Bit-Tech Christmas Countdown Competiton - 10 December

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suenstar 10th December 2013, 13:05 Quote

I haven't done a watercooled machine for a while, this would be the perfect prize for me to start getting back into it.
stuartwood89 10th December 2013, 14:07 Quote
Entered too. Looks like a good kit!
SchizoFrog 10th December 2013, 14:46 Quote
I want it all... ALL the prizes from ALL the comps... Just saying. :)
Lance 10th December 2013, 14:54 Quote
Amazing prize.
AndyMc@CP 11th December 2013, 12:46 Quote
Cracking Prize!
ashchap 18th December 2013, 12:42 Quote
Woohoo, I won! :D

I've been thinking I'd like to get into water cooling at some point but never had the guts to invest in it, so this will be perfect!

I might even look into getting a GPU block to make a complete system...

Thanks Bit-Tech and thanks Aquatuning!
jinq-sea 18th December 2013, 15:37 Quote
Congrats, Ash! Enjoy.
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