Digital Politics – The Tom Watson Interview

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sofalover 8th July 2011, 08:46 Quote
All I want to know is how much piano wire would it require to hang Tom Watson from a lamp post?

As the bodies pile up from his illegal wars, he uses parliamentary time to bitch about his voice mails being accessed because he was to thick to change the pin.
echeb 8th July 2011, 15:33 Quote
As much as watching you all debate politics in general is highly entertaining and how much I'd love to argue it from UKIP's side, we really should get back on topic. Here's a debate by Tom Watson, Jeremy Hunt and my MP Mel Stride amongst others on superfast broadband last month.

And here's something very long about mobile broadband in rural areas.
Bauul 11th July 2011, 17:11 Quote
I find myself in a bit of a pickle - on the one hand Jeremy Hunt doesn't exactly seem to have GB's technological future particularly high on his agenda.

On the other, he's my MP, and of all the constituencies I've lived in, he's been far and away the best MP I've ever had. If I see him doing one of his supermarket surgeries at some point soon, any questions anyone wants me to ask him?
John_T 12th July 2011, 12:21 Quote
Well he said a year ago that the DEA needed to be "massively improved" and that he "reluctantly" helped make it into law.

You could ask him why then, if he knew it was fundamentally flawed, did he vote for it in the first place? And did he not realise that by enacting (what he knew to be) a fundamentally flawed law, much of the public perception would be of politicians putting the rights of American companies before the rights of British companies and British consumers?

No-one (or not many) are suggesting piracy be legalised, but guilty until proven innocent (with limited means to refute the claims) doesn't seem an especially British brand of justice...
John_T 12th July 2011, 12:22 Quote
Actually, you could also ask him why more of his colleagues don't do supermarket surgeries as well! :)
digitaldave 15th July 2011, 11:10 Quote
Tom Watson, hes a nasty piece of work and the gaming industry needs less of this kind of representation.

this was the guy who was caught lying in 2004 local election campaign he was caught to be spreading smears campaign against the local lib dem MP as his only way of securing the seat.

Tom Watson is a good representation of what we need less of in government.
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