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Posted on 11th Aug 2009 at 07:58 by Antony Leather with 35 comments

Antony Leather
A few months ago after searching for a new game to get my teeth into, I revisited an old friend and was soon hooked on Battlefield 2 again.

It's years since it was first released, but the servers are still teeming and my G36E felt just like it used to. What's more, it's one of the few games I've played that seems to have no problem generating epic moments, which is one of the main reasons why I love it.

One such moment happened a few nights ago. On the map Operation Cleansweap, myself and two other soldiers were defending the shoreline and picking off individual enemies with our sniper rifles when from across a bay appeared an armoured personnel carrier (APC) - Uh Oh! Our jet had missed it on its last bombing run and it immediately spotted us and sent a few cannon volleys our way. They're pretty deadly to infantry so we huddled down behind some bushes hoping it might pass us by.

At that moment another soldier equipped with an anti-tank missle sprinted up beside us, kneeled down to steady himself (in full view of the APC, while we, err, valiantly huddled in fear) and proceeded to take out the APC with a well aimed shot. For that moment I got a glimpse of what being in a successful armed engagement might feel like.

Epic gaming moments
The APCs in Battlefield 2 are fast, amphibious and deadly

Another favourite game of mine is IL-2 Sturmovik. This is another game that over the years has given me plenty of epic moments but one sticks out as being particularly crazy. Flying a variant of the IL-2, I'd come out the other end of an epic engagement having strafed and rocketed scores of tanks all while taking quite a bit of damage to my aircraft.

Those of us that were left headed for home dodging the odd German fighter. All of a sudden we came across a formation of enemy bombers returning home that were several thousand feet above us. With my engine on its last legs, my guns depleted and just two volleys of rockets left I fired them off in the direction of the bombers allowing for plenty of lead so the rockets had a chance of getting somewhere near them.

Epic gaming moments
Rockets are normally used for ground targets but can prove effective against aircraft too.

About 15 seconds later, I spotted an explosion in the direction my rockets had gone. I actually hit one! Not only that but the explosion had damaged another one which began to lose altitude and eventually crash landed. Muhahaha!

All games have their faults and I can name a few with both of the above games. However, sometimes even the worst games can have moments of sheer awesomeness that stick with you forever. Now of course, it's over to you - what are some of your magic gaming moments?


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el_diablo_72 11th August 2009, 09:01 Quote
Finally beating Dark Omen without cheating...
The idea of loading the flagelants with an exploding device and suiciding them was magic.

Completing Planescape Torment...

The best moments seem to be in the older games.
Tris 11th August 2009, 09:39 Quote
Any game you get sufficiently into will provide epic moments - the key seems to be getting to a point where you can do crazy stuff, and more importantly being in a situation where someone else notices how crazy what you just did was!
My most memorable was on the map CTF-TwinTombs in UT2K4 (instagib CTF), where I got back to my teams base with the enemy flag and found it contained 2 enemy players waiting to kill I dived down a big hole in front of the flag making them think I'd killed myself, then managed to walldodge back up out of the hole (something previously thought impossible) and catch them unawares, killing them both and making the cap. I was shaking like a leaf from adrenaline for the next 10 mins.
Any game I have put more than 20 hours in has provided me with similar moments - I am sure _everyone_ has memories from games like CS or CoD4 of being the last man standing and taking out the whole opposition with nothing but a pistol and a grenade etc.
Combatus 11th August 2009, 09:48 Quote
UT2K4 was great, I loved the football mode! Nearly every battle there had at least one epic moment!
Bad_cancer 11th August 2009, 10:05 Quote
Ah yes, i remember in UT(cant remember which one), i was the mutant and everyone was behind me, so i load 3 rockets and spin round just as the last one loads to see 6 guys (that was Everyone in our mini lan game) right behind trying to kill me, i let loose the triple rocket and killed the whole team in a single strike. Epic!!
CardJoe 11th August 2009, 10:26 Quote
So many, mainly from Left 4 Dead when it first came out and I was co-oping with my girlfriend. She'd get in trouble with a hunter and horde and I'd come in swinging, spraying and swearing. Or vice versa, I'd get hammered by a tank and she'd save me at the last minute and I'd see her, as Bill, come up over the rise already emptying her last clip into the tank. Pure epic.
[PUNK] crompers 11th August 2009, 11:39 Quote
crysis warhead threw up plenty of these moments for me. i found by the time i completed it i was genuinely surprising myself. i'd try and take out a group of enemies using as many suit modes as possible. win.
mjm25 11th August 2009, 13:08 Quote
2 CSS moments from back in the day, both from office.

1: Getting 2 headshots on guys running round a corner one behind the other with one bullet with the scout, everyone went mental over VOIP. super smug after that one lol

2: Me against 5 terrorists, all hostages dead and i hunted down all of them with just a knife cos i thought i was gonna die anyway. i dont think i couldve used a gun in the end cos i was shaking so much from the adrenaline. (and i suck at any form of gunplay at CSS... is it really that realistic? :'( )
Xtrafresh 11th August 2009, 13:09 Quote
for me it was COD4, sabotage mode. I was at a small LAN of about 50 people, and about 15 of us were in the Countdown map, with the rocket launch installation in the middle. Battle was intense, and teams were very evenly matched. It came down to the last game (4-3 in a best of 9) after about two hours of heavy heavy shooting. Blinking your eyes was only allowed during respawn time. Everyone was shouting and screaming, the general area of the bom was constantly being pummeled by grenades and mortarfire, snipers were everywhere, helicopters and airstrikes were coming in waves, and that damn bomb was just not budging. When we scored the equaliser (4-4) and everyone just erupted in either cheers or noes, more and more people kept joining. That last point took over 2 hour to make, and took some SERIOUS team effort. The server was at max capacity, which i guess is 32. Over those two hours, there was always that sense of utter balance between the teams, a teetering seesaw that slowly lurched the wrong way the moment you slacked just a bit.

That one battle lasted from 22:00 to 02:00, after which everyone just dropped dead (or made a run for the loo). Truely epic stuff, especially as everyone in the server was sitting in the same small room. I have played many many games, but that sense of palpable energy and suspense never ever came back.
Paradigm Shifter 11th August 2009, 13:52 Quote
Unlike epic moments of victory in a FPS game, the thing that stands out the most for me is in Freespace 2, when the SJ Sathanas first appeared - that ship was enormous... and jumped in right on top of me the first time I played that mission, so my ship got pasted before I could even think to evade.

That game was so far ahead of its time. An absolute classic.
pizan 11th August 2009, 14:43 Quote
For me it was a small LAN a few months back and we were playing TF2 (my least favorite FPS). Anyway we were playing a CTF map, not sure which one. It had a bridge and was desert like. Well we were going back and forth with one round for over 1hr till we organize an all scout rush and we grab 2 points in 3 min and then about 5 min later we finish it off.
Sifter3000 11th August 2009, 15:21 Quote
A BF2 one for me - racing an enemy player towards a vacant helicopter. While sprinting, I realised he was going to beat me too it, and would take off and shred me with its machine guns....

Fortunately, I was playing as special forces, so I was armed with C4. He duly grabbed the chopper, but didn't manage to take off before I reached it and slapped the C4 on the tail. I walked calmly away while he spun up the rotors and took off, thumbing the detonation switch as I saw him rise off the ground.

He had no idea what hit him, and I got to saunter away from a pile of flaming debris like something from a cheesy 80s action movie.
el_diablo_72 11th August 2009, 15:42 Quote
I'd forgotten freespace 2, absolute classic.

Wing commander prophecy - with the Coms officer screaming at me to return to the ship.

TurtlePerson2 11th August 2009, 16:33 Quote
Some of the best moments I have ever seen were cinematic-like moments in the HL2 series. One of the most exciting parts of those games was during the airboat ride when that giant tower collapses in front of you.
Ending Credits 11th August 2009, 16:59 Quote
1: Getting 2 headshots on guys running round a corner one behind the other with one bullet with the scout, everyone went mental over VOIP. super smug after that one lol

Reminds me of when my friend (playing on my PC) got 5 kills in 3 shots on CoD4 by spamming (read putiing a few shots into) an opening that everyone runs past from the spawn. Not so epic but it was pretty funny.
C-Sniper 11th August 2009, 17:13 Quote
My best moment was a triple head shot in CSS with the AWP (yey for people stacking in the Dust2 tunnels) and a double headshot with the scout in dust2 at short-A boxes.
thehippoz 11th August 2009, 19:23 Quote
quake 2 duels had so many epic moments I remember the most.. same with counterstrike- like when we had one mexican clanmate, and had a east coast clanmate.. well they would constantly get into it- alot of time during an actual match and I'd hear the awp go off and one of them would be team killed

but quake 2.. you would literally be sweating, like using all your brainpower in a duel.. you had the mega (+100hp) timing not to mention the physics were so sick.. nothing really touches that even quake 3- they actually gimped quake 3 imo taking out the double jumps

like I remember most dm1, I would take the mega early and when hit 100 health.. you had to countdown, it was 10 seconds the mega would respawn.. alot of times you could pull a guy off the mega room into the arena and go up the elevator and jump on it right as it respawned

some well placed rockets when you knew where the guy was at would usually land in his face right as he turned a corner.. you fired them off 3-4 seconds ago XD you just had so many ways to get to the same places with double and circle, strafe jumping.. no 2 games was ever the same

sadly since video games has become so popular.. everything is dumbed down- in quake 2 you could be stripped of everything but a blaster and jump circles around a newbie decked out.. not to mention in 2v2 or 4v4 you could drop weapons and ammo separately on the ground for a teammate who just got fragged.. or my favorite drop a rocket launcher in the middle of the arena.. watch a newbie watering at the mouth go for it and pop that weasel

was the ultimate in twitch skills but you had movement on top of it all.. to watch a new guy in that game was almost comical.. they'd run around all flat footed like the games today- you had alot of shortcuts to get around the map if you knew the physics.. it was pretty much genius what id created there.. so many different ways to jump there was no 'right' way to do something- and if you watched someone in duel you knew exactly who they were even under alias.. everyone had thier own style.. pretty cool game- still haven't found a replacement

jedi knight was good but the one hit saber kills were skillless.. counterstrike if you were good, you could take out 1v4, those were pretty memorable.. stupid cheaters in the top rungs of the ogl ruined that game for me though
Ninja_182 12th August 2009, 00:31 Quote
The first time I was part of a team that killed Diablo on Diablo 2, I think it took the best part of 20 mins.

My gunner taking down a banshee on Halo.

Exiting the cave at the start of Oblivion having not seen a screenshot.

Landing a headshot on a cloaked spy in mid air purely by accident and my most recent epic moment. Pushing the blue team back from the last corner on Goldrush (part 2) all the way back to well before checkpoint 1.
Elton 12th August 2009, 05:07 Quote
The First time you see the outside of Morrowind on a hill.

Triple Headshot with an Unscoped Arisaka in COD:WAW(the sole reason I love Cliffside)

Requiem in Hitman:BM

Killing Lee Hone in Hitman:C47

FF7's Sephiroth battle.
salesman 12th August 2009, 06:16 Quote
My favorite epic moment (which like everyone there is so many to chose from) is from CSS.
I was on a sever of 32 people full playing Italy. I went up the left side didn't really pay attention to who was being killed. All I remember is by the time I was about to go into the house to rescue the hostages I had said over the radio that I was doing just that. Which in turn I hear silence so I hit tab and immediately realize why that is, for it is just me and one other guy on my team and then seeing there is like only one guy dead on the opposing team, at which time they kill the other guy so now I am alone against like 15 people, (I really didn't look that long at who and how many just knew it was enough to kill me quick) while in the house where the hostages are.(A little side note: I hate it when someone is that last guy on the team and all he does is hide in some obscure corner somewhere only to be taken out 2 minutes later by the second guy that passes by). So I figure to wait a bit and see if I can take out a few people and not waste too much time doing so. I stick my head out the front door and catch 2 off guard running up the hallway to check to see if i am at the hostages and get them both with one clip (wow what luck I think). Then I run back inside up the stairs and look out the top window only to see one guy running into the house below me, so I follow him in and shoot him in the back and then hide next to the hostages. I got another one coming in that way, so I run back upstairs which at this point my hand is shaking because of the adrenaline (I was not very good at the game but I loved it). So I see another guy run in and I do the same thing I jump down and follow him in, which I also hear shots being fired at me while I am chasing the guy back inside. I've killed five now, and I hear someone's footsteps at the front entrance which when he stepped in at that point I felt invincible and easily took him down. My mind is racing I have just killed 6 people in about 25 seconds, and my m4 is low on ammo which I pick up and ak that only has 30 rounds in it. I look out the front door and take out one guy coming up the hallway ( and I'm thinking to myself this can't be true there is no way I'm lucky if I take out 3 guys in one round), and run back inside to the hostages and start looking for more ammo but I am shaking so bad I can't find it quick enough, at that time the admin puts up on my screen telling me "Go Blackpipe GO!!!" in blue letters (Blackpipe was the name I had). I take out another guy with my pistol and rather then get caught switching between guns on the floor I just go with the knife, not being that good with the knife yet being on an adrenaline rush I willed myself to kill one guy with it, which was probably the first and last time I've ever done so, I managed I guess by running around in game like a crazed banshee thrusting my knife at him from all directions scaring the piss out of the poor soul hence the game thought he should be dead and so it granted me the knife kill. After that that I ran out the front door with nothing but my knife thinking I don't want to be gunned down in the house but rather rushing towards them with a knife just hoping they would piss their pants with the statement that I just took out over half your team in less then 40 seconds and now I am coming straight at you. However, they killed me pretty quick since all that was left on their team had made it back to the spawn area and was unloading the guns on me at which point I was quite content with the feat I had just pulled off. I have never even come close to killing 9 people in one match before, although I have seen other people take out entire teams before and do it with much better skill then I have, I know it will never be as epic as I experienced first hand. When I died my team was either saying over mic or typing to me how crazy that looked, at which point some 13 year old kid wants to buy me a gun so he gets me the pump shotgun next round which I didn't really mind and since my hands were shaking so bad it made it easy to shoot people, however, I had to stop playing for the rest of the day because my hands were shaking so bad. To be honest though I did kill nine people, and I did it in less then a minute but in all the craziness that happened the details on how exactly everything went down have slipped slowly from my mind over the years, for it all happened so fast, which my only regret is I wish I had a video of it, but then again I don't really need the video to prove anything I know I am not that good at the game it was just some freak accident that turned into pure awesome epicness which I can only describe with those words. Hell, I've even had fun reminiscing about it.
UncertainGod 12th August 2009, 06:19 Quote
Do you honestly expect anyone to read that?
Bad_cancer 12th August 2009, 06:39 Quote
It does need some formatting for such a long text....
It is pretty hard to read through, but i did read it though, lol
Noob4ever 12th August 2009, 06:41 Quote
hm...... the most recent epic moment I've had, was while playing Huxley, The Dystopia, Closed beta 2, anyway, was playing bg's and my favorite character is my phantom, ie, sniper with very little health...... normally its a matter of not being seen in order to get ahead..... but I ended up hopping out of apc right before it blew in front of an enemy radar base, everyone else was in it and died from the tank, and then I no scope head shotted 3 enemy players and took out the tank in about 7 seconds.... :D

Only remarkable thing about this is it was pure luck, no scope headshots dont work in huxley, the energy beam goes off at a random tangent, you have to scope it, unless you get very very lucky :D
Aragon Speed 12th August 2009, 08:26 Quote
Originally Posted by Paradigm Shifter
the thing that stands out the most for me is in Freespace 2, when the SJ Sathanas first appeared - that ship was enormous...
Yes! That really is an epic moment. FS and FS 2 had a few moments that really stand out, but that one really is a pant dirtier the first time it happens.

Ironically I havent played FS2 for ages and dug it out again last night. For the GFX junkies who have never played it because the GFX look too old now, try the FS2Open project. ;)
Combatus 12th August 2009, 09:33 Quote
Originally Posted by Ninja_182
The first time I was part of a team that killed Diablo on Diablo 2, I think it took the best part of 20 mins.

My gunner taking down a banshee on Halo.

Exiting the cave at the start of Oblivion having not seen a screenshot.

Landing a headshot on a cloaked spy in mid air purely by accident and my most recent epic moment. Pushing the blue team back from the last corner on Goldrush (part 2) all the way back to well before checkpoint 1.
I had some great moments in Halo combat evolved too. Warthogs driving at gme for a road kill only for me to spring my rocket launcher on them at the last moment come to mind! :) Capture the flag was pretty awesome too. I'm surprised no one's mentioned F.E.A.R. I found the slo-mo lead to some awesome matrix-style slaughters!
Byron C 12th August 2009, 12:36 Quote
Originally Posted by Elton

FF7's Sephiroth battle.

Which one?! I have to agree with this - the most epic gaming moments I have ever experienced were playing the game. Namely, the final battles with Sephiroth ;). You defeat that massive purple monstrosity (Bizarro Sephiroth), only to be faced with yet another incarnation of Sephiroth (Saifer Sephiroth) who, you eventually discover, is about 100 times harder than the last. Then you're dragged into *ANOTHER* battle with the git afterwards! Although it's impossible to lose the very last battle; I've tried it. Even if you do nothing he eventually attacks, causing pretty much no damage at all, and you automatically counter attack with the final limit break - even if you haven't earned it by the end of the game.

Had a pretty cool moment in Crysis last night that verges on epic. I'd just called in an airstrike on the cruiser with the GPS jammer and, surprise surprise, got told to take out an incoming chopper - I already had loads of KPA troops bearing down on me and was under cross-fire from machine gun emplacements. I managed to take out the chopper at very high altitude with my last two RPG rounds, sprinted past some KPA troops while switching on strength mode, leapt the harbour boundary fence, turned on stealth in mid-air and crept past some more KPA back into the jungle. I promptly hid in the nearest bush just as my suit energy failed - then proceeded to grin manically as patrol after patrol of troops went sauntering past my head, none the wiser as to where I was.

This was the first time I'd truly got to grips with the game and made me realise just how flexible the gameplay is. It also re-affirmed my love for the keyboard & mouse control system - gamepads be damned!
Bad_cancer 12th August 2009, 13:17 Quote
Originally Posted by BLC

It also re-affirmed my love for the keyboard & mouse control system - gamepads be damned!

+1 ;)
CardJoe 12th August 2009, 14:20 Quote
Originally Posted by Combatus
I had some great moments in Halo combat evolved too. Warthogs driving at gme for a road kill only for me to spring my rocket launcher on them at the last moment come to mind! :) Capture the flag was pretty awesome too. I'm surprised no one's mentioned F.E.A.R. I found the slo-mo lead to some awesome matrix-style slaughters!

I had some good ones in FEAR. Walking down a corridor once I had an enemy dive through a glass window on my left at one point. I switched on slow mo and ducked through the door into the room he'd just exited. There were two guys in there who immediately flipped over tables and started to hide behind them. Still in slow-mo I put head shots with the penetrator into each one of them, saving the first for last. It was cool, calm and calculated and I did it all before slow-mo finished.

Then I went around the corner and got owned by a rocket turret.

TBH though, the best game for epic moments like this is definitely Hitman: Blood Money. Getting a gun into the White House and then chasing Parchezzi through the building and finishing him with a silverballer shot from the most extreme distance possible? ****ing win.
kenco_uk 12th August 2009, 14:55 Quote
The last battle in HL2:ep2. Nothing has come close. There's some 'woah' moments, but that one scene left me shaking and thinking, '****, yeah!'
I can only hope ep3 doesn't push further than that otherwise I'll end up a gibbering wreck.
The_EXorcist 13th August 2009, 08:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Bad_cancer
Originally Posted by BLC

It also re-affirmed my love for the keyboard & mouse control system - gamepads be damned!

+1 ;)


Been saying this since day one
Elton 14th August 2009, 05:05 Quote
Blood money did have the weak anti-hitman(Mark Purayah and Parchezzi) They were terribly awesome looking clones with a retarded AI.

That said, Shooting through a door and eliminating your target in Blood Money is oddly satisfying.
acidfire 18th August 2009, 03:34 Quote
Both of my favorites came from Planetside, still one of the most underrated mmos, despite some of its issues. Both are also when I ran with the air wing of the 666th DevilDogs.

First was one of the massively organized Galaxy drops. 6 Galaxies, fully loaded. My platoon was tasked with escort duty, my squad in the back, another commander and his out front. Very little resistance till we got to the capital complex, and watching all 6 galaxies empty troops while flying overhead was epic! Lol so much so that I ended up not paying attention and crashed into an enemy MAX suit standing on one of the landing pads.

The other was attacking the capital in a crater (the name escapes me, its been awhile). I was running a reaver squad (full) running out first ahead of 2 squads of liberator bombers. I have a screenie of all of us lined up somewhere. But being given the order to attack, boosting in and hitting all the anti air we could to bank around and see the libs carpet bomb the place was so awesome and precise :)

Oh and another would have to be running as a sniper later on. Because of the way the game was coded, there were no hitboxes for heads, so no way of nailing someone with a single shot, so snipers worked in pairs over vent. Nothing like calling out a target, counting down and hearing a pair of shots, then getting tells from the guy you killed about how hes gonna report you for cheating lol.
boggsi 18th August 2009, 14:36 Quote
Originally Posted by acidfire
Both of my favorites came from Planetside, ...

Definitely UNDERRATED. Been years but I remember playing the invisible guy and sneaking around inside my own base to take out one of those mobile spawn points by hacking it.. seeing people still trying to use it and the attack on your base completely falling apart.. Absolutely epic. Ahh I miss that.
Abhorsen 18th August 2009, 17:02 Quote
1. The first time i saw the view from the top of the Wizards tower in Oblivion
2. Jumping headshot through a wall with scope on CoD4. (That i actually meant :P)
stoff3r 24th August 2009, 00:55 Quote
CS 1.6: Playing as a stand-in for my friends clan, they are on pro-level, and i was just cannon-fodder. However i manage, as one of the last players, to silent-defuse the bomb, as I defuse the same time as a HE-grenade. Terrorists wtf'ing and the crowd goes wild at the randomness :)

BF2: yesterday i realised i can lie behind one of the trains on Karkand and be totally invisible, due to the small gap, and yet have full view of half of the bridge. I ended on 27-3 kill/death but this mostly applies when there's a stalemate on the bridge :)

CS1.6. Playing gungame at our voerspiel. Having some real cs-geeks over to drink and they haven't even heard of gungames :O anyway we have a blast and we allways end up competing for the first-place and knifing some noob and everyone goes NOOOOOO/YEEEEEESSSS!
thehippoz 24th August 2009, 01:44 Quote
had a few in cs 1.6 when the game still had quake 2 physics.. ran three cs servers back in the hayday- so it was kinda cheap with my low ping, but I used to have alot of guys rage quit when our clan used to open the server

one I remember in particular.. it was dust and I bunny hopped to the door leading to the bomb room.. had an awp, guy came out the left side and I zoomed + got a headshot while he was in mid air rofl right as he hit the corner- he was at full jump height and his body went flying and he logged off while his body was still flying XD

loved that game cause you could almost see the smoke comming out of peoples ears sometimes (alot like quake 2- it was the same engine).. got accused of cheating in the pubs, even banned on some by rookie admins XD just liked how you could separate the good from the real deals in those games and deagle the camping challenged
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