Energy Drink Roundup 2010

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Big_malc 30th December 2010, 10:53 Quote
How could you forget the Red Bull
SlowMotionSuicide 30th December 2010, 11:04 Quote
Nothing much to do now have you;-)

You could always post some sandybridge benchmarks...
Monkey_Magic 30th December 2010, 11:24 Quote
I like the taste of Monster Ripper - it's like Relentless Juiced Tropical, but nicer!

I drink way too many of these at work, though. All that sugar can't be good for you. You'd probably have more energy just drinking water and doing a bit of exercise!
Bloody_Pete 30th December 2010, 11:35 Quote
I still can't believe you guys forgot V again! It's easily the nicest emergy drink! I demand it get added to the test!
mjm25 30th December 2010, 11:37 Quote
X-presso Monster. Because the only thing you need with a highly caffeinated liqueur coffee is more caffeine and energy boosting chemicals ;)
Canon 30th December 2010, 11:39 Quote
Bawls G33K beer is alright, I much prefer MUG root beer though. Where's Red Bull Cola?
Brooxy 30th December 2010, 11:40 Quote
Lidl's Mixxed Up. Unlike the Sainsbury's knock off, it's pretty tasty....for an energy drink that is...
Phalanx 30th December 2010, 11:49 Quote
I can't believe you didn't try Pussy...
Coldon 30th December 2010, 11:53 Quote
what about monster low carb (as a monster addict it's my preferred poison)... rockstar cola is pretty good too :)
Brooxy 30th December 2010, 12:00 Quote
Originally Posted by Ph4lanx
I can't believe you didn't try Pussy...

I think Pussy was in the last energy drink roundup ;)
Mankz 30th December 2010, 12:13 Quote


ed_456 30th December 2010, 12:25 Quote
Monster has to be my favourite. Any other energy drinks just taste crappy after you've had a few. Monster you can drink until your full. Agree with the energy shots too, they taste like death.

You should do a review of the budget ones in the future, the Aldi ones, Red Rooster, all that stuff.
Instagib 30th December 2010, 12:25 Quote
So which is best with vodka?
k.3nny 30th December 2010, 12:37 Quote
Originally Posted by Brooxy
Lidl's Mixxed Up. Unlike the Sainsbury's knock off, it's pretty tasty....for an energy drink that is...

Deadpunkdave 30th December 2010, 12:40 Quote
When you switch from day shift to night shift once a week as I used to, 5 hour energy is your friend.
Flibblebot 30th December 2010, 12:41 Quote
So the result of the drinks test was that they all taste crap, unless you mix them all together? ;)
pingu666 30th December 2010, 12:48 Quote
robby gordons speed energy drinks are apparently quite nice, limited avalibility at the moment even in the us :(
Ficky Pucker 30th December 2010, 12:52 Quote
Relentless ftw(original/orange)
msm722 30th December 2010, 13:14 Quote
I'm a fan of the monster energy drink myself. I have one now and again before the gym and it makes the world of difference.
SpaceBaby 30th December 2010, 13:27 Quote
I am curently drinking a Monster Ripper i love this one the most by far.
Hovis 30th December 2010, 13:32 Quote
Energy drinks are the wee of the spawn of the devil's red headed step child. At least scientifically speaking.
lp1988 30th December 2010, 13:42 Quote
Love these weird articles, getting something different once in a while.

Keep it up
EvilMerc 30th December 2010, 14:05 Quote
Mountain Dew Energy is over here now, it's great. The original Dew is pretty tasty too even if it's full of corn syrup.
sp4nky 30th December 2010, 14:11 Quote
Mountain Dew Energy gets my vote too. It's got a UK distributor and I've seen it in at least one of the big supermarket chains, so it should be easy enough to find. Even though it's got more energy & sugar than Coke, it feels lighter on the tongue.

A cheesecake review would be good though.
Hakuren 30th December 2010, 14:19 Quote
Bored at work or forced to write something...

Anyone who need reviews like this to pick his favourite [energy or not] drink require psychiatric attention/detention, not access to the PC.
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