ECS Manufacturing in ShenZhen

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RotoSequence 16th June 2006, 15:08 Quote
Fun thing to see. Too bad they wouldnt let you video the SMD machines; whats to protect though from that? Its not like there are other manufacturers who would benefit from seeing their particular machines in action :p

Nice job though; I love these kinds of articles. Now, if you can get into a silicon fab...
Tim S 16th June 2006, 15:12 Quote
I'm going to have a go next time I'm out that way... ;)
gpw111 16th June 2006, 15:21 Quote
thats really strange, i was reading only yesterday how they solder the components on the motherboard, and now today there's a hole article on bit-tech :D nice 1
Tulatin 16th June 2006, 15:47 Quote
Trust me, if you tried to solder that many components onto a bloody motherboard you'd go mental. Besides, when it takes all of 15 seconds to spray the SMDs, sockets, and chipset onto a board, would you rather have somebody sit there for an hour with a soldering iron and glue?

On the line, there's VERY little hand soldering. Just socket, oven, scrape, test and finish.
GuardianStorm 16th June 2006, 15:49 Quote
those placement machines are great to watch, i saw an 18 layer machine while on work experiance at seimens :)
Ramble 16th June 2006, 16:07 Quote
Reminds me of a How It's Made episode.
The SMD machine basically moves a firing gun around the board (using an optical laser finder thing) and fire the components right into there, very impressive to see.
Kipman725 16th June 2006, 16:27 Quote
you certinaly get your moneys worth with a motherboard ;)
Tulatin 16th June 2006, 16:30 Quote
Aye. Now if only ECS printed golden tickets and gave them with boards...
eddtox 16th June 2006, 16:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Tulatin
Aye. Now if only ECS printed golden tickets and gave them with boards...
Wow! That would be so cool!

-ed out
RTT 16th June 2006, 16:51 Quote
Nice article :D
Da Dego 16th June 2006, 17:40 Quote
awesome job, biggles! I love articles like this.
specofdust 16th June 2006, 17:54 Quote
That's a supurb article. Extremely intresting. I did attempt to click on images a few times though <cough>hint clicky pictures please<cough>.

I find stuff like that really engrossing, so more stuff on the production and in depth stuff on any computer hardware like that will definately be welcomed :D
K 16th June 2006, 19:08 Quote
How nostalgic, I used to work in surface mount as an engineer and quality technician :)

The testing of PC motherboards is probably far more interesting than the stuff we made though. Not as expensive though, heh.

They didn't produce the PCBs though, so that was interesting to see!
mikeuk2004 16th June 2006, 19:11 Quote
Cool artical. They should do guided tours for Bit Tech subscribers :)

Im actually off to China tomorrow on my hols. Think they will let me have a look around?? lol would be nice.
Stonewall78 16th June 2006, 19:58 Quote
Since I work for a company that has our own small SMT line it is interesting to see how the big companies do it (although I have visited a couple large production lines). Maybe next time we do a SMT run I will take a short video (although it is nowhere the speed of the newer machines).
yahooadam 16th June 2006, 20:12 Quote
nice article, shame about the video thing
I thought it was rather disappointing that so much of the work is done by humans, with almost to only automated bit being SMD

I also thought it was funny - 5x as many employees and only 2x more productivity
automagsrock 16th June 2006, 20:42 Quote
Very cool article. I have an ECS mobo in my current desktop and I've never had a problem and now I can see why. That's sme pretty decent testing, especially at those temps (my PC dies after 30 minutes of 3dmark2k1 (but thats cause it sucks))

You guys (if you have the ability) should do more articles like this ;)
RotoSequence 16th June 2006, 20:56 Quote
ECS as a whole is a good company for value ended items; you can get away with putting one of these in a PC that wont be used for overclocking quite easily - you have to be a lot more careful with their PC Chips subsidiary though :|
Geordanh 16th June 2006, 21:35 Quote
Great article guys, that was a really good read. Plugged!

See ya later,

sl1xx 16th June 2006, 21:36 Quote
when i got my new motherboard i was a bit on para about static but after looking @ this article i will be more chilled lol
DXR_13KE 16th June 2006, 21:54 Quote
me wants a SMD machine !!!!!! me wants a component placing machine gun :D

this was a great article to read. very well done:D.
Jack 16th June 2006, 22:41 Quote
wow it was like bringing my job to bit tech :D on a slightly lower spec my end ;) believe me its all boring really! and before you say it no i don't have to wear them white hats^^ im in inspection AOI we get away with it
koola 16th June 2006, 23:10 Quote
Cool read, good job bit-tech :D
Wolfe 16th June 2006, 23:56 Quote
I think you missed a stage.

Nowhere is SMD Soldering mentioned. Probably involves big IR reflow ovens.

the article goes straight from SMD placement to adding memory slots.
Cheap Mod Wannabe 17th June 2006, 01:31 Quote
Seems like testing might cost more than the actual manufacturing.
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