Gigabyte Factory Tour 2011

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PlayedStation 28th June 2011, 13:24 Quote
enjoyed that alot!
samkiller42 28th June 2011, 13:24 Quote
Awesome Stuff. I want one of those models too;)

Phil Rhodes 28th June 2011, 13:32 Quote
The economic war is over, western dogs...
jocke92 28th June 2011, 13:39 Quote
So they do not scans the cpu socket for bent pins after the last test?
Jipa 28th June 2011, 13:41 Quote
These are always kinda interesting. I did however spot this one: "Each worker is responsible for a different component. On the left is a massive stack of PCI-E slots" when the picture is on the right..
Parge 28th June 2011, 13:41 Quote
Check out this for more pics!
Autti 28th June 2011, 13:48 Quote
I think it was Dirk Meyer that said "real men own fabs"
I saw a good article on the Zotac similar to this, also the stress testing where they make a board run in a humidified 80c room for 3 days straight.

It's kinda funny to think that for other products of the same price, they have nowhere near the quality control, i guess the semi conductor industry stands ahead like that.
thom804 28th June 2011, 14:06 Quote
That is a seriously impressive operation there.
I've never seen, been near a massive scale industrial operation such as a car factory, chip manufacturer etc. But holy bejesus I didn't realise the still-constant need for such large amounts of actual manpower.
Hakuren 28th June 2011, 14:12 Quote
Excellent article. Very informative.

Only thing it lacks is short video, but I understand that most of production process is top secret/confidential.

Still very enjoyable.
Xir 28th June 2011, 14:14 Quote
When are we going to see a test of a Z68 board?
The GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 maybe?
Acanuck 28th June 2011, 14:32 Quote
Cool article.

I still can't figure our what that large tube pointed at that person's face is for in picture 3, page 3.
mucgoo 28th June 2011, 15:19 Quote
Very interesting article.
How much do they get paid?
Sea Shadow 28th June 2011, 15:19 Quote
Thanks for the awesome article. It has been a while since I last saw an article like this. Do you think next time you might be able to get permission for a quick clip of the component placing machine in action? Some time ago, (IIRC 5+ years) there was a tech site that had posted a short video of a component placing machine in action, though it was the one that would "shoot" the components onto the board. It would be interesting to see how much faster they have gotten since then.
Cei 28th June 2011, 15:33 Quote
+rep to the Sellotape lady!
Necrow 28th June 2011, 15:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Acanuck
Cool article.

I still can't figure our what that large tube pointed at that person's face is for in picture 3, page 3.
Some places have air extraction for solvents and solder. Maybe it is the same or else it is a fresh air delivery system.
Foxconn had something similar but we won't discuss them here ;)
Dr. Strangelove 28th June 2011, 15:43 Quote
This stage is also where we found what must surely be the world’s leading practitioner of Sellotape-fu - the lady responsible for taping up the anti-static bags in which the motherboards are packaged. She only had a few seconds to seal the bags before the motherboard's box had passed by, and in this time she managed to remove the bag and board from the box, reorientate it, fold over the top of the bag, rip off three measures of tape and apply them evenly to the folded flap before placing the bagged board back in the box.

I sooo wanted to see a short video clip of that... anyway thanks for the articles.. always fun!
tonyd223 28th June 2011, 15:53 Quote
and of course they get breaks, don't they? after all, it's not Foxconn...
Furioushamster 28th June 2011, 16:00 Quote
Awesome post! Funny, there's lot's and lot's of women working there :)
Fizzban 28th June 2011, 16:14 Quote
Very interesting and the best thing Bit has posted up in ages.
Gentleman_Dingo 28th June 2011, 16:36 Quote
Great article!
Madness_3d 28th June 2011, 16:38 Quote
Very interesting, stlll think the QA process could be improved :P
Adnoctum 28th June 2011, 17:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Autti
I think it was Dirk Meyer that said "real men own fabs"

Nope, it was that magnificent old dinosaur "Colonel" Jerry Sanders, co-founder of AMD.
He's from a generation when Semi men had big clanking balls and women padded their backsides so they could sit down at the end of the day after all the slaps and pinches around the office.
You know...the good old days.

Urgh. Now there are no more Semi men, just "Partial" men and their polo necked shirts and "women as equal partners" rubbish. Why don't they just go order their lattes, play with their iWank and ride a bike to their touchy-feely multimedia experience development workshop, and leave the foundry business to the real men.
Men with muscles and hairy chests and balls full of man juice (and not at all like dancers at a gay bar).
Men who look at an OH&S safety audit report as a set of challenges.
Men who hire office workers (AKA women) according to a thoroughly researched ratio that measures chest size, skirt length and individual responses to a questionaire of sexual innuendos and naughty suggestions.
Men who roam office buildings in executive packs berating the weak and ugly into submission with sarcastic comparisons between their poor job performances and the diminutive size of their penises and/or breasts.

Damn we've bred a generation of weak pansies. The last few years it has only been Carly Fiorina who has shown any balls and spunk at all. Mark Hurd and Larry Ellison have done their best, but they don't measure up in any way to Carly, neither above nor below the belt.
a10112 28th June 2011, 17:47 Quote
uhh. weird- this looks like that video on youtube of a motherboard factory tour from several years ago. of course, low-resolution video doesn't explain how bit-tech got high-resolution, extra clear photos of the place. (and the parallel ports being attached to the motherboard baffle me as they're largely excluded from motherboards made today).
ev1lm1nd666 28th June 2011, 18:00 Quote
Originally Posted by Acanuck
Cool article.

I still can't figure our what that large tube pointed at that person's face is for in picture 3, page 3.

It will be for solder fumes and smoke as it is toxic. Every worker has a soldering iron at their work station so they must get a lot of smoke and fumes. I used to work on a similar production line making telephone motherboards and the Q.A. staff had them too.

Oh, and great article guys, all that is missing is my personal invite and a free sample (mobo) ;)
Eiffie 28th June 2011, 19:19 Quote
Excellent tour! The model of the older factory was really well done, it makes me wonder what other works of art have been made by old computer parts.
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