The bit-tech Awards 2006

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ComputerKing 29th December 2006, 11:06 Quote
hello, budy , cool :D

I Own 2 of the best

1- Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6
2- Intel Core 2 Duo E6600

I Love this , Thanks
DougEdey 29th December 2006, 11:08 Quote
I reckon you should have added links to each of the reviews for the items.
Mankz 29th December 2006, 11:15 Quote
yep, good workl people.

However, im not so sure about the cooling one..???

I mean have we even had a revew of the Zalman CPS9700, or the Sunbeam Tuniq Tower ect.???

otherwise its a good bit of work.
r4tch3t 29th December 2006, 11:19 Quote
I do not think quad core should win best innovation award as it is the next logical step, and Intel is just going for the GHz race again, but this time with number of cores.
Loved the podcast and can't wait till the next one.
Overall you have it spot on ;)
Mankz 29th December 2006, 11:26 Quote
I thought that the point was Intel had learned thier lesson from the GHz wars of A64 / Netburst ect.

I think most people would like a fast CPU with a Low TDP than some gargantuanly got CPU reminisant of a Pentium D EE 840 or 670 ect.
r4tch3t 29th December 2006, 11:32 Quote
Well we thought they did, but it seems as thought they are going again, I mean 80 cores? Really? How many cores does a GPU have, and how much can you do with it (I know dedicated Proccessor) But I would prefer a better architecture (Like the core architecture) Rather than millions of 'em.
I agree with Oblivion, that game is awsome, but still not as good as Morrowind.
Glider 29th December 2006, 11:39 Quote
In the category of RPG, I just descovered Lost Wishes...

Anyone with telnet can play it, just connect to " 5555" and you're going ;) Text Based RPG rulez them all :D

I agree on the Quad core not being the best innovation... Quad just seems so pointless...

And I'm missing an OSS part too ;)
DeX 29th December 2006, 11:54 Quote
You forgot to give a little gold badge to the E6600 :)
Jamie 29th December 2006, 12:43 Quote
Originally Posted by Glider
In the category of RPG, I just descovered Lost Wishes...

Anyone with telnet can play it, just connect to " 5555" and you're going ;) Text Based RPG rulez them all :D

Isn't that called a MUD?

I think console should have been split into handheld and console awards as loco roco isn't in the same leage as gears of war.
rupbert 29th December 2006, 12:55 Quote
No offense but giving Loco Roco the GOTY award is quite simply astonishing.
g3n3tiX 29th December 2006, 13:06 Quote
Nice review, brought back memories of the year, of all the hardware I didn't buy, because I lack môney. Well, it was interesting !!

I fid Loco Roco to be twisting my nerves : the music is just too present.
p3n 29th December 2006, 13:21 Quote
How many times can you put "Kudos" in one article ? :>
MiNiMaL_FuSS 29th December 2006, 13:41 Quote
Not sure I agree on the cooling solution at all. I thought the sonic tower was generally considered the best option out there right now, and to think the Artic-Cooling Freezers didn't even get a mention!!

Other than that, spot on.
Nicely done.
Veles 29th December 2006, 14:02 Quote
Yeah I'd say the core architecture is more or an innovation than sticking two core 2 duo processors together but the quad core processor is still pretty awesome, wanting to get myself one of those at some point.

CM Stacker for best case of the year? Ewww
kempez 29th December 2006, 15:04 Quote
Ye not sure on the Quad Core, the Gigabyte, the CM Stacker or Loco Roco tbh

Deffo with C2D tho - awesome platform props to intel.

Suprised 8800 didn't get a mention as that's deffo been a revelation this year (albeit at the end)
kenco_uk 29th December 2006, 15:33 Quote
I agree, the Arctic Cooling solutions not even getting a peep round the door seems unbelievable. They seem to be fairly popular.. as well as the Scythe Ninja - hsf of choice for Core2Duo. Just seems a bit strange.
1e8o 29th December 2006, 16:28 Quote
Company of heroes is really a great game.
I played it for several hours on my LANparty...really great
Sphering 29th December 2006, 16:30 Quote
If I was a rich man dadadadadadadam
Glider 29th December 2006, 16:39 Quote
Originally Posted by Jamie
Isn't that called a MUD?
Yup, MUDding away ;)
Nature 29th December 2006, 17:25 Quote
I thought the g80 was by far the most innovative. I thought it just be a one-up on the x1950xtx, but it's the 9800 pro pretty much. It's been many moons since one card could play all the current games at max settings, and the transition to 80nm will improve everything about it.

The "quad core" chip is like the 7950 gx2 or AMD's4x4 platform, bullocks. I'm not against multiple cores at all, but the G80 is simply reinventing graphics.. Instantly owning the PS3 or X-crotch.

As far as the core2 sieres go's, in my opinion, it took intel way to long to expand on the pentium M architecture, and they only beat AMD by 66mhz.
Redbeaver 29th December 2006, 17:38 Quote
what the........???? how about BIG TYPHOON!!! :(

IMO it cools BETTER than Zalman9500, cools other component well, CHEAP, and looks good! ok, its a pain to install, but cant u at least mention it!! :)

BT ***!!!

other than that, other winners seems very justified :) luvin it
Mankz 29th December 2006, 17:43 Quote
Thermaltake Big Tyhoon ???

hmm, I'll give you a couple of reasons..::

1) Its a Thermaltake
2) Its a Thermaltake
3) It costs more than heatsinks with better cooling ability
4) Its Ugly
5) The mounting System ain't all that good
6) Its a Thermaltake.

Does that help ??
GrahamC 29th December 2006, 17:47 Quote
This year I have mostly been .... trying to figure what the hell people see in Oblivion.. :(

One sunset a game doth not make. :)

Joyous and peaceful New Year everyone.
Mosey 29th December 2006, 18:02 Quote
Good calls i would say. Especially in the game categories.
kliend 29th December 2006, 18:09 Quote
meh, gears should be game of the year. no doubt. I didn't find it that repetive, just the beginning, the later levels are the best and it gets much better in co-op. The multiplayer is top-notch even though theres not that many options. And more free stuff is coming from epic for multiplayer.

Also, I disagree with the benq as the dell has better quality image, has a better casing and a more adjustable stand, USB ports, card reader, amazing scaling, picture in picture, picture by picture, and is much cheaper after dell coupons (and who doesn't use those?)
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