Bit-Tech Christmas Countdown Competiton - 16 December

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SchizoFrog 16th December 2013, 13:14 Quote
And another one hits the sent box... :)
stuartwood89 16th December 2013, 15:07 Quote
Same here. Nice looking mouse!
suenstar 16th December 2013, 16:10 Quote
I'm always in for a chance of adding mice to my collection and the included pad looks quite nice.
Digi 16th December 2013, 20:06 Quote
Looks exactly the same as the QPAD 5K! I wonder if they sold them the design.
Slyr7.62 16th December 2013, 21:39 Quote
I sent an email. Thanks for the chance to win this sweet mouse.
SuicideNeil 17th December 2013, 03:00 Quote
Already got one ( mouse ) :D

Same style as the QPAD but with the addition of the instant aim ( sniper ) button, colour changing software and zillion adjustable settings. Works just fine, but don't bother updating the software/firmware, and the braided cord is really quite stiff, would prefer just a plain rubber cord without the braid...
Edwards 17th December 2013, 09:03 Quote
I like the idea of the instant aim button. My current mouse has 5 profiles, with 5 DPI levels on each, but I find that I don't often switch between the levels as it's quite fiddly to do and then to get back to the original settings on the fly. Email sent, fingers are crossed :)
Spuzzell 17th December 2013, 10:32 Quote
I liked the advert video. Good job advert video making people.
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