Bit-Tech Christmas Countdown Competiton - 4 December

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damien c 4th December 2013, 12:48 Quote
Cool prize.
Spuzzell 4th December 2013, 13:06 Quote
That is so pretty.

I would have to redecorate if I won so as not to be shamed in front of the case.
matt... 4th December 2013, 13:55 Quote
I'd need a facelift...
Otis1337 4th December 2013, 14:50 Quote
You have to be in it to win In Win
David 4th December 2013, 18:26 Quote
What length graphics card can the In Win 904 accomodate?

Do I get extra credit for pedantry? :D
Maki role 4th December 2013, 20:23 Quote
Wow that is a really interesting case, very retro, would make a fantastic classic-sci-fi mod. I would almost feel bad about hacking it up... Almost.
mi1ez 4th December 2013, 21:30 Quote
Anyone else entering all of these comps and thinking to themselves "I HAVE to win one, there's so many!"?

I feel so naive...
slinger 5th December 2013, 01:06 Quote
Very nice case, fingers crossed!
suenstar 5th December 2013, 10:22 Quote
Competition entered.
This case could make a very fun modding project, there's so many options of what you could do with the design.
stuartwood89 5th December 2013, 13:36 Quote
Originally Posted by Otis1337
You have to be in it to win In Win


... and crap, I missed this one :(
maverik-sg1 29th December 2013, 20:15 Quote
When can the winners expect to receive their prizes?
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