Parrot AR.Drone RC Helicopter Review

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bigsharn 18th July 2010, 08:53 Quote
I didn't know you guys were starting to review toys (Using the word "toy" as loosely as possible here)
SlowMotionSuicide 18th July 2010, 08:59 Quote
You must be new here, then.
memeroot 18th July 2010, 09:47 Quote
with an rc car often costing that without camera etc... not to bad ;)

seriously though would be nice if it were a little cheaper
Threefiguremini 18th July 2010, 10:01 Quote
Thais looks awesome! Although yeah £300 is too rich for my blood. I can see people with more disposable income than me going for it though. For a moment I thought you were reviewing this which I came across a while ago and I need lol

DriftCarl 18th July 2010, 10:15 Quote
what happens when it goes out of range of the wifi controls, does it just cut out or has it got some sort of slowing down safely to the floor feature?
omicron 18th July 2010, 10:24 Quote
I think it just continues to hover in place, as it does normally when you're not providing any input.
_Metal_Guitar_ 18th July 2010, 10:26 Quote
Won't it just hover by itself if it gets out of range?
Expensive gadget though, especially added to the ridiculous apple prices. Roll on Android version.
motas 18th July 2010, 11:16 Quote
That looks awesome. Any chance of a release of this in australia? Might be good on a ipad to. Anyone seen the army version of this running through a laptop to spy on people? Cool idea.
GravitySmacked 18th July 2010, 12:14 Quote
PureSilver 18th July 2010, 12:26 Quote
That's a seriously neat toy - the streaming video is well implemented too (always wanted to see that on R/C 'choppers, but streaming to an iPhone is a genius touch). Still, £300 buys a lot of £60 helicopters and I can always just watch Airwolf afterwards. Could you ask Parrot when they're going to bring out another all-in-one car head unit?
SmilerAl 18th July 2010, 12:31 Quote
Don't see the problem with the battery life, it's only slightly worse than the iPhone anyway.
Skiddywinks 18th July 2010, 14:21 Quote
What kind of range does the connection have exactly?
ThirtyQuidKid 18th July 2010, 15:24 Quote
I'll have one of them bad boy toys.......
JHarley1 18th July 2010, 15:30 Quote
An amazing little gizmo - the price is reasonable for the features you get.

The camera facing the ground is interesting, meaning it could be used for aerial surveillance.

IMO: Let down by the 15 minutes charge time.
wuyanxu 18th July 2010, 17:09 Quote

does it use iphone's gyroscope? if not, controls surprising well using accelerometer.
yanglu 18th July 2010, 17:35 Quote
That price really isn't too bad considering that a basic 4 channel radio control system used on most RC planes and helicopters is well over £100 by itself. Its a great idea to use WiFi, although I guess the range will be limited compared to the 2km usually seen on serious RC devices
rollo 18th July 2010, 17:39 Quote
depends on what wifi link its using 20 meters to 50 meters at best perhaps

i know a petrol powered toy helicopter costs around £400 to build and another £200 in control bits + you need a licence to fly it. Rc planes are around the same and you still need the licence

cars are around the £200 min mark

so this is pretty cheap considering everything. For those with an iphone ( alot of people ) sounds like something to have fun with

build a car plane or helicopter to a decent level and you know what the costs can add up to fast, i just added a new engine to mine it cost nearly £800 for just the little motor you put in it.

and 13-15mins is standard for anything that flys its actually quiet high
Star*Dagger 18th July 2010, 20:51 Quote
Interesting, the short life needs to be expanded for more intricate ops. We need those Tesla things that beam energy to a point.

Also, writer's have your intern lackeys proofread your articles before posting them. Additionally goto and post the prices of products in Euros and Dollars.

Nice change of pace.

earlydoors 18th July 2010, 22:39 Quote
Git to 'da choppaaa'
Nature 19th July 2010, 07:06 Quote
But can it play Crysis? There, I beat you to it.

This is a cool toy that would have been spy movie stuff 40-30 years ago!
Tokukachi 19th July 2010, 09:13 Quote
This looks pretty cool, but it costs £70 more here than in the US even taking tax into account :(
[ZiiP] NaloaC 19th July 2010, 09:43 Quote
The Drone looks fun, but pricey enough...

Here's an alternative.!H06477-prod.aspx?qwSessionID=467a3e17-47e5-407d-9a24-d124a0c28056

Girlfriend got me one the other week, helicopter charges off USB, full charge lasts about an hour, maybe more. Crashed it so many times, but it keeps flying perfectly. Even comes with spare rotors. I simply cannot recommend it enough! Great fun.

The Drone looks like fun, but I'm not really willing to fork out that much for something I won't fly that often after the first few months.
dispie 19th July 2010, 11:35 Quote
cool toy but only 13 min batt is not much,

some people near me have a metal chopper about 30 cm but they spent hours already just to get it to fly strayed or do anything at all accept for crash
Stelph 19th July 2010, 11:35 Quote
Originally Posted by [ZiiP

Girlfriend got me one the other week, helicopter charges off USB, full charge lasts about an hour, maybe more. Crashed it so many times, but it keeps flying perfectly. Even comes with spare rotors. I simply cannot recommend it enough! Great fun.

Interesting, thanks for the link, but you say that full charge last for an hour where as the link says flys for 3 minuites on full charge?

This Drone looks great, I will definatly be monitoring the price to see if theres any drop (or even a cheaper version?). The current price is annoying however, another good reason to use Bundlebox to ship from the US and pay their prices:

Even with shipping and tax it would still be £30-£40 cheaper (assuming a weight of under 2.5kg)
Tasslehoff 19th July 2010, 12:16 Quote
Wow, cool toy but at £300 I don't think so, I doubt I would even pay £50 for it as the novelty factor would wear off quite quickly probably after a couple charges :)
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