How to set up Folding@home

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mclean007 3rd December 2009, 11:23 Quote
Originally Posted by zagortenay
I wonder who pays electric bills of those all "fools" who "fold at home". Even the name "folding" disturbes my nerves.
Ask your governments to spend less money on weapons and fund scientific research more. Money is there, but they ask for your hard earned money to be dumped on such a weird project that you don't have any kind of control on.
I'll ignore the slightly paranoid pseudo-political rambling at the end and address your first point - yes, it is wasteful to run computers unnecessarily, and folding is a big power draw, so (depending on your viewpoint) it may not be a justifiable cost. Personally, I fold during the wintertime as the waste heat from my PC heats my flat. Makes sense to me to do something useful with high entropy energy (electricity) on its way to becoming low entropy energy (heat) so rather than turn up the radiators I fire up the PCs and PS3 and fold away. As far as I'm concerned, either way I get x kwH of heat into my flat, so I'm folding for free.

In the summer (or what passes for summer in 21st Century Britain) however, I don't fold at all - my flat is a massive heat trap and I can do without anything adding to that unless it is unavoidable.
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