CES 2005

CES 2005 Coolermaster


These chaps took the opportunity to show off their new range of Home Theatre PC cases. They told us that there would be sequels to the lauded Centurion and Wavemaster cases, the latter receiving our Recommended Award late last year. The new models are intended to improve on the design and performance of the originals - we look forward to seeing them!

CES 2005 Coolermaster CES 2005 Coolermaster

This stack of cases represents the slightly older full-ATX chassis that Coolermaster have been promoting - check out the Cavalier on top that has system monitoring build into a retro-style front panel monitor. On the right, you can see their new mini-ITX case - it\'s tiny!

CES 2005 Coolermaster CES 2005 Coolermaster

This aluminium bad-boy is their premium product: it includes a number of front-mounted ports, as well as a custom VFD display. Like all the Coolermaster products we\'ve seen this year, it has that fantastic high-quality feel that sets it apart from other case manufacturers - this one wouldn\'t look out of place along with your DVD player in the lounge.