Ferrari's latest F1 launch

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fev 26th January 2006, 13:30 Quote
i thought they were hi-res pics??
Hamish 26th January 2006, 13:42 Quote
click the pics....
fev 26th January 2006, 13:45 Quote
like i said i thought they were hi-res... fancied printing the new ferrari off
Da Dego 26th January 2006, 14:01 Quote
I want one of those silver pretties....ooooooohhhh... :D
Hamish 26th January 2006, 14:08 Quote
Originally Posted by fev
like i said i thought they were hi-res... fancied printing the new ferrari off
for bit-tech that is high-res :p
RTT 26th January 2006, 14:15 Quote
I'm sure we can sort out some uber hi res pics.
fev 26th January 2006, 14:17 Quote
that'd be supurb mate cheers :D
Krikkit 26th January 2006, 14:44 Quote
Mmmm... I'm liking that F60 Challenge Stradale... Any chance of high-res pics of that?
Marquee 26th January 2006, 14:52 Quote
The FXX is the so sweet. 700+ HP. Plus getting the news Ferrari hardware bolted on to test. Becoming part of the company's R&D. All you need a old Ferrari, a cool $1.5mil and be able to drive fast. Sweet. Sign me up. Other then the $1.5mil price tag and the need to buy a past Ferrari, I think I can drive at 300km/h with out killed my self. LOL

AMD Rocks. Talk about PR. What there doing with the Ferrari is cool. All the F1 cars needs now is a AMD inside sticker and nice back drop and it will be my desktop wallpaper for a while.
<A88> 26th January 2006, 15:27 Quote
Good article :)
thanks to our friends at PC Advisor magazine for the photography advice!
Guessing they read the Xbox 360 review then? ;)

Digitalicon 26th January 2006, 16:59 Quote
Actually, I'm from PC Answers, not Advisor - nice article though Will.

HandMadeAndroid 26th January 2006, 17:41 Quote
Cigarette pushers = scum
Shadowed_fury 26th January 2006, 17:59 Quote
I am so jealous of you guys. :)
Krikkit 26th January 2006, 18:05 Quote
Originally Posted by HandMadeAndroid
Cigarette pushers = scum
Oh noes, someone's selling cigarettes!

It's called choice. Simple.
specofdust 26th January 2006, 18:05 Quote
I'm not a car dude, so forgive my car noobiness, but that pic of the silver car, was supurb. The car is a beauty, but the picture is supurb, and coming from a laymans point of view looks really well done. Well done to whoever took it :)
speedfreek 26th January 2006, 22:40 Quote
This looks good. The pics and the amazing amount of PR AMD is getting.
Adnuo 26th January 2006, 23:00 Quote
Ta for supplying my new background -- that silver one is ace.

Oh, and gg to AMD both for the publicity they're getting on this and breaking the 20% market barrier again ;)
glaeken 27th January 2006, 06:03 Quote
great pictures, especially the track one, it matches perfectly with my 575m track pic ;)
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