Bit-Tech Christmas Countdown Competiton - 13 December

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Dave Lister 13th December 2013, 17:33 Quote
A nice little case, love the idea of finishing panels with leather ! Good luck all ye who enter... the competition that is.
Redbeaver 14th December 2013, 02:47 Quote
Sweet case. Want it.
David 14th December 2013, 21:00 Quote
Originally Posted by article
Today's prize is the company's seriously smart mini-ITX case the Aerocool Dead Silence Cube. This fantastic looking chassis can accommodate a mini-ITX board, full-size PSU, 5.25in optical drive and a graphics card up to 320mm in length!
Um, you say it's a mini-ITX but the page you've linked to clearly shows a mATX case.

Still, very generous of you. It's a lovely case.
meandmymouth 19th December 2013, 00:21 Quote
Just bought this case yesterday and I have to say I am very impressed.
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