MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011

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GeorgeStorm 19th April 2011, 13:19 Quote
How comes they only got 120k in 03 at those clocks??
Watched a fair amount of the live stream, looked like a pretty decent event, congrats to the winning teams.
jon 19th April 2011, 16:45 Quote

They look a little off-balance, actually ... ;)
Captain Awesome 19th April 2011, 19:16 Quote
".....and celebrated by throwing LN2 over each other, which earned them a swift telling off from the head judge"

Why you so boring, judge? :D
murraynt 20th April 2011, 19:39 Quote
Originally Posted by B[x]
Proper fan placement.

Why is her neck so long?
K404 20th April 2011, 23:06 Quote
Never mind

You guys tried......

maverik-sg1 21st April 2011, 12:06 Quote
Originally Posted by murraynt
Why is her neck so long?

You know, I always get the impression that people making comments like this must have Sienna Miller look-a-like girlfriends/Wives to be so picky.... I for one would not kick her out of bed for farting and I am sure I am not alone ;)

Where is the UK in this event - real Benchtec guys would of had a better chance to put the UK on the leaderboard surely?
red4our 22nd April 2011, 18:48 Quote
Originally Posted by murraynt
Originally Posted by B[x]
Proper fan placement.

Why is her neck so long?

Wow just noticed her neck...freaky! I was preoccupied trying to work out what diameter her fans were
kosch 26th April 2011, 13:21 Quote
Hmm I just bought a MSI Lightning 580 from Rawz and he said it was used in the MOA
GeorgeStorm 26th April 2011, 13:23 Quote
Yeah, they got to keep all of the stuff.
Don't like the idea of then him selling for profit though.
kosch 26th April 2011, 14:07 Quote
He didnt make much profit belive me :p
GeorgeStorm 27th April 2011, 00:09 Quote
Well since he got it for free, I'm sure he made a fair amount.
Regardless, hopefully there will actually be UK qualifiers next year, so we can get the best of the UK competing :)
UrbanSmooth 27th April 2011, 16:44 Quote
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