Promotional feature: Bingo games a success on mobile devices

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The UK has a long tradition with the game of bingo. It is often associated with big bingo halls, on chilly seafronts, with lots of sweet little old ladies getting excited as they stamp off their numbers on little cards. However, things are changing. These days, the gaming tradition has changed completely with the rise of the internet, which has seen a rapid growth in the number of bingo websites, run by a variety of companies including the popular bingo company Gala Bingo who have been in the business for over twenty years.

Promotional feature: Bingo games a success on mobile devices Sponsored feature: Bingo games a success on mobile devices

Bingo on Mobile Devices

Over the past couple of years, the Smartphone, as well as Tablets have taken the Internet “out-on-the-road”, making the internet much more accessible to a larger number of people, and as such it only makes sense for the tradition of bingo to follow along.

Gaming, especially that branded as “social gaming” has taken the internet and mobile devices by storm, with millions of people regularly playing games like Farmville. The charm is in the fact that they are easy to dip in and out of when you have five minutes to kill before your train arrives.

However, when it comes to bingo, the appeal has a wider factor than just being an easy boredom filler.

1. Winner. First, is the fact that often bingo games allow players to win actual money.

2. Accessible and Affordable. Another factor is that for a lot of people, going to an actual bingo hall isn’t possible, either because they are expensive, or there isn’t one close enough to them. Many bingo games, for the mobile phone, come with excellent - cheap - offers to draws players in, and it doesn’t matter if they can’t make it to a specific location. Mobile gaming also allows individuals to play when they want, rather than being a set time by a company, which virtually makes the gaming experience a 24/7 thing.

3. Community. A lot of women also love the “community” feel that you can get on many of these sites, where women from right across the country can come together and gossip whilst playing. This simulates the idea behind bingo halls, without being in one.

Branching Out

Nevertheless, the internet has also allowed bingo companies to branch out into other areas of the gambling industry. Not only do they now offer the chance to play the traditional game, but many sites also include slot machines, versions of popular games including Deal or No Deal and Vegas-type card games.

Games such as these will always be popular as they are easy to understand and play, whilst offering real money prizes, as bingo games do.


The rise in popularity has brought an entire myriad of companies into the industry, offering an amazing amount of choice when it comes to the game. Everyone loves having a choice, but since many of them have excellent starting offers, it’s easy to find a game that will allow the player to play for a fairly cheap amount, especially compared to the price that it is possible to pay in a real bingo hall for a few games.

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