The Bit-Tech Christmas Wishlist 2013

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Asouter 24th December 2013, 14:05 Quote
jrs77 24th December 2013, 14:17 Quote
After having spend most of my time lately rendering images I would wish for a mITX-board that could take an AMD Opteron 4386 to build a cheap teeny tiny rendernode allthough there is some C32 µATX-boards available allready.

However, the smaller the better :)
Omnituens 24th December 2013, 15:05 Quote
I too would very much like a Rift with such specifications.
damien c 25th December 2013, 08:39 Quote
For me the one thing I wanted this year is a 4K monitor but it will have to wait.
Griffter 27th December 2013, 07:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Omnituens
I too would very much like a Rift with such specifications.

i just want the rift as it is now. :'-(
Cthippo 27th December 2013, 08:22 Quote
I would have thought the number one thing on the list would be to not work for Dennis anymore
fingerbob69 27th December 2013, 11:38 Quote
"Of course, cooling a pair of these power hungry monsters [290x] on air would result in unbearable noise levels, not to mention throttled performance."

Never entirely true ....and now not true at all!

When's B-t's 1st AIB 290x review coming out?
rainbowbridge 27th December 2013, 21:19 Quote
the rift is worth the effort to get, IE: It is a device of such importance that you DO put your hand into your own pocket and buy one.

If it was not of that level of importance and significance I would say no its fine what its not all that, but its a whole other paradime, or plaform. Its such that we have been digitally homeless untill today.

if true about not having one or having a go of one then, that is wrong, that is incorrect, you should have one and should have had a go on one.
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