Win one of three be quiet! Silent Base 600 cases

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suenstar 8th October 2015, 11:42 Quote
I could do with a new case and it's not a bad looking one either so definitely going to put my name in the pot for a chance.
Plus it'll mean I can go back to ripping apart & modding my current case without the concern of needing it functional.
David 8th October 2015, 15:12 Quote
The answer is 80mm, everyone! ;)

stoff3r 8th October 2015, 15:14 Quote
Too bad i'm from Norway.
johnnyboy700 8th October 2015, 18:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Spreadie
The answer is 80mm, everyone! ;)

Wow, thanx for the tip, I'm in. ;¬p
MadGinga 8th October 2015, 19:06 Quote
Really want to win this.

Thanks for the hint Spreadie...
mi1ez 9th October 2015, 03:08 Quote
EU. Naw! :(
amagriva 9th October 2015, 10:38 Quote
Bad boy Spreadie...
David 9th October 2015, 11:00 Quote
V3ctor 9th October 2015, 13:23 Quote
Hope I can win one :)
My Opteron 175 + A8N SLI-SE is just laying around in a shelf waiting for a good case :)
E1TSY 15th October 2015, 14:16 Quote
Thank you for taking the time to enter. All winners have now been contacted by email. :) More competitions to come soon!
David 15th October 2015, 14:44 Quote
Blast! My cunning plan failed to produce the goods. :)
MadGinga 15th October 2015, 21:13 Quote
Dang - no case for me :(
Shame the winners aren't announced...
CrapBag 15th October 2015, 21:14 Quote
Yeh I've always wondered that.

Not calling foul play but why aren't the winners mentioned here?
Cthippo 16th October 2015, 19:52 Quote
Winners have to post user reviews!
Teelzebub 16th October 2015, 20:35 Quote
Yaaaaa, .....wait I didn't win lol
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