Bit-Tech Christmas Countdown Competiton - 23 December

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loftie 23rd December 2013, 16:46 Quote
OOO shiny, this could replace my ageing sapphire vapor x 5770. Many thanks to all!
SchizoFrog 23rd December 2013, 18:25 Quote
Entered as usual, only one more to go and then nothing more than fingers crossed. This looks like a great alternative to the 760 mini cards from ASUS and MSI... Looking forward to a review.
Awoken 24th December 2013, 00:42 Quote
This card would transform my creaking gaming rig...could this be my early Christmas present from the generous people at bit-tech (I'll send mince pies/pepto bismol as thanks)?
Wazza 24th December 2013, 09:19 Quote
Good luck to all that entered!!

Merry Christmas all!!
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