Win loads of be quiet! goodies

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Dave Lister 19th November 2013, 15:26 Quote
Nice little Xmas comp, thanks bit-tech !
SchizoFrog 19th November 2013, 15:39 Quote
Thanks to Be Quiet!, they provided the hardware.

Email sent and just entered on Facebook, where you don't even have to answer a question.
phoenixck 19th November 2013, 16:33 Quote
Indeed, more competitions please bit tech.
Meanmotion 19th November 2013, 17:31 Quote
We've got a few things in the pipeline.
Kruelnesws 19th November 2013, 19:58 Quote
Thanks Bit-tech and be quiet! Also FB link didn't work, not sure if it is just me
jackjack 21st November 2013, 05:01 Quote
Thank you very-very and Be Quiet :)
jackjack 21st November 2013, 05:02 Quote
Originally Posted by jackjack
Thank you very-very and Be Quiet :)
ehemmm sorry guys typo error :(
Thank you very-very MUCH and Be Quiet :)
CowBlazed 27th November 2013, 00:47 Quote
Great contest thank you!
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