Win One of Two In Win D-Frame Minis

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Dave Lister 14th June 2015, 12:58 Quote
Great prizes ! I saw the comp yesterday but you must of had problems with it as it had vanished. Anyway good luck everyone.
Waynio 14th June 2015, 14:16 Quote
Thanks, entered.
Flibblebot 14th June 2015, 14:37 Quote
Nice to see a competition that involve Liking something of TwitFace :)
Entered, good luck to all.
Guinevere 14th June 2015, 18:20 Quote
Entered, but form doesn't work on OS X Safari
Maki role 14th June 2015, 19:15 Quote
Now that's a serious prize, definitely entered.
mike_dowler 15th June 2015, 00:15 Quote
One question - the form says "click here to receive spam", but the box is already checked. If I click, the box becomes unchecked. So, is it checked for spam, or checked to opt-out? Cause I thought you had to opt-in to spam these days, so it should be checked for spam.
TheMadDutchDude 15th June 2015, 00:23 Quote
Page not found. Has the link changed? Google seems to think so...
Dogbert666 15th June 2015, 06:29 Quote
Originally Posted by TheMadDutchDude
Page not found. Has the link changed? Google seems to think so...

Cheers - fixed now
Comrade Woody 15th June 2015, 07:30 Quote
Entered, thanks :)
The Infamous Mr D 15th June 2015, 10:02 Quote
Entered! :)
silk186 15th June 2015, 10:13 Quote
CrapBag 15th June 2015, 10:35 Quote
Not sure if I have entered or not all I got was..

This content cannot be displayed in a frame

To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.

What you can try:

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Arboreal 15th June 2015, 21:16 Quote
Thanks BT! entered.
Not often that the 2nd prize is as good as the top prize B)
JCBeastie 15th June 2015, 22:38 Quote
Ooh, cool prize. Been thinking about trying out an ITX build.
E1TSY 14th July 2015, 16:38 Quote
Good Afternoon All

Please note that winners have been selected and emailed.

Keep an eye out on those Junk Filters too :)

The winners that have been notified, please click the link and complete, then submit the form with your details. Prizes will then be shipped.

Thanks for entering and keep your eyes peeled for more competitions like this soon

With Love from the bit-tech team
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