Win a Cooler Master Centurion 534!

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ychamp 29th March 2006, 13:13 Quote
me in
MiNiMaL_FuSS 29th March 2006, 13:38 Quote
im in, gotta win summit eventually...
antiHero 29th March 2006, 13:47 Quote
I am in too! Could need a new case :D
BioSniper 29th March 2006, 13:47 Quote
Entered too.. I never win things though :P
Ryszvaldo 29th March 2006, 14:16 Quote
Me too - old chieftec needs replacing...
perplekks45 29th March 2006, 14:17 Quote
Me in too... ain't really in need of a new case but it would be nice. :D
Deathrow 29th March 2006, 14:27 Quote
Im getting Server Rejected my message.
jezmck 29th March 2006, 14:30 Quote
/me entered. :)
FredsFriend 29th March 2006, 14:44 Quote
Me too, could do with a new case
Lucy2005 29th March 2006, 14:45 Quote
fingers and toes are crossed :) good luck everyone
The_Pope 29th March 2006, 15:26 Quote
Originally Posted by BioSniper
Entered too.. I never win things though :P

Gotta be in it to win it mate. Sure, that's a cliche but the reality is that the probability of winning compos like this is FAR higher than for most others you might enter ie lottery, tv show etc
perplekks45 29th March 2006, 15:34 Quote
Maybe because there are less people in it than in lotteries? :p

500. :| hrhr!
Leeum 29th March 2006, 16:27 Quote
Good to see the compos back :)

Dr. Strangelove 29th March 2006, 18:07 Quote
Could really use a nice case, and dump the HP reuse one I have now
Mary Jo 29th March 2006, 18:32 Quote
I'm in too - would be nice to sort my current peecee-in-cardboard-box situation, lol.
dragon-fly 29th March 2006, 19:36 Quote
i'd love one to replace the plain beige case i have here.... :)
DXR_13KE 29th March 2006, 19:41 Quote
i hope they can ship it here if i win:p

how will the winner be anounced?

me in 2
Lineage 29th March 2006, 20:29 Quote
i m in too.... but ever lucky enough to win
unrealhippie 29th March 2006, 20:32 Quote
Entered, never won anything so... maybe I finally get lucky!
herbs 29th March 2006, 20:40 Quote
me in too. :)
speedfreek 29th March 2006, 20:51 Quote
Need a new one since mine didnt respond well to being dropped. :D
NoahFuLing 29th March 2006, 21:54 Quote
Originally Posted by aon`aTv.gsus666
Maybe because there are less people in it than in lotteries? :p

500. :| hrhr!
FEWER people. FEWER.
Sorry, that's my pet peeve, it gets annoying because all the people at my school are morons and say that (as well as stupider things). Less people would be if we were like gallons (liters) of milk. I'm not saying anyone is a moron or a gallon of milk, though. :D

/me can't use the case. My next compo needs a specific case for the mods I'm planning :( (and have the parts for already, just need time and a few other things), and the rest of my family is taken care of. :'( I wish I had a need for it, it's a beautiful case. Don't want to take a chance away from anyone who needs it though. Good luck everyone!
automagsrock 30th March 2006, 00:16 Quote
I could so use that case. Would save me a bit of money for the new PC I am building :D
RobinBen 30th March 2006, 01:58 Quote
Hi,I'm RobinBen,from China!I have found this case for 3 months and it's worth only ¥480 ChinaYuan(RMB),only about £34 GBP.I think it's worth to buy and everybody can afford it.But i really want to know How much is it in England?
base2 30th March 2006, 07:30 Quote
Soooo need this. The ugly beige-box REALLY needs updating ;)
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