Windows 8: Performance Benchmarks

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wafflesomd 26th October 2012, 15:13 Quote
Don't think I'll move over to 8 just yet, but man, pausing file transfers and native iso support is pretty nice. I would have liked to see more interesting features from the OS.
Blackshark 26th October 2012, 15:33 Quote
Anyone else having problems with ordering online via MS shop, DLing the app, entering address and being told incorrect postcode format? I have tried both Swedish and UK address. Same problem on both.
Dave Lister 26th October 2012, 15:43 Quote
Originally Posted by Blackshark
Anyone else having problems with ordering online via MS shop, DLing the app, entering address and being told incorrect postcode format? I have tried both Swedish and UK address. Same problem on both.

Yes I have because my credit card is registered in the UK but i'm in France just now, the answer for me was to pay with paypal.
KidMod-Southpaw 26th October 2012, 16:09 Quote
The only thing that I can say is good with Windows 8 is the price point. £25 for a digital download retail version is fantastic when you consider what Windows 7 Pro costed me.

Although there's a lot of bad being said about the OS, at such a price, I'm very tempted to try Windows 8 and see what it brings to the table. I don't game half as much as I used to and certainly don't have that many programs, I think getting used to the interface could be quite interesting and relatively fun. For £25, why the hell not?

Considering that I'm also simplifying my system to just a single SSD and ditching mass storage, I have a weird gut feeling that Windows 8 could be the basics of a great, simple system. I don't know why, but damn, I'm willing to try it!

Does this mean I'm making my computer into a giant tablet? No, that would be silly, I've too much love for mechanical keyboards to do that, but bearing in mind how basic my system uses have become, I feel that Windows 8 could make an interesting all round use system. I actually do like the look of the new menus and UI. I feel I could get used to it with a mouse and keyboard, and would have a fair bit of fun doing so.

PS: I won't be going to the launch event at Scan tomorrow.
Yslen 26th October 2012, 16:21 Quote
On my laptop (E-450) Windows 8 is about 15% faster than 7 across the board, just in case anybody is worried it'll be Vista MK II on a low-powered machine. It's fast.
Yslen 26th October 2012, 16:30 Quote
Originally Posted by mpe91
It reminds me of the way gnome works tbh.

I actually compared Win 8 to the latest Ubuntu on my laptop last week, trying to decide whether it was worth the 25 quid. Ubuntu is dog slow in comparison. I kept searching the desktop because I tried to type before it had finished loading the dash. Fail.
bOO9000 26th October 2012, 16:43 Quote
Been running the 90 day trial for a couple of months, it's ok - workable.

Annoying having to override file associations for apps like winamp.

Can only imagine how good it could be without the metro nonsense with innovations spent in other areas.

Someone should setup a voting website "Bring back the Start Menu"
bOO9000 26th October 2012, 16:56 Quote
OOPS sorry for multiple posts, was just trying to edit the original message.

OMG How Embarrassing : - (
Nexxo 26th October 2012, 16:57 Quote
Originally Posted by Dave Lister
Just installed this on my HTPC and HATE the metro crap, and even when you get to the desktop there is no start button ! what a POS. Managed to find a program called ViStart which makes it more normal. This will definitely not be going on my main rig.

Why do you need a desktop on an HTPC?
KidMod-Southpaw 26th October 2012, 17:24 Quote
Following my previous comments, I will be buying Windows 8 when I get home. I have a week in the half term to get used to the interface, and compared to Windows 7, £25 is a bargain for a retail OS, even if I turn out not to like it.
Pookeyhead 26th October 2012, 17:36 Quote
Much lower image editing and multitasking scores, confusing UI, and it's all round basic crapness means I'll be staying Win7 as long as possible thank you very much.

MS have really, really screwed up for the desktop market. All they had to do was acknowledge the fact that not everyone has a small portable device and release a non Metro version... oh, sorry.. non ModernUI version.

They didn't...

They can sod off.
Anfield 26th October 2012, 18:31 Quote
All in one pcs with touchscreens have been on the increase for a while and there are plenty tablet / laptop crossovers coming soon and as soon as you have a touchscreen device xp / vista / 7 are all entirely useless.

Anyway, windows 8 ui is a bit like a console port of a game, either you got the right input device or you are left screaming at it not being perfect for keyboard and mouse, just like with lets say a capcom game.

As my pc doesn't have a touchscreen I'll just skip Windows 8 on it.
pbryanw 26th October 2012, 18:42 Quote
Originally Posted by captain caveman

Probably not the most scientific but a clean install of windows 8 on the identical ssd versus my trusty well used gaming rig install of windows 7 and i repeat windows 8 doesnt boot faster
You could see if Fast Startup is switched on or off:

For some reason I had deleted my hibernation file in Windows 7 (I think to save space) so had to re-enable it before I could switch this on. Not that it made much difference - about 5 seconds faster with my Samsung 830 (worked out to a 5 second quicker boot than Windows 7)
Nexxo 26th October 2012, 19:01 Quote
Originally Posted by Pookeyhead
Much lower image editing and multitasking scores, confusing UI, and it's all round basic crapness means I'll be staying Win7 as long as possible thank you very much.

MS have really, really screwed up for the desktop market. All they had to do was acknowledge the fact that not everyone has a small portable device and release a non Metro version... oh, sorry.. non ModernUI version.

They didn't...

They can sod off.

Catastrophise much?

It is a comparison of a brand new OS with one that has had a few years of optimisation behind it. It will all work out. And Windows being as open as it is, for people who don't like Metro there are several good ol'fashioned Start Button plug-ins, for you old folk who don't like change. Everybody happy.
Kojak 26th October 2012, 19:13 Quote
Well it's here and I don't want to slag it off before it's had a chance but obviously I've taken note of all the kicks in it's teeth W8 has already received plastered all over the internet regarding how frustrating it is to use on a desktop pc. But like what Kidmod says, it's only £25 and for a limited time only. So on that note I've just been on the Microsoft website to see if it tempts me to buy the upgrade. Well I haven't even got it yet and I ended up getting frustrated with hole dam thing lol. First thing, I couldn't find an ISO to download, only an Upgrade exe program which I don't want because if I'm gonna have it I'd like to be able to burn it to a disc because I just know I'm not gonna get it all setup the way I'd like it first time round. Second thing I just hated how they refer to everything as apps instead of programs ...apps this and apps that and how your apps from W7 will be transferred over to W8 ...I ain't got no apps on my W7 luv, I've got programs!!!

I might have another blast at it tomorrow, curiosity usually gets the better of me ...just can't stand all this app crap talk.

I guess my personal stance on it is I recognise it's a good thing to move with technology to keep yourself educated but then again the bloody thing does look like an operating system with an Argos catalogue bolted to the front of it and I don't know if I could live with that.
RichCreedy 26th October 2012, 19:34 Quote
I've just been playing angry birds space on my windows 8 desktop, with a touchscreen, it's just as good as, if not better than iphone/ipad version
jimmyjj 26th October 2012, 19:57 Quote
A clear performance increase in games would have been the only thing to tempt me in to buying windows 8. Without that I am going to have to say "pass".

I will keenly follow its progress however - it is early doors and I would think updates to window and drivers will bring performance improvements over time.
Farfalho 26th October 2012, 20:04 Quote
The conclusion I take from the article are the following:

Windows 8 is only better at one game with a AMD graphic card and at boot times (which was promised and guaranteed since lots of videos proving the feature were avaliable through out the internet). Objectively, Windows 8 is inferior in performance than the Windows 7.
But it begs the question... Since Windows 8 has been freshly launched, in theory, it has a lot of margin to improve than Windows 7 that is an "aging" OS. True but will they make it (the improvements per se) by making it as cross all platforms OS?
I believe that the idea to make a single OS identical to all platforms will result in two things: It will never excel at none, being only average-ish at both. In theory, it works fine, it's pratical and creates a accustomization across all users. In real life, it won't.
The way Apple handles the situation it's the ideal, a OS for mobile devices - iOS, and a OS for desktop and laptop devices - OS X. It creates that sense of familiarization while being different in the way the user interacts with the OS. Apple might be all it is, one of the reasons why I don't like and don't ever consider to purchase an Apple product for myself, but credit where it's due.

The price for upgrade it's a the sweet spot, so all it's left for Microsoft is to release a patch, update, whatever they call it nowadays so as W8 has the upper hand on the W7.
In the right path they are, at least!
Kojak 26th October 2012, 20:06 Quote
There is one thing that would definitely swing it for me. W7 isn't without it's faults and the biggest one for me is one that has been there in xp and vista too which is the hugely frustrating problem that occurs when microsoft updates and 3rd party program files favour the largest hard drive in your system over your os drive, files go astray and can cause problems like they have done for me many times and still do now.

If they've fixed this then I'm in.
true_gamer 26th October 2012, 20:14 Quote
I think I will be keeping to my Win 7 Ultimate until the next Windows. This Win 8 just looks to much like a Windows designed for portable devices....
KidMod-Southpaw 26th October 2012, 21:02 Quote
There is one thing that I'm hoping someone knows the answer to:

If I buy the Windows 8 Pro digital download, will I be able to upgrade things like my CPU and Motherboard as I was able to with Windows 7 retail?
Picky88 26th October 2012, 21:17 Quote
I dont know if other people have the same idea as me: I will eventually want/need a valid copy of windows 8, so why not take advantage of the upgrade price of only £24.99 now, and install it later. When Windows 7 was first released they offered it at £45 for a short time but even now it is over £100 on amazon.
cjmUK 26th October 2012, 21:53 Quote
I hate all the uninformed crap spouted when a new OS comes out. Who cares about a 0-5% initial drop in 'speed' - most of that will be clawed back with driver improvements, but we are back to the same old chestnuts that came up after every other new release. Newer versions of software tend to go slower because they are simply doing more - and this is quickly offset by the inevitable march of hardware improvements.

I've been running W8 (RTM) for a couple of months on my home-built desktop (i7), a year old (i5, gfx) laptop, and an older lappy (Core2). On the positive side, I think that overall, responsiveness is noticeably better, and it's breathed a little bit of life into the old lappy. In term of compatibility, I've not had a single problem with any driver of piece of software (inc the usual suspects plus all my development suites and games). It's robust and reliable, and there are the odd improved feature...

On the downside, the UI is astonishingly shocking... you have all read about it, as I had before I tried it. I figured it was just prejudice, and that I would grow to love the new style and the new way of working. The style is fine, in fact I really like it now, but the usability has sunk through the floor. I've changed the default programs for every type of file to use the 'desktop' variants in preference to the dumbed down Metro variants. ALL of them.

I understand the focus on tablet/mobile devices, but that is no reason to cripple the desktop - talk about the tail wagging the dog.

Should you upgrade? If you are on XP/Vista, yes of course. Windows 7? Perhaps if you fancy a change and are open-minded... but it's far from a 'must-have'.

Note: for $5 I've solved the biggest single problem by getting a copy of Stardocks Start8 (there are free alternatives available).

Just my £0.02
leslie 26th October 2012, 22:07 Quote
The Start menu can be "restored" using a free program called Classic Shell. I HIGHLY recommend it.

As for performance and daily use...
I have it running on an older Sony laptop (c2d/4gigs/ssd) and it boots/reboots FAR faster than Win 7, almost shockingly so. Coming out of hibernation though is no faster and possibly a bit slower. The ability to pause file transfers is a boon, as is the iso mounting. Functionally it works fine, but the whole UI is just wacky even on a 13in screen, everything looks like it was designed for a child, and that includes the child protective devices like hiding common things you need. It also does what it can to destroy multi-tasking as just like your phone, with each app takes over everything.

I can live with it, but only after changing to Classic Shell and dumping their start menu. I get what Microsoft was trying to do, and maybe it could work with some changes, but as it stands, the start menu is massive, clunky and jarring to open and close.
Kojak 26th October 2012, 22:17 Quote
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