Intel Digital Home Film Competition

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Sc0rian 23rd December 2005, 11:58 Quote
good stuff
<A88> 23rd December 2005, 12:00 Quote
Can't get past first page here

Nature 23rd December 2005, 13:04 Quote
Silent music was cool :)
Lazlow 23rd December 2005, 13:04 Quote
Just downloading 2 myself. Intel seemed to have done a good job, I initially thought that they were entering a new 'market' as it were, but thinking about it, most video editing suites would be Intel powered solutions.
RTT 23rd December 2005, 14:49 Quote
Originally Posted by <A88>
Can't get past first page here


<A88> 23rd December 2005, 17:29 Quote
Sorry, sorted now. It wasn't working for most people for the first few mins, but being an Opera n00b it took me a bit longer to work out how to get it sorted once the problem was fixed ;)

dire_wolf 23rd December 2005, 18:55 Quote
Hi guys, love this feature, but how come we can't download the last two short films ? They look the more interesting of the 4 tbh
Rd52 24th December 2005, 04:19 Quote
ye i wanto dload the last too how or where can i get them?
Cereal 25th December 2005, 02:15 Quote
i want to know the same thing
ou7blaze 26th December 2005, 04:25 Quote
I watched the main one interesting idea
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