Bit-Tech Christmas Countdown Competiton - 20 December

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Wazza 20th December 2013, 16:16 Quote
What happened to yesterdays competition?? Did I miss the post?

Not that I'm ever lucky enough to win anything!! :-/
blohum 20th December 2013, 16:47 Quote
DOH! I've just sent the email without my details... can I resend please!!

as above, not like I ever win anything though! :)
loftie 20th December 2013, 17:54 Quote
My entry said thanks to corsair, whoops! Didn't copy/paste honest. Cheers Synology too :p
SchizoFrog 20th December 2013, 18:15 Quote
Well I have entered this one and after checking, comp 14 is definitely missing, 13 was the Fractal comp and this one is comp 15. Any news on what happened Bit-Tech?
kicklOp 20th December 2013, 18:24 Quote
Obviously someone in BT office really liked prize of 14th Competition so he/she kept it! ^^

-Hey man, have you uploaded the Christmas Competition 14?
-Absolutely... (evil grin on face)
jrs77 20th December 2013, 18:58 Quote
That's actually a price I'm entering the competition for. Can never have enough of network-storage :)
Meanmotion 20th December 2013, 19:07 Quote
Unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up with yesterday's competition so we had to cancel it. Not sure why in my head it then made sense to skip a number on the entry criteria for this one, but for some reason I did.
damien c 20th December 2013, 19:19 Quote

When do the winners of these comps get announced as I cannot see when they get announced unless I am going blind?
Blademrk 20th December 2013, 19:32 Quote
Been looking to get a NAS, fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.
SchizoFrog 20th December 2013, 19:40 Quote
Ah, OK Meanmotion. Thanks for letting us know what happened and that we weren't missing something. Enjoy the ;last weekend before Christmas people. :)
keir 20th December 2013, 22:51 Quote
Been thinking of getting one of these! Hope I win.
Slyr7.62 21st December 2013, 08:26 Quote
Entered! Thank you all for the chance.
Awoken 21st December 2013, 21:31 Quote
Fingers crossed! This would be an awesome Christmas present.
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