Win one of three awesome SilverStone prize bundles

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The_Crapman 30th November 2015, 16:00 Quote
The 3rd question is a bit of an odd one as i'm pretty sure I could put all 4 of the options on the mat, unless it has a revolutionary new surface which can detect what is being put on it it and will repel anything it doesn't like. Might get dangerous if I chuck my keys on my desk only to have them fired back at me.
David 30th November 2015, 16:08 Quote
Yeah, I have an oversized "gaming surface" and, so far, it has supported:

Solder station
Bowl of soup
the occasional biscuit

The spec list of the mat that is up for grabs is very limited - where am I supposed to put my hands?!

lilgoth89 30th November 2015, 16:13 Quote
also the question regarding fans is a little odd...

you can mount X in the case, but also 2 / 3 on a cpu cooler, a couple on a watercooled Gpu...

We enthusiasts enjoy mounting fans to our fans, so they can blow while they are getting blow...
DLDeadbolt 30th November 2015, 16:51 Quote
^ Yeah, plus the question asks how many you can install, yet there are 2 slots available (F&T) that are empty, and 3 that are already fitted making that question odd

Other than that, I really hope I win... my PSU is on the fritz (~6yrs old) and my case is a shitty Silverstone PS02, something not meant for dual graphics cards and multiple drives...
Mr_Mistoffelees 30th November 2015, 23:30 Quote
My mousemat sometimes has a cat on it but, it seems able to withstand it's presence, despite the smaller of the two cats having exceptionally sharp claws.
Xir 1st December 2015, 05:48 Quote
That is Cat-magic, the ability to sleep on any surface that tries to repel them!
loftie 2nd December 2015, 12:15 Quote
Thanks for the comp!
MadGinga 16th December 2015, 08:02 Quote
Did anyone win?
Impatience 20th December 2015, 14:27 Quote
Originally Posted by MadGinga
Did anyone win?

+1 on this. Would be nice to have a post by a Mod to let people know the winners have been informed etc for closure :)
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