Guess who's back in the project log forum?

Posted on 2nd May 2009 at 09:54 by Tim Smalley with 3 comments

Tim Smalley
G69T, the Italian stallion behind Dark Blade, one of my favourite projects of all time, is back with another worklog on the bit-tech forums after a two year break from modding.

In his latest project, titled DBRS Project, G69T plans to make a driving station with an integrated PC chassis. G69T describes it as "a very simple project," but we'll have to wait and see what his definition of simple is.

Here are a couple of photos from the log that we've snagged:

Guess who's back in the project log forum?

Guess who's back in the project log forum?

Frankly, I can't wait to see how this project shapes up, but as oldnewby puts it "I don't care how it ends up, I just like seeing him make the parts."

There's already plenty of photography in the two updates he's posted so far in his oh so typical mysterious way. The machining is excellent, as we've come to expect... so head on over to his DBRS Project worklog for the latest updates.

It's great to have you back Gianluca!


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thehippoz 2nd May 2009, 17:08 Quote
after playing with the mills and lathes in college.. that's hand turned too XD the cnc machines can bust out some quality work- like how you can round edges and engrave on a cnc.. alot of fun and hand coding is pretty straitforward- I just wish I owned one! his project is lookin good already
Combatus 4th May 2009, 22:31 Quote
DBRS, hmmmm. I wander if this might be shaping up to look like an Aston Martin... :)
Yemerich 6th May 2009, 01:31 Quote
I really mis g-gnome...
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