Fun with Remote Control Vehicles

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Bumfluff101 3rd August 2010, 12:46 Quote
Ha ha ha, the Remote Control Nerf Tank is classic
Lizard 3rd August 2010, 13:01 Quote
You can fly the MQ-9 in Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead :)
Almightyrastus 3rd August 2010, 13:23 Quote
No RC Ornithopters?

I have a small ornithopter which is great fun to fly as long as there is no wind (or terratorial crows) about
jezmck 3rd August 2010, 13:34 Quote
No proper RC heli's? For shame.

I have a (rebranded version of the) E-flite Blade CX2.
erratum1 3rd August 2010, 13:44 Quote
pah, their just toys. This is an rc car.
Necrow 3rd August 2010, 13:54 Quote
I have a 1/10th scale HPI RS4 Nitro that is bloody quick and was great fun (until it got covered in dust and is now in the attic). But one model type you missed was bikes, these are mental especially when they are running full speed and getting the knees down lol:
There are even scrambler versions available and moto-x versions available as well. Nice article btw.
TheManicGibbon 3rd August 2010, 14:24 Quote
You guys must have so much fun in that office :P
roblikesbeer 3rd August 2010, 14:32 Quote
I want that RC Millennium Falcon!
kingred 3rd August 2010, 15:02 Quote
The t-34 needs a taser so it can do its job a load better :D
Yoy0YO 3rd August 2010, 16:00 Quote
I kept thinking of the terminator. I wish it were here. *sigh*
supermonkey 3rd August 2010, 16:06 Quote
On the subject of the grown-up geek nature of remote control vehicle, there recently was an interesting "human interest" type article in our local paper about an officer in the Texas Air National Guard.

Major Jon Stiles lives and works here in Houston at Ellington Airport. Sitting in a windowless room, he remotely flies Predator drones in Afghanistan and Iraq. Although you mentioned that the UAV technology is prohibitively expensive (yet is seeing increasing demand), the Houston Chronicle article points out that the US military's inventory of drones has grown to over 6,500. I presume the latter figure takes into account all drones, not just the ones carrying weapons.

Remotely controlled vehicles are indeed very cool technology that is not just limited to kitschy helicopters or Nerf guns. It's too bad that your list of the best RC cars didn't include one of the most awesome RC cars in all of Geekdom: The Opportunity Rover.
Rogan 3rd August 2010, 16:20 Quote
Originally Posted by jezmck
No proper RC heli's? For shame.

I have a (rebranded version of the) E-flite Blade CX2.

Too much science. ¬_¬

I shall save thread.


Fellow MW2 nuts it's an AA12 . Everyone's favourite noobcannon.
iPEarl 3rd August 2010, 16:50 Quote
I have a Team Magic E4RS ^.^ Steady 75mph ROFL
And I went to the IFMAR WORLDS for Nitro RC Cars
Got Thousands of picture of the Final Race ^.^ Weeeeeee
DarkFear 3rd August 2010, 16:56 Quote
Currently rebuilding a Kyosho Mini Inferno I've had for ages. Not a popular (or even heard of over here in SA) car but it should be a fun little car with a 7000/8000kv motor...
jezmck 3rd August 2010, 17:52 Quote
Originally Posted by erratum1
pah, their just toys. This is an rc car....
You mean "They're".
SuicideNeil 3rd August 2010, 18:09 Quote
Nic case is a hero of mine- fast electric r/cs are epic.

My brushless Gorillamaxx powns those toys though:

theevilelephant 3rd August 2010, 18:30 Quote
Pah, all toys! At work we have RC boats (~3.5m long, 200kg jobbies ), RC 6-wheel amphibious... thing (bout half a tonne/car sized) and soon we might also have an RC GWiz (don't ask). RC is fun :D
Sloth 3rd August 2010, 18:42 Quote
Any love for CO2 cars on Bit? They're stupidly cheap and provide plenty of fun hacking at blocks of balsa/beech wood with dremels and files!
M1CUZ 3rd August 2010, 21:18 Quote
You don't want a Parrot AR.Drone....

You want one of these:
SuicideNeil 3rd August 2010, 21:58 Quote
Even better than that....

Mwha ha ha....
wuyanxu 3rd August 2010, 23:26 Quote
this pic is my 12 year old radio controlled car, had many hours of fun with it, when i was a kid. found it in the garage the other day, really sad to see it go. but it has to go, it's all rusted and the electric motor won't turn, were gears are also locked up (it has 2 gear settings! )

the Internet Controlled Car featured here looks like it's exactly the same RC car i have. same chassis, and similar front bumper at least.
crazyceo 3rd August 2010, 23:49 Quote
Top Gear did it best with their remote controlled rocket powered robin reliant! it didn't seperate and crashed back to earth in a fire ball but god, it looked cool!
JaSoN... 4th August 2010, 06:52 Quote
I have a Blade MCX co- axial helicopter and am building a T-Rex 450 outdoor Helli. Kind of ironic really as I work on the real thing for a job.
Evildead666 4th August 2010, 10:41 Quote
Just wait until they get the T-100 done..........
Publ!c Enemy 7th August 2010, 16:14 Quote
2 Favorite hobbies now in 1 website:) never imagined bit Tech covering that.
Hyper 7 Black, Hpi E10 keep me entertained on weekends, untill it breaks but still all part of the fun;)
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