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  • Sandisk Sansa e260

    Sandisk Sansa e260

    Bits | 5th Jul 2006 46
    Sandisk has got a flash player that appears to be 'inspired' by the iPod nano. Unlike many...
  • DreamHack Summer 2006 report

    DreamHack Summer 2006 report

    Gaming | 29th Jun 2006 15
    Crazy engraver Micke Gustafsson was out at the summer edition of the massive DreamHack gaming...
  • On our desk this week - 8

    On our desk this week - 8

    Bits | 27th Jun 2006 42
    In this edition - a banana keyboard, a Coke can cooler, a hard drive media player and more. Can't...
  • One Laptop Per Child

    One Laptop Per Child

    Bits | 19th Jun 2006 54
    The Digital Divide is a gap between those with technology and those without. We investigate the...
  • ECS Manufacturing in ShenZhen

    ECS Manufacturing in ShenZhen

    Bits | 16th Jun 2006 44
    We track the progress of a motherboard from the start of the production line to the finish. See...
  • Win a 7900 GTX from Dabs!

    Win a 7900 GTX from Dabs!

    Bits | 16th Jun 2006 75
    The lovely chaps at the UK online retailer have managed to snaffle us a 7900 GTX from Gainward to...
  • World Cup tech-fever

    World Cup tech-fever

    Bits | 15th Jun 2006 14
    The World Cup is here - but how best to follow it? If you're a tech enthusiast like us, there are...
  • Computex 2006 Index

    Computex 2006 Index

    Bits | 8th Jun 2006
    It's that time of the year again. We jet off toTaipei, the heart of Taiwan, for a week of hi-tech...
  • Vaja leather cases

    Vaja leather cases

    Bits | 30th May 2006 46
    Do you carry a lot of technology around with you? Got a hefty commute or a regular flight...
  • On our desk this week - 7

    On our desk this week - 7

    Bits | 20th May 2006 29
    Landed in the office this week - a wireless laser notebook mouse, a Sennheiser gaming headset, a...
  • E3 content index

    E3 content index

    Gaming | 11th May 2006
    Is all that E3 news flying by you on the right? Stay up to date with our handy index of...
  • IPTV decoded

    IPTV decoded

    Bits | 2nd May 2006 27
    Lost. 24. Depserate Housewives. Forget broadcast television. The future is here, and it's IPTV. We...
  • Windows gaming on MacBook Pro

    Windows gaming on MacBook Pro

    Bits | 24th Apr 2006 25
    Macs can now run Windows, which means that the awesome MacBook Pro laptop can now play...
  • Inside the Home of Chrome

    Inside the Home of Chrome

    Gaming | 19th Apr 2006 29
    The Home of Chrome: a dedicated professional gaming training facility in Sweden which is also the...
  • i27 LAN report

    i27 LAN report

    Gaming | 17th Apr 2006 22
    The largest LAN party in Britain is back this Easter weekend. We took a trip down to Newbury...

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