Open source alternatives to Windows Home Server

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Fingers66 23rd July 2012, 00:12 Quote
OpenMediaVault does.
Anakha 23rd July 2012, 00:20 Quote
Originally Posted by StudioRecorder
hey guys just wandering if someone can clarify something about this article. it talks about open sourc eversions whs, but only lists individual ones for particular abilities of whs. im looking for something that will not only serve as a backup server for windows and osx devices but also a content server/streamer ( movies music etc) to xbox's and pc's.... does any of the open source os's/programmes above do both these tasks ?
Basically, Linux is very good at doing lots of things well, but it can be individually tailored to do some tasks better. So what you can do is start with a backup server base, and add content serving/streaming to it. Or vice-versa.
DDevine 25th July 2012, 14:35 Quote
A glaring omission in my opinion is Resara Server which is a very easy to install and manage replacement for Active Directory.
Cthippo 25th July 2012, 22:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Gareth Halfacree
'Course, if you don't have any backups of the data on the server now, you're risking a lot: RAID improves availability, but it's not a backup. If the WHS box dies on its backside, or decides - through glitch or malware - to wipe all your data, or there's a power surge that kills both hard drives... Bye-bye, data.

One thing I've found nice about my FreeNAS box is that i can reformat and re-install the OS without affecting the data. When I first set up the box I used a slow-ish 4GB CF card for the OS, but then later I got a faster 512 MB one and wanted to swap them out. I changed out the cards, and re-installed the OS, and it looked at the other disks in the machine and said "Oh, hey, this looks like an array. Want me to make it one for you?".

The upshot of all this is that:

1. you can install FreeNAS on a CF card and it will be happy

2. You can put the FreeNAS OS someplace besides on your data drives (Some NAS distros insist on putting all the available drives into one volume, no matter how you want it set up)

3. you can re-install the FreeNAS OS without having to wipe and re-install your data.

I've been running my box for years on a Via C7 based board and it's dead reliable. the drives are a pair of 1 TB units in RAID 1.
Jimbob 2nd August 2012, 16:35 Quote
Windows Home Server wont be "out of date" for a long tme, after all you've spent a whole article trying to replicate the features it has built in alrready! The other features such as Streaming AV over the web and remote file access with compression support are all features I use from mine pretty much daily.

With WHS2011 curently being under £40 retail it's excellent value for money. I was hoping a 2012 version would have also had Skydrive backups etc built in too, but with the free Skydrive program from microsoft you can fiddle it in there.
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