 12th August 2009, 19:03 Quote
Asus Equilibrium


Argonaut123 12th August 2009, 20:26 Quote
Critical Mass
Chain Reaction
Terminal Velocity
Nuclear Meltdown
Argonaut123 12th August 2009, 20:44 Quote
last set of suggestions (i think!)
SiG 13th August 2009, 00:42 Quote
Asus Optimus (Maximus successor)
Asus Specialist (Commando successor)
Asus Ironsight (Crosshair successor)
Asus Devastator (Rampage successor)

EDIT: Thought of another:

Asus Terminator
Arkanrais 13th August 2009, 05:15 Quote
Asus Nuclear Flask: built like a brick sh*t house and completely unf***able.

/doesn't live in the uk, so don't count this.
Gushie 13th August 2009, 08:56 Quote
Since there is new the new 'Hybrid-Phases' how about the Asus Chimera
SiG 13th August 2009, 10:44 Quote
Originally Posted by Gushie
Since there is new the new 'Hybrid-Phases' how about the Asus Chimera

Oh boy, it's all your fault that I've hade these stuck in my head. Particularly the second one...

Asus Commodus (Commando + Maximus)
Asus Ram Hair (Rampage + Crosshair) :p
malaroo978 13th August 2009, 11:28 Quote
Thought of a few more!

Asus Titan
Asus Mammoth
Asus Renegade.. Dares to be different!
Asus Firehawk (flame patterned board with leds?)
Asus Desert Storm
Asus Lightning Storm
Asus Muzzle Flash
Asus Recoil
Asus Crusader
Asus Praetorian
Asus Predator

Think thats it... :)
scrimple3D 13th August 2009, 12:18 Quote
The Asus Singularity.

The components fitted to the motherboard are combined in the same fashion as a light trap.

Owners with windowed cases will encourage their unsuspecting victims to look through the case window at which point they lose their minds as they are unable to work out how an infinite void is powering the PC.

Can you escape The Singularity?
bear99 13th August 2009, 12:40 Quote
The Asus Gladys
The Asus Gertrude
The Asus Bertha (possibly “The Asus “Big” Bertha” that’s the hardcore board)
The Asus Bob
The Asus Dave
The Asus Gunter
The Asus Margaret Thatcher (I would buy that in a second if it existed)

I fear I may have gone down a different route than most other people on here but down to earth/random branding is the future in my mind, just look what it did for UKTV Gold when it become Dave.
Hugo 13th August 2009, 14:47 Quote
How am I the first to suggest these?
Asus Cheesecake or Asus Relix. Or possibly the Asus Felix - every time you boot it up it displays a random poem for
Asus Martin - covered in weird soft hair.
Asus Swinburne - for professionals only (no instruction manual included; you don't need anything explained to you, you're a professional).
flibblesan 13th August 2009, 15:55 Quote
Asus Behemoth - meaning "extremely large or powerful entity"
Asus Chikara - Japanese for Strength
Asus Shouri - Japanese for Victory
Skiddywinks 13th August 2009, 15:55 Quote
Christ, is posting a dozen different names as your entry fair?

Anyway, I think Mars is a good one. I know they have used it for their GTX295 monster, but an Asus Mars range would be awesome. A motherboard named after the god of war? PLEASE!
Sifter3000 13th August 2009, 19:19 Quote
Awesome thread :) Enjoying all these!
PMM 13th August 2009, 19:28 Quote
Asus Quickshot
Asus Storm
Asus HellFire
Asus tactical
Asus Avenger
Asus Black Ops
Asus Muscateer
Asus U.N.C.L.E
Asus BlackBird aka SR71
Asus Vision
Asus Detonator
Asus Genesis
alpaca 13th August 2009, 23:23 Quote
a board with a clear pcb:
the Asus Glass.
for use with windows only... (case, software or otherwise)
1ad7 14th August 2009, 00:38 Quote
I have one idea and one only
The Asus Adrenaline
Hell im excited just reading that name
Yoy0YO 14th August 2009, 17:27 Quote
I like the sounds of
Asus Barrage
Sounds like theres heaps of it coming at you (many parallel activities) and its all happening very fast.
As a joke, how bout tacking the word ASUS infront of captcha words such as:
Asus shr mammary
Asus overlooks wave
Asus dupe times
stoff3r 15th August 2009, 11:35 Quote
Asus Thunderbolt
Asus Firestorm
Valentine (Badass cop From Resident evil)

Armored vehicles and fighterplane-names are really the coolest ones ever :) PS: I still can't afford going to UK, so give it to someone else !
skunkmunkey 16th August 2009, 13:55 Quote
Asus Apocalypse

Asus Neutron

Asus Whiteout (all white board)
byter 16th August 2009, 22:29 Quote
Straightforward name developments along same themes:
Commando ==> Ranger
Crosshair ==> Boresight
Maximus ==> Mekistos
Rampage ==> Carnage

Or a range of Greek god Titans:
Prometheus (or Prometheon)

Or a range based on names for Kings/Emperors etc:

Or on the SI prefixes:
Peta (hmmmm....)
Zetta (or ExaZetta?)
Yotta (well, maybe not.... )

Or historical leaders:
Caeser (hmmm, could be confused with seizer, which wouldn't be good)
Cleopatra (well, why should everything be masculine?)

Or 7 wonders related:

Or the following words I simply made up in 5 seconds flat (so they can be forgotten in 2 seconds flat ):

well, that's much too long a post already....
flibblesan 16th August 2009, 23:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Skiddywinks
Christ, is posting a dozen different names as your entry fair?

Not meaning to sound sour but I totally agree with that. And posting 28 isn't fair, in my opinion.
flibblesan 16th August 2009, 23:24 Quote
Originally Posted by SiG

EDIT: Thought of another:

Asus Terminator

Been done. ASUS small form factor PCs.
capnPedro 17th August 2009, 11:07 Quote
ASUS Fireblade

Meh, I'm no good with names. The thought occurs, is active monitoring of the VRMs better than just slapping a short heatsink on them? I know it can't be too big to interfere with the PCU cooler, but there are caps around them that are taller. Or a heatpipe? Everyone loves heatpipes!
Yoy0YO 17th August 2009, 14:59 Quote
Originally Posted by capnPedro
Or a heatpipe? Everyone loves heatpipes!

I most certainly love the physics behind them, the careful equilibrium of gasses and fluids bounding back and forth moving heat away. Its so clever.
rowin4kicks 17th August 2009, 15:09 Quote
Another vote for
Asus Cheesecake!
rowin4kicks 17th August 2009, 16:36 Quote
Or on a more seriuos note

Asus Spearhead
byter 17th August 2009, 20:23 Quote
totally agree with you both fibblesan and skiddywinks that one name per person would have been best. i was suprised to see more. but more there were and i for one go with the flow. so why not post some more ideas yourselves ;-). and best of luck to you :-)
flibblesan 18th August 2009, 04:17 Quote
Couple more I've thought of:

ASUS LAN Ranger - good for gaming boards
ASUS Katana - keeping with my earlier theme of Japanese words
xoqolatl 18th August 2009, 12:07 Quote
Petros (suggesting rock stability)
Lucifer - something like BloodRage or Classified, the top of the line mobo.
=[cc]=Idaeus 18th August 2009, 15:51 Quote
Asus Annihilator


Asus Anil8or
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