Win one of three Antec prizes

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Shirty 3rd December 2013, 14:23 Quote
Entered. Keep the competitions coming Ed, it's great to see them back again!
Parge 3rd December 2013, 14:41 Quote
Link Link for the antec case as the above appears to be broken.
itrush07 3rd December 2013, 15:17 Quote
Very tempting.. count me in.
monkiboi 3rd December 2013, 16:55 Quote
When entering via fb I get 'this facebook account has already been used' Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I've entered once before via fb but not for this competition.
jon 6th December 2013, 13:18 Quote
It's a trick question, folks -- it takes an extended ATX board! Ignore what the site says. And what Tom's Hardware says. Or any of the other reviews of this case. They're all wrong.

The above service message was not at all intended to increase my odds of getting the case ... :)

jon 6th December 2013, 13:19 Quote
And oh by the way ... my birthday is 16 December, so it's be a *really* nice birthday gift to find out I'd won ... :)
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