Bit-Tech Christmas Countdown Competiton - 12 December

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suenstar 12th December 2013, 12:13 Quote
Oddly enough I was considering buying one of those earlier this week.
I'll hold off on buying for now and see if I can win one in the mean time. :)
Glix 12th December 2013, 13:42 Quote
Avast blocking as malware on the Enthoo Primo link.

Looks clean though:

stuartwood89 12th December 2013, 13:52 Quote
Wow, what a beast. I'm definitely in!
Si_the-dude 12th December 2013, 17:48 Quote
Amazing prize!!! W00000t!!!
phuzz 12th December 2013, 18:42 Quote
Hey, great timing, I need a new wardrobe...
Dave Lister 12th December 2013, 19:40 Quote
Avast is reporting problems with the page you linked for me too.
Slyr7.62 13th December 2013, 02:17 Quote
This would come in handy when I build a PC for a family member.
damien c 13th December 2013, 10:09 Quote
So when does the winner get informed just wondering because this is looking like a case that I will buy if I don't win.

Great looking case!
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