Write news, win a 7800 from XFX

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Bursar 12th October 2005, 16:32 Quote
the reader who consistently sends in cool news and stories for the next month - through to November 12 - gets the card.
All published stories will go into a random draw. The writer of the story picked out will receive one XFX 7800 GTX PCI Express graphics card.
Which is it?
MrWillyWonka 12th October 2005, 16:37 Quote
Ha, good point!

Nonetheless, a good idea to have a draw to increase submissions, sent a couple submissions so far! Basically being at uni means I don't buy the paper, so use internet news instead, and I often see a useful story!

But as you say, you have limited people, aren't you going to get an overload? One thing I would suggest is that to make things simpler for you, add formatting capabilities in the submission box, so that you can simply copy and paste everything rather than retype?
Da Dego 12th October 2005, 16:50 Quote
Originally Posted by MrWillyWonka
But as you say, you have limited people, aren't you going to get an overload? One thing I would suggest is that to make things simpler for you, add formatting capabilities in the submission box, so that you can simply copy and paste everything rather than retype?
Things still need to be edited, if we're going to spend the time to clean them up and get them front-page worthy, we can apply some formatting as well. :)
Flibblebot 12th October 2005, 16:51 Quote
Originally Posted by Bursar
Which is it?
Obviously proof-reading is a must too :(

I might have a go - I've got this wonderful article in that I've been meaning to write for ages. It's about the effect of peanut prices on the global markets, and how this affects overclocking abilities in the latest generation of video you think there'd be interest in an article like this?

Seriously though, having the ability to submit news articles (presumably they're screened first, right?) turns BT into more of an community and less of an oligarchy - good move, chaps.

Now, all I need to do is find some juicy snippets to win me that graphics card.
FaiNT` 12th October 2005, 16:59 Quote
OMG i am so gonna write so much news :D
Tim S 12th October 2005, 17:12 Quote
The problem with allowing formatting means that the page becomes a lot more insecure, with people being able to drop any old shite in to our database. :)

BTW, the card is the Extreme Gamer Edition 490/1300MHz version. ;)
RotoSequence 12th October 2005, 17:18 Quote
Ill see what I can do; Ive already gotten on the front page once, and darnit, I need a PCI Express graphics card to compliment my FX-55 :D
WilHarris 12th October 2005, 17:23 Quote
The two comments aren't mutually exclusive.

If you're writing consistently high quality stuff, it will get on the page. Stories which get on the page are eligable for the draw. The more you write, the more likely you are to be picked out of the draw. Therefore, the prize will be won by a reader who fulfils those criteria :D
jezmck 12th October 2005, 17:55 Quote
Originally Posted by mrhaz
The two comments aren't mutually exclusive...
True, but they do seem to contradict since the consistency requirement is nulled by the random draw factor.

Surely only people who submit published stories every X days should be in the draw.

Picky perhaps, but accurate.
Da Dego 12th October 2005, 17:58 Quote
Y'all are analyzing this WAAY too much.

Write stories, win kit. :)
eddie_dane 12th October 2005, 17:59 Quote
Originally Posted by FaiNT`
OMG i am so gonna write so much news :D

me too!
WilHarris 12th October 2005, 18:02 Quote
Edited rules for the pernickity.
eek 12th October 2005, 18:20 Quote
so it's no longer a draw, just the best story?

time to get writing!!
Firehed 12th October 2005, 18:23 Quote
Hmm... time to dig thru the depths of /.

Not that I plan to, but are we theoretically allowed to pimp our own mods/guides if we feel it would be beneficial/interesting? I know we occasionally showcase something that stands out in the forums.

Self-indulgence aside, great move on your part. I'm hoping the next step is user-published reviews... provided, of course, that their quality is up to par with the normal bit stuff; chances are this wouldn't include video cards as the "bit test bench" standards would be all out of whack. Cases and accessories and whatnot would work out well though.
Zekey 12th October 2005, 21:52 Quote
I agree with Firehed, I'd love to see the ability for us users towrite somre reviews of smaller products, suh as MP3 players and the like.

Great move on this idea, by the way, I'll keep my eyes peeled for interesting news.
LockmanX 13th October 2005, 01:30 Quote
Timing for this is pretty good. I was actually planning on starting a semi-regular series called 'The Low End' to submit to various sites. Its an idea I have wanted to pursue for awhile. The basic premise is to provide reviews and article from the perspective of a user with low-end hardware. Often times when the latest and greatest roles out, many people are left behind. Their hardware struggles with new title in a vain effort to stay "in the game" are silent battles fought everywhere. Reviews of new titles, especially games, are done with fairly high-end machine in order to convey the best possible experience. I want to try to convey a realistic experience for everyone that has been left behind the curve.

I'm one such person.

I do have some questions about submissions. If I were to want to include pictures (and I do) in an article, how should hosting be approached. I have access to hosting that will be good enough for an article in early presentation stages. However, I would feel I would be abusing a friends trust if the pictures were still hosted with his service during publication. Will image hosting be handled by bit in the case of a publication? Should we host images beforehand in order to make previewing articles a bit easier? Perhaps just note where a picture should appear with a small description of the picture?

Another question is do you mind if we submit our content to other sites or do you prefer this to be exclusive? Same for forums?
The_Pope 13th October 2005, 04:05 Quote
Hi Lockman,

Unfortunately, your idea is for an article, or indeed, a series of articles. Readers wanting to pitch ideas should post them in the Feedback forum:

This competition is for news stories. Have a read of the first story as a guide:

It was edited from the original - I added a couple of extra paragraphs and the photos. If people want to include photos in their story, it needs to be hosted somewhere and you can just include the URL in the story.

All submissions considered for publication go through an editing process. We will add or substract as necessary, so don't be worried that your ropey HTML will be output directly :) Any notes or comments, if properly labelled, will be read and excluded from the final story.
PHILIP1193 13th October 2005, 06:18 Quote
iv sent one in about apples new creation the ipod video

Here's hoping i get it published

Will we notified via email if it is read or has been read but not quite there and could be sent back to us with pointers? as the article i sent was more than 5 minute job and a link ;)

OneSeventeen 14th October 2005, 23:17 Quote
Out of curiosity, how do you post links?

I just wrote the URLs out, and it looks like Wil converted it to nice looking links.

Can we just use the [url=whatever] tags? Or <a href="whatever">?
Tim S 14th October 2005, 23:33 Quote
Just plop the URLs in brackets near the words that you want to link - we'll do the rest. ;)
Cheap Mod Wannabe 16th October 2005, 04:40 Quote
I've submitted my news article =) about the DigitalLife 2005

It is quite detailed and long, I've only submitted part one. Please tell me how long and detailed should I go on. Should I write about individual booths or just a short blop.

Maybe I should write the full story on my blog or someplace and put a link on a short version on Bit-Tech?
l0cke 17th October 2005, 00:45 Quote
Tim S 17th October 2005, 10:22 Quote
Everyone who keeps submitting stories about the N7800 GT Dual, it was linked in Quicklinks on Friday.
zmodder 20th October 2005, 04:18 Quote
i got a friend who writes the tech coloumn at my school he is gonna luv this, and he always has really good ideas and articles.
PUTALE 22nd October 2005, 09:21 Quote
i keep submitting news but didn't get anything posted, I guess it's not good enough, gotta dig deeper.
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